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Mamma Amalfi in Sheffield has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as San Peligrino Grapefruit or San Peligrino Pommegranate and Orange from Lucky Fox. Thepan Original Golden Cod offers many options including Tango Orange and Sprite. Tasty Plaice includes a wide range like Rubicon (Can) or Orange Carton. Redbull and Straphmore Sparkling Water from . Couch offers Chino's Take Away Food Shops and Bottled Water (0.50L).

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  • 6 Pieces Chicken Bucket £10.90
    • 2 fries & 2 wedges.
  • 7 Pieces Peri Strips £5.90
  • Chicken Doner Wrap £5.10
  • House Special Kebab £8.90
    • Marinated chicken pieces, marinated lamb pieces, chicken doner, lamb doner, 2 pieces seekh kebab & fries.
  • Chicken Supreme Pizza £7.90
    • Chicken tikka, black olives & peppers.
  • Garlic Bread Supreme £4.99
    • With cheese & pepperoni.
  • Tub of Sauce £0.60
  • Americano Pizza £5.80
    • Beef, pepperoni & ham.
  • Vegetarian Heaven - A smoky sweet potato, bean and herb patty, served on a Brioche bun with pesto, lightly pickled red onion and cabbage, guacamole, and creamy garlic and herb sauce with salad. £6.25
  • Jalapeno Poppers £3.50
  • The Salt Beef Chief - Thick slices of Salt Beef topped with our special Saurkraut and Dill Coleslaw, 2 Types of Mustard, Swiss Cheese and Gherkins. Served in toasted Sour Dough Rye Bread. £7.50
  • The Phileas Burger - The finest aged Scottish chuck beef patty, cooked medium rare and served in a Brioche bun with Sauces, gherkins and salad £6.50, Cheese: Add 50p, Bacon: Add £1
  • Arancini £3.50
  • Chicken Burger - Strips of Paprika coated Chicken served in a Ciabatta Roll with Bacon jam, Guacamole, Chiptotle mayo and Salad £7.25
  • The Piggy Back - Quite Simply our Phileas burger topped with Smokey Pulled pork, pickled red cabbage and onion. £7.50, Cheese: Add 50p, Bacon: Add £1
  • Poutine (chips with rich gravy and cheese) £3.50
  • Cheese & Onion Rissole £1.50
  • Gravy £1.00
  • Chips £2.00
  • Fish Rissole Butty £2.00
  • Chicken Butty £4.50
  • Donner Kebab £4.50
  • Special £4.00
    • Sausage & Chips with either beans, peas, curry or gravy.
  • Beef & Onion Pie £2.50
  • Chicken Eldorado (G) £13.95
    • Tender chicken marinated in lime spiced tequila, topped with tortilla chips, melted cheese and soured cream, served with new potatoes, spring onions and a red chilli tomato sauce.
  • Coal Fajitas (G) £14.95
    • Served sizzling on a hot skillet with peppers, chillies, onions and garlic. Served with flour tortillas, spicy salsa, grated cheese, guacamole and chive soured cream.
  • Breaded Halloumi Sticks (V) £4.95
    • Served with a sweet chilli dip.
  • Margherita Pizza (V) £7.95
    • Hand finished dough topped with tomato & mozzarella.
  • Buttermilk Chicken £10.95
    • Tender, succulent chicken in a crispy crumb served with dill pickles, tomato, lettuce and relish. No Fries.
  • Haddock Fishcake £10.95
    • Hand finished dough topped with tomato & mozzarella.
  • Heraldique, Prestige Blanc, Pays D’oc 2017 (V) (VG) £20.00
    • Aromas of tropical fruit and a creamy, spicy palate full of flavour.
  • Buffalo Grilled Wings £6.95
    • Six wings served with our blue cheese sauce.
  • Chicken and Mushrooms £6.50
    • Pizza sauce, chicken and mushrooms.
  • Garlic Bread and Cheese £4.50
    • Garlic butter and cheese.
  • Fanta (Can) £1.00
  • Chicken Wings £5.50
    • Spicy marinated pieces of tender chicken, cooked on charcoal grill.
  • Hummus £3.00
    • Pureed chickpeas mixed tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice.
  • Chicken Breast Burger £4.00
    • With salad.
  • BBQ £1.00
  • Pizza Marinara £5.00
    • Parsley, fresh chilli, basil, garlic and olive oil.
  • Crying Beef at So Siam £15.00
    • Grilled sirloin accompanied with a spicy dipping sauce. Originated in the North East of Thailand but has become a national favourite. Thai enjoy the meat slightly burned with juicy fat, but if you prefer it lean please let us know.
  • Fishing Village (Mild) £12.95
    • Mixed seafood with spicy hot red curry rounded up with coconut milk. Perfumed with sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves.
  • Pa-Muk Pud Gra-tiem Prik Tai (Hot) £10.50
    • Stir-fried squid with garlic, pepper, coriander and mushroom.
  • Poh Pia Tord £5.50
    • Deep-fried spring rolls, served with sweet chilli sauce.
  • Set Menu D (Baan Ta Karntar) £91.80
    • Starter: So siam royal platter. Main Courses: A mild and creamy yellow curry, with chicken and potatoes, rich and flavoursome red curry with pork tender loin, stir-fried beef with Thai sweet basil leaves (mild). Grilled chicken, marinated with a special sauce, stir-fried mixed vegetables. Choice of steamed rice or egg fried rice and tea or coffee. (Set meal for four.)
  • Pud Pak Fai Daeng £5.25
    • Stir-fried seasonal green vegetable with chilli and garlic.
  • So Siam Royal Platter (Minimum for 2) £16.00
    • A selection of mixed starter which includes, strips of grilled, marinated spring rolls, Thai fish cake, parcels of thin crispy pastry, deep-fried wrapped prawn and Thai spicy salad.
  • Tord Mun Kao Pod £5.75
    • Deep-fried sweet corn cake, served with ground peanuts and sweet chilli.
Mamma Amalfi

Mamma Amalfi



The Oasis, Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S91EP ,





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$10 - $20




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Table Service



European , Italian



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The Oasis, Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S91EP ,
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