Berties Diner in Leeds Menu

Berties Diner in Leeds has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Juice Apple or J20s from Shabab Express. Dixy Chicken offers many options including Chocolate ring doughnut and 1 pc plus 3 Sizzler Wings or 2 Chicken Strips & small fries. Spen Lane Chinese Takeaway includes a wide range like Rubicon Mango (0.33L) or 7-Up (0.33L). Mineral Water, 0.5L and 7-up, 0.33L from . Kamran Tandoori offers Nandos Chickenland and Scoop of Vanilla Gelado.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Vegetable Dumpling (6) (V) £5.80
  • Chicken £6.60
  • Special £8.40
  • Pork £6.60
  • Char-Siu with Soya Sauce (Roast Pork Cantonese Style) £6.90
  • Diet Coke 330ml £1.30
  • Soft Noodles (V) £3.50
  • Special £7.80
  • Soft Noodles £3.00
  • Keema Curry £5.50
  • Karahi Chicken Tikka Masala £7.00
    • Chicken off the bone cooked in a karahi with a tandoori sauce, onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander & Indian herbs.
  • King Prawn Vindaloo £6.00
  • Special Cantonese Sweet & Sour £6.00
  • Special Fried Rice £6.00
  • King Prawn Foo Yung £6.00
  • Chicken Omelette £5.35
  • Tarka Daal £2.00
  • Shatkora Donner Tikka Masala £6.00
  • Mango Lassi £2.50
  • Family Naan £3.00
  • Keema £6.00
  • Strawberry £2.50
  • Meat Steak Kebab on Naan £4.50
  • 6 Pieces Scampi £2.25
  • Original Porridge
  • Chicken and Bacon Pasta
    • A delicious cooked pasta, packed with tasty sweetcorn in a chive mayonnaise style dressing. Topped with barbecue flavour chicken and smoked bacon pieces.
  • Steak and Cheese Roll
    • A puff pastry roll filled with shredded beef and Blue Stilton® crumb in a rich gravy.
  • Southern Fried Chicken Baguette
    • Southern fried style coated chicken strips, sliced mature Cheddar cheese, sliced red onion and chipotle chilli sauce in a white baguette.
  • Tandoori Chicken Roll
    • Flavourful, smokey and savoury with just the right amount of heat, and of course, succulent chicken breast roasted to perfection. Tandoori Chicken is the perfect lunchtime snack, for the taste of India, right from the comfort of your own desk.
  • Vegan Sausage Roll
    • Our new vegan friendly sausage roll has been designed to mirror some of the sausage roll’s classic features including 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry but instead we wrap it around our own bespoke Quorn filling.
  • Mixed Grapes £2.15
    • We fill our fruit pot with bunches of juicy seedless red and green grapes. You can now get this as part of our Breakfast deal from with a hot drink, 250ml Orange Juice or 500ml Water.
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    • Egg mayonnaise and slices of free range egg with just a pinch of black pepper. Sandwiched in our own soft malted brown bread, it’s a delicious blast from the past.
  • Green Curry (Moderately Spicy) £10.95
    • Chicken green curry, with aubergine, French beans, courgettes, kaffir lime leaves and basil cooked in coconut milk. This Thai curry has a flavour that is both medium spicy and rich.
  • Tiger Prawn Salad (Moderately Spicy) £10.95
    • Cooked tiger prawn with lemongrass, onion, spring onion, kaffir lime leaves and mint leaves tossed in our specially made spicy and sour dressing sauce.
  • Lamb Chops (Moderately Spicy) £13.95
    • Char-grilled lamb chops marinated with herbs and spices accompanied with spring onion, peppers, basil, krachai and kaffir lime leaves served on a sizzler.
  • Laab (Moderately Spicy) £7.95
    • Chicken or duck, Minced chicken or roasted duck with spring onion, parsley, red onions, roasted rice and crunched dried chilli tossed in our specially made spicy and sour dressing sauce, served cold with lettuce leaves.
  • Pak-Choi with Garlic Sauce £5.95
    • Pak-choi with garlic, ginger and soya sauce
  • Tiger Prawn Choo Chee (Moderately Spicy) £13.95
    • Tiger prawns cooked with choo chee curry sauce, egg yolk and coconut cream. It’s medium and smooth curry taste.
