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Berry Tasty in Nottingham has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Curry Sauce or Pappadoms (Per Peson) from 4550 Miles From Delhi. Frankie & Benny's New York Italian Restaurant & Bar - Nottingham offers many options including Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime and Brooklyn Special Effects. Tortilla includes a wide range like El Yucateco Hot Sauce Red or El Yucateco Hot Sauce Green. NEW Aranciata Rossa and San Pelegrino Sparkling Mineral Water (500ml) from . Pizza Express offers Noodle King Restaurant and Rose Wine - Blush Zinfandel (California).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Karisik Meze (Mixed Meze Platter) £9.00
    • Hummus, Tarama salad, cacik, patlican soslu, tabouleh, sigara boregi.
  • Karides Sote (Sautéed Garlic Prawns) £8.00
    • Sautéed king prawns with confit garlic and fresh tomato sauce.
  • Falafel (v) £6.00
    • Broad beans, chickpeas and vegetable fitter topped with sesame seeds, served with tahini & fresh coriander sauce dip.
  • French Fries (v) £2.95
  • Imam Bayildi (Stuffed Aubergine) (v) £14.00
    • Sautéed with confit garlic and fresh tomato sauce.
  • Garlic Mushrooms (v) £6.00
    • Mushroom sautéed with cherry tomatoes, spinach, cream and garlic.
  • Tarama Salad £7.00
    • Homemade fish roe pate, mixed with potatoes, olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Soup of the Day £6.00
  • Risotto al Salmone Tender Salmon fillet cooked with mushrooms, peppers & asparagus spears, a hint of pomodoro sauce, makes this a fish lovers favourite rice. £10.90
  • Carpaccio Thin slices of raw beef fillet marinated in lemon & olive oil, sprinkled with parmesan shavings & rocket salad £8.90
  • Pollo Formaggio Tender Breast of chicken shallow fried with onions, bacon & white wine. Finished in a delecate dolcelatte cheese sauce served on a bed of spinach. £14.50
  • Pizza di Prosciutto V A sprinkling of mozzarella cheese topped with prosciutto, rocket leaves & wafer thin shavings of Reggianio Cheese. £7.90
  • Fettucine Alfredo Con Filetto di Manzo Fettucine with marinated pieces of fillet steak cooked with peppers, fresh spinach & onions, finished in a white wine and cream sauce. £13.50
  • Pane Al’ Aglio French bread drenched in garlic butter & parsley £3.90
  • Choice of Sauces: Limone , Dijon , Pomodoro £2.00
  • Pizza Rustico V A selection of grilled vegetables & a light drizzle of fresh garlic olive oil. £9.90
  • Dadi (Yoghurt) £1.50
  • Makki Di Roti £1.50
  • Mixed Paratha £4.00
  • Gobi Paratha £3.50
  • Extra Bhatura £1.00
  • Ragda Pattice £6.00
  • Veg Samosa £0.75
  • Chilli Paneer + 2 Roti £7.00
  • Murgh Muktaj - Chicken breast cooked in a special blend of aromatic spices complimented by fresh ginger & green herbs in a medium hot sauce. Served with pilau rice. N/A
  • Murgh Amber Khana - Barbecued chicken fillets in a creamy mango & honey sauce (mild). Served with badami rice. N/A
  • King Prawn Sinka - Marinated King Prawns cooked with whole mushrooms, tomotoes, pepper and onions. N/A
  • Lamb Pista - Lamb fillets marinated in red wine & pistachio cream, cooked in a chef's special mild sauce. Served with coconut rice. N/A
  • Satoki Shatkora - Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with a special Bangladeshi citrus fruit, a very traditional dish cooked in a fairly hot sauce, highly recommened. N/A
  • Duck Tikka Ashwari - Duck fillets marinated in a home made sauce with special herbs & spices, barbecued over flaming tandoori oven & cooked in an enriched Mossalla sauce. Served with garlic fried rice N/A
  • Shobzi Bahar - Selected vegtables in a whole host of spices with garlic & pepper garnished with fried whole mushroom & coriander. Served with mushroom fried rice. N/A
  • Fish Tikka Jalfrezi - Cod fish cooked in onions, green chillies, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger & an array of spices. N/A
  • Onion Bhaji (V)(Medium Spicy) £4.50
    • Onions cooked with gram flour batter and deep fried to a crispy texture.
  • Garlic and Coriander Naan (Medium Spicy) £3.95
    • Flour bread flavoured with fresh garlic and coriander.
  • Yoghurt £2.25
  • King Prawns (Medium Spicy) £17.95
    • Served with pulao rice, salad and makhani sauce.
  • Channa Masala (Medium Spicy) £7.95
    • Chick peas cooked in a tomato, onion and cumin gravy, garnished with coriander and ginger.
  • Curry Sauce £4.95
    • Available in mild, medium, hot and extra hot.
  • Goan Fish Curry (Medium Spicy) £12.95
    • This dish is from the Western coast of India. A spicy delicacy of fish cooked in a coconut-based smooth gravy.
