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Newnham Bakery in Cambridge has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Keema Naan or Chilli Naan from Cocum South Indian Restaurant. Lormant offers many options including Brindisi DOC (Puglia) and Negroamaro (Puglia). Angel Inn includes a wide range like Mini Eccles cakes with Lancashire bomb cheese or Flapjack. Bottle of Blanquette De Limoux NV, Antech, Limoux and Vermentino, Domaine Les Yeuses IGP d'Oc from . Prezzo P L C offers Gattuso's Trattoria Pizzeria and Domaine De L’amour.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Passionista £4.85
    • Mango, pineapple and passionfruit.
  • Home Made Pork and Herb Sausage Roll £4.95
  • Rum & Raisin (1/2 Litre) £10.00
  • Coke £2.85
    • 330ml glass bottle.
  • Diet Coke £2.85
    • 330ml glass bottle.
  • Strawberry £4.85
  • Nutella and Marshmallows £7.25
  • Ham & Cheddar Croissant £2.85
  • New Potatoes (V) £2.50
    • Sautéed with garlic and parsley.
  • Kemiette (VO) £7.50
    • Chef's selection of dips and salads with a brik pastry parcel, served with hot pitta bread, great for sharing.
  • Kebda Mcherlmla £5.50
    • Lambs liver cooked in a garlic, cumin and caraway sauce topped with flat leaf parsley.Served with bread.
  • Tagine Kefte Bedaoui £13.95
    • Lamb meatballs flavoured with cumin, garlic and fresh herbs, cooked in a rich tomato sauce finished with an egg and grated cheddar cheese. Served with tagine bread or vegetable rice.
  • Bastilla £6.50
    • Brik pastry parcels stuffed with turmeric, ginger and coriander cooked chicken, onions and toasted almonds. Dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon.
  • Tagine Beldi £16.50
    • Slow cooked lamb with onion, garlic, ginger, ras el hanout, potato, carrot and braised fennel. Topped with fresh coriander and served with tagine bread or plated with couscous.
  • Marinated Kalamata Olives (V) £2.50
  • Shtetha Laham £14.50
    • Slow cooked lamb in a tomato sauce with paprika, garlic, chilli and flat leaf parsley with chickpeas and potatoes, with bread or rice.
  • Erdinger Weiss-Wheat Beer 500ml £6.40
  • Cashew Later (V)(VG) £12.95
    • Broccoli, roasted cashews, stolen tomato, basil pesto and roasted garlic.
  • Dead Pony Club 330ml £5.50
  • Duvel Belgian 330ml £8.40
  • Stump Jump Sauvingion Blanc £21.95
  • Low & Slow £16.50
    • Slow cooked pulled minted lamb shank with red current jelly, creme fraiche and roast potato skins.
  • Onion Rings £3.95
  • Side of Any of the Stolen Salads £3.95
  • Onion Bhaji £4.50
    • Traditional snack made of onion rings dipped in gram flour, corn flour & deep fried.
  • Mixed Vegetable Curry £6.50
    • Fresh vegetable cooked in an authentic spicy coconut based sauce.
  • Paneer Curry £8.50
    • Cottage cheese cooked with South Indian spices.
  • Vegetable Koththu Roti £8.99
    • Parotta chopped on the griddle with onion, green chillies and selection of vegetable.
  • Sambol £4.99
    • Mixture of grated coconut with fried onion, curry leaves, chillies & spices.
  • Parrota £3.50
    • Multi layered plain flour bread.
  • Vegetable Fried Rice £7.99
    • Boiled basmati rice pan cooked with our special spices and vegetables.
  • Banana Leaf Special Biryani £13.99
    • An aromatic of flavoured rice cooked with mutton, chicken and prawns.
  • Broccoli with Garlic Sauce £7.20
  • Braised Lamb with Carrots in Clay Pot £12.80
  • Curry Beef Brisket with Potatoes in Clay Pot £8.50
  • Beef Curry Rice £6.80
  • Beef with Black Pepper Sauce £7.90
  • Seaweed Egg Dropped Soup £3.50
  • Stir Fried Pork Intestines in Sichuan Spicy Sauce £9.80
  • Fried Tofu with Ginger & Spring Onion £7.20
Newnham Bakery

Newnham Bakery



7 Derby Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB39JE ,





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$0 - $10



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Counter Service






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7 Derby Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB39JE ,
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