  • Vegetarian Menu (2 Course Meal) £40.00
    • Mixed starters - Spring rolls, sweetcorn cakes, vegetable tempura and vegetable samosas, served with a selection of our dipping sauces. Main course - Mixed vegetables in mussaman curry (moderately spicy), deep fried bean curd stir-fried with cashew nuts, stir-fried mixed vegetables with soya sauce, egg fried rice with fresh pineapple and raisins.
  • Thai Edge Hot Platter £15.90
    • Chef’s special selection platter; chicken satays, vegetable spring rolls, fish cakes, prawn & chicken golden bags and chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves, served with our selection dipping sauce. For two people.
  • Asparagus Butter (V) £5.80
    • Stir fried asparagus with crispy onion and butter.
  • Kirin Ichiban (ABV 5%) 330ml £3.50
  • Spicy Chicken Men £11.95
    • Grilled chicken breast with peanut and red chili sauce, served with quickly tossed ramen noodles with fresh chillies, ginger slices, garlic and onions.
  • Salmon Teriyaki £9.95
    • Slices of salmon flambéed in teriyaki sauce.
  • Sapporo (ABV 5%) 650ml £5.95
  • Sparkling Sake 150ml £9.20
    • It ranges from authentic sake to a more, soft drink like flavour. Served cold.
  • Tamago-Don (V) £6.50
    • Mixed vegetables simmered in egg sauce topped with spring onion consistent of a bowl of rice.
  • Chicken Katsu Curry £9.95
    • Crispy fried chicken breast, served with onions, green peppers, coriander in a medium hot curry sauce, accompanied by cocked rice.
  • Chicken Wings Hot £5.50
    • Crispy chicken wings coated in Carolina Buffalo sauce, served with sour cream.
  • Lemon Mayo £1.00
  • Asian Duck Salad £11.50
    • Shredded duck in a sticky Asian glaze, with rocket, red chard, red pepper, spring onion, raspberries, toasted pine nuts and a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette.
  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry £9.50
    • Chicken in a creamy coconut and tomato sauce with chilli, lemongrass and coriander. Served with white rice.
  • Some Like It Hot £11.00
    • Carolina Reaper, red onion jam, crispy fried onions, togarashi shichimi pepper and cheese. In a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and mayo.
  • Sriracha Hot Sauce £1.00
  • Diet Coke £2.50
    • 330ml bottle.
  • Beet Feast £9.50
    • Beetroot, coriander and mint falafel, fresh beetroot, red onion, pesto and parsley on a mozzarella and tomato base.
  • Chef Specials Vermicelli Salad £7.20
    • Spring roll, pork skewer, ground pork.
  • Sprite (0.33L) £1.80
  • Sparkling Water £1.80
  • Spring Roll £1.80
  • Still Water £1.80
  • Peppermint £1.80
    • Available in hot and cold.
  • Chicken Avo Rice Paper Roll £2.40
  • Peach Tea £3.00
    • Available in hot and cold.
  • Ham Cheese and Pickle Sandwich
    • This British culinary classic has stood the test of time, and we're not surprised in the slightest. With the perfect combination of sweet, salty, tangy and tasty - the Ham, Cheese and Pickle sandwich, makes it debut to our Summer menu.
  • Cheese Roll
    • Our pillow-soft bread is filled with Mature Cheddar Cheese - that's all that's needed for a delicious lunch for you or your little one.
  • Mexican Chicken Baguette
    • Packed with delicious Mexican style chicken breast, mild cheddar cheese and a hint of chilli, this baguette is packed with crunchy sliced red onion, fiery green jalapeños, sweet chilli sauce, and fajita flavour mayonnaise. It’s the liveliest lunch this side of Guadalajara.
  • Breakfast Box
    • Heinz Beans, cheese omelette, pork sausages and mini hash browns.
  • Golden Syrup Porridge GF
    • Golden Syrup Porridge
  • Omelette Breakfast Roll
    • Enjoy tasty omelette in our pillowy soft breakfast roll, with HP or Ketchup (Heinz of course).
  • Sausage Roll
    • Made from seasoned sausage meat wrapped in layers of crisp, golden puff pastry.