  • Chilli Paneer Masala (Very Spicy) £9.50
    • Paneer with juliennes of capsicum cooked in a traditional karahi gravy.
  • Sweet Potato Fries (V) (G) £4.25
  • Warm Banoffee Doughnuts (V) £6.50
    • Salted caramel coated doughnuts with sliced banana, crumbled chocolate flakes & whipped cream
  • Kingsdown Natural Sparking Water 500ml £2.95
  • Carrot Cake (V) £4.25
  • Mojo Marinated Chicken Skewers £11.95
    • with grains, wild rice, cucumber & red onion salad, tzatziki and grilled flatbread
  • Coke £2.85
  • White Macabeo, Spain £16.95
  • Bill’s Prawn and Fish Finger Sandwich £11.95
    • Cod goujons, tempura prawns, avocado, baby gem & tartare sauce on toasted sourdough, served with fries
  • Arizona Peach Iced Tea £3.59
    • 500ml
  • Corona £3.99
    • 330ml ABV% 4.2
  • Belvoir Elderflower Presse £2.99
    • 250ml
  • Appletizer £1.99
    • 330ml
  • Beef Chilli Burrito £5.99
    • Got some beef - have some of this beef chilli classic
  • Viva La Vegan (VG) £9.99
    • Tender, juicy and meat-like Oumph! Spicy pulse mix, black beans and jalapeño slaw wrapped in a spinach tortilla (vegan)
  • Breakfast Burrito £6.99
    • A Gringo in Mexico…Full English breakfast with hash browns, sausage, bacon, beans, eggs, cheese and brown sauce in your choice of tortilla or naked
  • Sprite £1.99
    • 330ml
  • Little Hamburger £5.95
    • One fresh high-quality patty hot off the grill, on a soft, toasted bun.
  • All Beef Hot Dog £5.95
    • Our All-beef Hotdog, split and grilled lengthwise for a caramelised finish.
  • Diet Coke £2.50
    • Diet Coke 500ml Bottle
  • Coca-Cola Original Taste £2.60
    • Coca-Cola Original Taste 500ml Bottle
  • Grilled Cheese £3.75
    • An American classic done the Five Guys way. American cheese melted on an inside-out bun, grilled until golden brown.
  • Large Five Guys Style £5.75
    • Hot, fresh boardwalk-style fries. Cut fresh, cooked twice and salted. Our fries are cooked in pure, tasty peanut oil.
  • Brooklyn Lager £4.50
    • 330ml.
  • Large Cajun Style £5.75
    • Our Five Guys Fries with a heavy dose of Cajun spice added. Unsure? Get the seasoning on the side. Our fries are cooked in pure, tasty peanut oil.
  • Alley Salad - sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers and spinach amongst crunchy leaves and fresh tomatoes drizzled with the house dressing £6.25
  • Organic potato wedges - with sour cream or tomato sauce £3.60
  • Garlic Bread - with cheese and caramelised onions £2.95
  • Fred - smoked tofu, peppers and coriander mayo £4.95
  • Baked Cheesecake - see board for today’s flavour £3.50
  • Decadent Chocolate Torte - you won‘t believe its vegan £3.75
  • Cheeky Greek Salad - with feta cheese, mixed olives, tomatoes, spinach and red onion topped with pesto dressing and toasted seeds £6.75
  • BLT – Not - served on granary bread or bagel with tomato, crunchy lettuce, ketchup & mayo £4.65
  • Southern Fried Chicken Strips £5.00
    • Succulent chicken tenders in a crispy coating
  • Banana £4.00
    • Banana Shake made with real dairy ice-cream
  • Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale £4.80
    • 330ml can 4.2%
  • Strathmore Still Water £2.60
    • 330ml Bt
  • Hickory Smoke £7.50
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, double Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, grilled onions ,crispy onion rings, burger sauce and a dollop of smoky hickory BBQ sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun.
  • Mac 'n' Cheese £4.00
    • Warm, cheesy goodness (V)
  • Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime £4.90
    • 500ml Bt 4.0%
  • Strawberry £4.00
    • Strawberry Shake made with real dairy ice-cream
  • Mexican £8.50
    • Cheese, tomato, onions & jalapeño.
  • Chickenburger £4.00
  • Meat Feast £10.00
    • Cheese, tomato, spicy beef, pepperoni, ham & chicken tikka.
  • Veggie Hot £6.50
    • Cheese, tomato, mushroom, onion, green peppers & jalapeño.
  • Hot & Spicy £6.50
    • Cheese, tomato, spicy beef, pepperoni, onions & jalapeño.
  • 6 Wings £3.00
  • Chicken TIkka & Cheese £4.50
  • Tuna Delight £8.50
    • Cheese, tomato, tuna, sweetcorn & onions.
  • Fish Bites £2.50
  • Fruit Punch 50p
  • Jerk Chicken (Boneless) £3.75
  • Tropical fruit, Ka pineapple, Ka black grape, Orange & mango, Coke, Water, Fruit punch, Ginger beer 50p
  • 3 Cz Lemon Sponge £1.00
  • Fish Bites Boneless £6.00
  • Fish bites £3.50
  • Rice & peas £2.99
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