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Amraj Restaurant in Sheffield has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Belu Water – Sparkling Big or Belu Water – Still Big from Zizzi - Sheffield the Light. Buckin' Burrito offers many options including Rubicon Mango (Can) and Fanta (Can). California Fresh includes a wide range like 7Up Free (Can) or Tango Apple (Can). Coke 可乐 and Bottled Still Water 矿泉水 from . Snax To Go offers Papa John's and Mountain Dew (1L).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Jackfruit & Beetroot Salad Bowl (v) £8.95
    • Pulled chipotle jackfruit & beetroot, salad, beans, rice, avocado, cheese & pico de gallo
  • XinXim (GF) (N) £12.50
    • A classic recipe from north Brazil. Chicken and crayfish in our creamy lime and peanut sauce with spring onion rice.
  • Blazing Bird £10.95
    • Marinated chicken with fiery sauce, served with a choice of fries and sauced-up with your choice of: Lemon and herb / Honey peri-peri / Spicy BBQ jerk / Amarillo chilli & garlic / Vivo: flaming hot habanero.
  • Beef Burrito £8.95
    • Wheat tortilla stuffed with chipotle chilli shredded beef, rice, refried beans, crunchy slaw and cheese.
  • Jackfruit Curry (V) (VG) (GF) £11.00
    • Roasted pulled jackfruit & ethically sourced palm hearts cooked in a coconut sauce with ginger, garlic, cumin, cayenne, coriander & tomatoes. Served with spring onion rice.
  • Belu Sparkling Water £1.95
    • Belu give all of their profits to Wateraid. UK sourced & bottled in recycled glass.
  • Three Churros (V) £3.95
    • Cinnamon-sugar dusted churros with dips for dunking - choose chocolate ganache or dulce de leche.
  • Chilli Cheese Fries £6.95
    • Skin-on fries topped with a rich chunky beef & black bean beef chilli, red onion, jalapeños & cheese.
  • Sugar Strand Doughnut
    • A ring doughnut, hand decorated with white fondant and coloured sugar strands.
  • Cream Finger Doughnut
    • Centre of whipped cream.Topped with fruity strawberry jam, the Cream Doughnut is the perfect
  • Tuna Crunch Pasta
    • Made up of cooked pasta, dressed with a delicious red pepper and mixed vegetable mayonnaise. Topped with tuna, pickled vegetables and chopped chives.
  • HOT TO GO Creamy Porridge
    • Creamy porridge made with jumbo oats, double cream and cinnamon
  • Cinnamon Bun
    • A soft, sweet cinnamon flavour bun filled with juicy Sultanas. Topped with cream cheese flavour icing and dusted with ground cinnamon, it tastes just as good as it looks!
  • Raspberry and Almond Bakes
    • raspberry and almond bakes are made up of a shortbread base and sponge sandwiched with a raspberry flavoured filling, topped with almond flakes.
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites
    • BBQ flavour coated chicken breast pieces.
  • Tomato Soup GF
  • Mango Chutney £0.50
  • Meal Deal 7 £16.00
    • Any 2 x 10" pizzas, quarter pounder beef burger & chips, 1 donner meat & chips.
  • Coleslaw £1.00
  • 3 Mixed Kebab Sandwich £5.00
  • BBQ Oriental Express £8.00
    • BBQ base, mushroom, chicken, peppers & sweetcorn.
  • Seafood £6.00
    • Tuna, prawns, mussels.
  • Pollo £7.50
    • Chicken.
  • Spicy Beef £7.50
    • Red onions, green pepper & spicy mince meat.
  • Plain Omelette with Chips £4.30
    • Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Pork in OK Sauce £5.40
  • Chicken Cantonese Style £5.40
  • Fried Rice with Egg £2.80
    • Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Szechuan Plain Noodles £4.20
    • In soy sauce. Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Vegetable Vermicelli Singapore Style £5.50
    • Suitable for Vegetarians, Hot.
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls £5.40
  • Vegetable Chow Mein £5.50
    • Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Chicken BBQ Pizza £7.90
    • BBQ base, chicken, mushrooms & sweetcorn.
  • Ham Calzone £5.90
    • Ham, peppers, mushroom & garlic butter.
  • Chicken Doner Wrap £5.10
  • Paradise Special Pizza £8.70
    • A bit of everything.
  • Mix Donner Wrap £5.10
  • Donner Calzone £5.90
    • Donner meat, onions & garlic butter.
  • S.F.C. Potato Wedges £2.10
  • Della (Donner Meat) Pizza £5.10
  • Saag Gosht - A classic dish from Kashmir. Meat & spring leaf spinach cooked gently with onions, fresh garlic, ginger, coriander, bay leaf, green chillies & cardamom juice, with a selection of spices. £8.20
  • Prawn Biryani £8.95
  • Aloo Palak - New baby potatoes and spring leaf spinach cooked with onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and selected herbs & spices. £3.50
  • Mushroom Pilau Rice - Pilau rice mixed with sautéed mushrooms. £3.20
  • Chicken Tikka Masala £8.50
  • Vegetable Lahsen - Assorted fresh vegetables cooked with tomatoes, fresh sliced garlic, green chillies and typical herbs & spices. £6.95
  • Lamb Tikka Masala £8.50
  • Karahi Gosht - Boneless lamb cooked with garlic, ginger, onions, coriander, crushed red chillies and selected herbs and spices. £9.50

Amraj Restaurant


Petrol Station, Eckington Way, Crystal Peaks, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S207PP ,




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Petrol Station, Eckington Way, Crystal Peaks, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S207PP ,
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