  • Tropical Fruit Pot
    • tasty pot of pineapple, mango and melon.
  • The Royal English Breakfast (G) (D) (E) £14.95
    • You are in for a good meal! 2 bacon rashers, 2 sausages, a grilled tomato, baked beans, 2 slices of toast, 2 poached or fried eggs, scrambled available for 1.80 extra. You can choose between mushrooms, spinach or onions, juice & hot drink as well.
  • Brie & Charcuterie Baguette (G) (D) (M) £5.85
  • Slow Cooked Beef £13.65
    • In spicy tomato sauce with crispy bacon, mushrooms & green beans.
  • Kir Royale £8.75
    • Brut champagne and raspberry liqueur.
  • Chips (V) £2.50
  • Viognier Dawn Picked, Foxwood, Languedoc-Roussillon, France £20.95
    • Soft fruity texture & aromatic.
  • Fanta £2.20
  • Irish Coffee £5.50
    • Baileys, cream, coffee.
  • Chapatties £0.90
  • Jalfrezi £9.70
    • A colourful medium hit dish with onions, peppers, tomatoes and fresh coriander.
  • Chana Masala £8.45
    • Chick peas with potatoes.
  • Garlic Nan £3.45
  • Mushroom Jalfrezi £8.50
    • A colourful mix of onions, peppers, tomatoes and fresh coriander with diced mushrooms.
  • Chicken Garlic £10.70
    • Chicken with fresh garlic.
  • Jhinga Kabir Masala £14.90
    • Large king prawns laced with a spicy mix and served on a sizzling bed of fried onions and pilau or plain nan.
  • Rogan Josh £9.70
    • Prepared with a generous helping of fresh tomatoes in a distinctive red medium sauce.
  • Any Combination Panini £3.50
  • Chicken, Bacon & Salad £3.00
  • Coffee £1.00
  • Peri Peri Chicken Cheese Melt £3.50
  • Chilli & Cheeseburger £3.50
  • Tuna Mayo Cold Sandwich £2.70
  • Cottage Pie & Vegetable £5.00
  • Cheeseburger £3.00
  • Espresso £1.50
  • Sirloin Steak In A Port Sauce £11.90
  • Stuffed Roasted Pepper (V) (GF) £7.50
    • Vegetable and cheese.
  • Potato and Chorizo Omelette (GF) £4.50
  • Escalivada (Vegetables with Goat Cheese) (V) £5.50
  • Garlic King Prawns (GF) £7.90
  • Chorizo (Spanish Sausage) £4.90
  • Pollo Croquettes £5.95
  • Linguine Bolognese £8.00
    • Tasty linguine stirred with spicy chilli ragu and topped with freshly grated parmesan.
  • Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio £17.00
    • Light, fresh and beautifully aromatic white with just a hint of spice.
  • Crusan Grenache-Merlot £18.00
    • A fresh, fruity wine made to be enjoyed at its best while young.
  • Modello £3.50
  • Chilli Nachos £6.50
    • Perfect with a bottle of soland a shot of tequila! Salted nachos topped with spicy beef chilli, melted cheese, sour cream and plenty of guacamole.
  • Baked Goats Cheese & Caramelised Onion Salad (V) £8.00
    • Toasted Light Rye Topped With Rich Baked Goats Cheese And Caramelised Onion Chutney. Surrounded By Mixed Leaves And Roasted Med Veg.
  • Veuve Clicquot Rose £75.00
  • Vimto £1.75
  • Mac 'n' Cheese £4.00
    • Warm, cheesy goodness (V)
  • Diet Coke £1.50
    • 330ml Can
  • Smoky Beet £6.00
    • Stacked with a sweet beetroot patty, smoky hickory BBQ sauce, fried onions, crunchy lettuce, gherkins and a dollop of vegan mayo, all packed into a soft glazed bun (V)
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.50
    • Sticky chocolate fudge cake with a rich, dark chocolate sauce
  • Arizona Peach Iced Tea £3.50
    • 500ml Bt
  • Cherry Coke £1.80
    • 330ml Can
  • Cajun Fries £3.00
    • House fries dusted in our Cajun seasoning (V)
  • Coke Zero £1.50
    • 330ml Can
Berties Diner

Berties Diner



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96 Queen Street, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS279EB ,
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