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Nanking Garden in Nottingham has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Choc-Crunch or Just Berfore 8 from Kitty Cafe. Shabab Nan Kebab offers many options including Cucumber Raita and French Fries. Taj Lounge includes a wide range like Madras (Very Hot) or Jalfrezi (Hot). Ice Age and Raging Bull from . Das Kino offers Nottingham Piccolino and Barbera D'asti Superiore Rive.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Imam Bayildi (Stuffed Aubergine) (v) £14.00
    • Sautéed with confit garlic and fresh tomato sauce.
  • Ispanak Tarator (Spinach with Yoghurt) (v) £6.00
    • Spinach, yoghurt with garlic and olive oil.
  • Izgara Kofte £16.00
    • Lamb patties kneaded with herbs and grilled on skewer served with bulgar and salad.
  • New Potatoes (v) £2.95
  • Izmir Kofte £16.00
    • Lamb patties, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and garlic served with bulgar.
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.00
  • Antalya Special Steak £21.00
    • Grilled sirloin steak served with specially prepared sauce with tomatoes, peppers, onions and served with French fries and vegetables.
  • Mixed Salad (v) £3.50
    • Onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, cherry tomato with dressing.
  • Pasta Lobster Cooked in pomodora and white wine with garlic and herbs, topped with half succulent lobster. £18.90
  • Tuna Steak £17.90
  • Halibut £17.90
  • Calzone Tradizioiale Our classic pizza base folded & filled with pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers & fresh green chillis. Topped with our tomato sauce & a touch of cheese. £11.90
  • Pollo Dolcelatte Chicken breast cooked with onions, mushrooms, smoked bacon & dolcelatte cheese, finished in a cream sauce with a light sprinkling of black pepper. £14.50
  • Risotto al Salmone Tender Salmon fillet cooked with mushrooms, peppers & asparagus spears, a hint of pomodoro sauce, makes this a fish lovers favourite rice. £10.90
  • Pizza Al’ Aglio V in house freshly baked tradional style pizza with italian plum tomatoes, fresh garlic, topped with a sprinkling of blended cheeses. £4.90
  • Green Salad £3.45
  • King Prawn Sinka - Marinated King Prawns cooked with whole mushrooms, tomotoes, pepper and onions. N/A
  • Duck Tikka Ashwari - Duck fillets marinated in a home made sauce with special herbs & spices, barbecued over flaming tandoori oven & cooked in an enriched Mossalla sauce. Served with garlic fried rice N/A
  • Satoki Shatkora - Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with a special Bangladeshi citrus fruit, a very traditional dish cooked in a fairly hot sauce, highly recommened. N/A
  • Shobzi Bahar - Selected vegtables in a whole host of spices with garlic & pepper garnished with fried whole mushroom & coriander. Served with mushroom fried rice. N/A
  • Murgh Muktaj - Chicken breast cooked in a special blend of aromatic spices complimented by fresh ginger & green herbs in a medium hot sauce. Served with pilau rice. N/A
  • Salmon Ka Jhool - Scottish salmon fillets marinated with turmeric, lemon juice, ginger & mild spices. Pan fried & then simmered in a prawn & dill sauce. Served with lemon fried rice. N/A
  • Fish Tikka Jalfrezi - Cod fish cooked in onions, green chillies, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger & an array of spices. N/A
  • Lamb Pista - Lamb fillets marinated in red wine & pistachio cream, cooked in a chef's special mild sauce. Served with coconut rice. N/A
  • Saag +2 Makki Roti £7.00
  • Ras Malai (4) £4.99
  • Mango Shake £3.00
  • Aloo Mattar + 2 Roti £6.50
  • Ragda Pattice £6.00
  • Veg Samosa £0.75
  • Mixed Veg + 2 Roti £6.50
  • Vegetable Biryani £8.00
  • Stone Baked Bread (VG) £3.25
    • with aged balsamic and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Giant Green Gordal Olives (VG) £3.25
  • Rosé Garnacha Rosado, Spain £16.95
  • Macaroni Cheese (V) £4.75
  • Bill's Beer £4.25
    • 275 ml 4.0%.
  • Diet Coke £2.85
  • Bill's Classic Burger £11.95
    • A beef burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion & spiced mayo in a sesame seed bun with rosemary salted fries
  • Mini Cumberland Sausages £5.25
    • with honey & grain mustard
  • Soda Folk Cream Soda £2.90
    • 330ml Can
  • The Big Cheese £8.00
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, double Monterey Jack cheese, gooey mozzarella sticks, warm cheese sauce, gherkins, sliced tomatoes and a dollop of burger sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun
  • Southern Fried Chicken Strips £5.00
    • Succulent chicken tenders in a crispy coating
  • Hickory Smoke £7.50
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, double Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, grilled onions ,crispy onion rings, burger sauce and a dollop of smoky hickory BBQ sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun.
