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South West England

South West England's most popular restaurants, cafes and takeaway menus such as Shanghai Express, Chopstick House, Jackie Chan Takeaway, Chilled Red or Ygs Kebab are found below. You can choose from many menu its like skewered satay chicken, sticky rice, chef da china platter per person - seaweed, sesame prawns, spare ribs, crispy spring roll and satay chicken skewers. (minimum order for 2 persons), chicken breast, homemade chilli con carne spicy chilli served with rice or chips and garlic bread., child all 3 courses, homemade scotch egg, pickled beetroot, croque monsieur (served on white or brown bread), bread board - focaccia, onion & sourdough breads with unsalted butter and tomato & onion chutney, anthony's deluxe veggie breakfast - poached free range eggs on toasted muffin topped with houmous, guacamole,grilled flat mushroom, grilled tomato & sweet chilli sauce.

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