  • Classic £5.00
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, sliced tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and a dollop of burger sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun. A classic every time
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.50
    • Sticky chocolate fudge cake with a rich, dark chocolate sauce
  • Chicken Katsu £7.50
    • Stacked with succulent crispy chicken strips, smothered in a warm Katsu curry glaze, green chillies, crunchy lettuce, sweet basil and a dollop of mayo, all packed into a soft glazed bun
  • Cherry Coke £1.80
    • 330ml Can
  • Brooklyn Naranjito £3.99
    • 355ml ABV 4.5%
  • Skin-On Fries £2.49
  • Diet Coke £1.99
    • 330ml
  • Appletizer £1.99
    • 330ml
  • Rekorderlig Strawberry & lime £4.49
    • 500ml ABV 4%
  • Barbacoa Beef Bowl £7.99
    • Slow cooked barbacoa beef bowl packed full of Mexican rice, turtle beans, spicy pulse mix, jalepeno peppers, spring onions and guacamole
  • Burrito With Benefits £7.99
    • Pibil jackfruit in a beetroot & chia seed tortilla, packed with grains, kale, beans, sour cream and pico de gallo salsa
  • Bundle for Two £15.99
    • Two burritos with salsa nachos and two soft drinks
  • Brown Stew Chicken (Boneless) £6.00
  • Curry Chicken (Boneless) £3.75
  • Calypso cabbage portion £1.50
  • Rum Cake (Wray & Nephews) £2.00
  • x3 dumplings in sauce (jerk, curry, veg) £2.00
  • Coke 65p
  • 3 Cz Cherry Sponge £1.00
  • Add Cream 50p
  • Fred - smoked tofu, peppers and coriander mayo £4.95
  • Cheese on Toast - the classic snack any time of the day £3.50
  • Garlic Bread - garlic ciabatta £2.10
  • Display Case - full of tasty goodies £2.95
  • Cheeky Greek Salad - with feta cheese, mixed olives, tomatoes, spinach and red onion topped with pesto dressing and toasted seeds £6.75
  • Alley Omelette - free-range organic eggs with cheese. Choose from any two fillings: mushroom, not-ham, sausage, onion, spinach and fresh tomato £5.50
  • Stavros - loaded pitta, falafel, hummus and mint yoghurt £4.95
  • Side Salad - mixed leaves with tomato, cucumber, carrot twirls, toasted yummy seeds and alley house dressing £3.20
  • Bacon Dog £7.45
    • Our All-beef Hotdog with a layer of crispy, sweet apple-wood smoked bacon.
  • Cheese Veggie Sandwich £4.50
    • Create your own Veggie Sandwich with any or all of our 15 free toppings. Then add melted American cheese.
  • £6.95
  • Little Bacon Burger £7.75
    • Our single patty burger with two strips of crispy apple-wood smoked bacon.
  • All Beef Hot Dog £5.95
    • Our All-beef Hotdog, split and grilled lengthwise for a caramelised finish.
  • Regular Five Guys Style £5.00
    • Hot, fresh boardwalk-style fries. Cut fresh, cooked twice and salted. Our fries are cooked in pure, tasty peanut oil.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger £9.95
    • Our regular two patty-burger with two strips of crispy apple-wood smoked bacon and two slices of melted American cheese.
  • Hamburger £7.95
    • Two fresh high-quality beef patties hot off the grill, on a soft, toasted bun.
  • Pakora Portion £3.00
  • Veggie £9.00
    • Mushroom, red onion, sweetcorn, pepper & fresh tomato.
  • Veggie Hot £6.50
    • Cheese, tomato, mushroom, onion, green peppers & jalapeño.
  • Asian Style £5.50
    • Cheese, tomato, onions, sweetcorn, green peppers, green chillies & chicken tikka
  • Deal 4 £4.50
    • Veggie burger, fries & can.
  • 12 Wings £5.00
  • Farmhouse £6.50
    • Cheese, tomato, onions, ham & mushroom.
  • Vegi Special £7.50
    • Cheese, tomato, onions, sweetcorn, mushroom, pineapple, olives & peppers.
  • Chilli Naan (Very Spicy) £3.95
    • Flour bread stuffed with chopped green chillies. Very very hot.
  • Lacheddar Paratha £3.95
    • A multi-layer whole wheat bread cooked in a clay oven.
  • Curry Sauce £4.95
    • Available in mild, medium, hot and extra hot.
  • Garlic Chilli Chicken (Hot) £10.95
    • Barbecued chicken pieces cooked in a fresh garlic and chilli sauce with caramelised onions.
  • Onion Salad £2.25
  • Baingan Bharta (Medium Spicy) £8.25
    • Baby aubergine delicacy cooked in clay oven with onion and tomatoes.
  • Chicken Korma (N) (Mild) £9.95
    • A classic introduction to Indian cuisine. Pieces of chicken cooked in a cream and cashew nut based gravy.
  • Sada Chawal £3.50
    • Fluffy steamed rice.
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