Maxim in London Menu

Anti Pasti Anti Pasti
  • Soup of the Day £5.95
  • Marinated Olives (v) £3.75
  • Garlic Bread (v) £3.35
  • Bruschetta (v) £4.95
    • Italian crusty bread topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella.
  • Insalata Mista o Verde (v) £3.95
    • Mixed of green salad.
  • Insalata Tricolore (v) £5.85
    • Tomato, mozzarella and avocado.
  • Insalata Cesare £5.75
    • Romana lettuce, bacon and croutons in a Caesar dressing.
  • Funghi Ripieni (v) £5.60
    • Mushrooms stuffed with cheese, bread crumbs and garlic.
  • Polpette di Mozzarella (v) £5.85
    • Mozzarella balls coated in seasoned bread crumbs and deep fried served with a Napolitana sauce.
  • Gamberetti £6.75
    • Prawns, chilli, garlic in a Napolitana sauce.
  • Cozze Fresche £6.25
    • Fresh mussels cooked in white wine and tomato.
  • Calamari Fritti £5.95
    • Fresh deep fried squid rings.
  • Proscuitto e Melone £5.95
    • Parma ham and melon.
  • Insalata di Avocado con Salmone £6.90
    • Avocado, smoked salmon and prawn salad.
  • Insalata di Rucola (v) £4.95
    • Rocket and parmesan shaving salad.
Pasta & Risotto Pasta & Risotto
  • Penne Arrabiata (v) £7.95
    • Tomato sauce, garlic, chilli, white wine and lots of herbs.
  • Penne Alla Rustica (v) £8.50
    • Sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, onion, Tabasco in a white wine cream and tomato sauce.
  • Penne Tutto Bambino (v) £8.95
    • Cherry tomatoes, olives, onions and baby mozzarella tossed in at the last moment.
  • Penne con Salsiccia Piccante £9.50
    • Italian spicy sausage, peppers, zucchini and onions in a tomato sauce
  • Penne al Tonno £9.50
    • Tuna fish, grated carrots, onion and garlic in a tomato and cream sauce.
  • Penne Salmone Alla Toscana £9.95
    • Salmon, zucchini, onion, in a cream and tomato sauce.
  • Penne alla Marinara £9.95
    • Seafood cooked in a white wine and tomato sauce.
  • Fettuccine Ai Spinaci (v) £8.75
    • Spinach, mushrooms, garlic and parmesan in a cream sauce.
  • Fetticine con Gamberetti £9.95
    • Prawns, peppers, onion, garlic, chilli and white wine in a tomato sauce.
  • Fettuccine al Pollo £9.95
    • Chicken, mushrooms, mixed peppers, hint of garlic in a cream sauce.
  • Spaghetti Napolitana (v) £7.95
    • Tomato sauce seasoned with garlic and oregano.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese £8.65
    • Minced beef, onion, garlic and carrots in a Napolitana sauce.
  • Spaghetti Con Polpette di Carne £9.45
    • Meat balls made with beef, garlic, breadcrumbs, parmesan, onion, cooked in a Napolitana sauce.
  • Risotto con Pollo £9.65
    • Italian rice with chicken, mushrooms, onion, mixed peppers and a touch of cream.
  • Risotto con Pancetta £9.55
    • Italian rice, bacon, mushrooms, onion and garlic.
  • Risotto alla Marinara £9.95
    • Italian rice, seafood, onion, olives, garlic and tomato sauce.
  • Tortelloni Ricotta & Spinach (v) £9.75
    • Ricotta and spinach tortelloni with fried sage and pine nuts served in a Napolitana sauce and a touch of cream.
  • Ravioli Ricotta & Spinach (v) £9.75
    • Ricotta and spinach ravioli with fried sage and served in a Napolitana sauce and a touch of cream.
Children's Pasta & Risotto Children's Pasta & Risotto
  • Penne alla Marinara £7.95
    • Seafood cooked in a white wine and tomato sauce.
Pizza Pizza
  • Margherita (v) £7.75
    • Tomato and mozzarella.
  • Funghi (v) £8.25
    • Tomato, mozzarella and fresh mushrooms.
  • Al Prosciutto £8.50
    • Tomato, mozzarella, ham, fresh mushrooms and olives.
  • Quattro Formaggi (v) £8.50
    • Tomato and four different cheeses.
  • Amore (v) £8.50
    • Tomato, peppers, artichoke, onion, mozzarella and garlic.
  • Fiorentina (v) £8.75
    • Tomato, mozzarella, spinach, egg, olives and garlic.
  • Pancetta e Spinaci £8.75
    • Tomato, mozzarella, spinach, bacon, parmesan, olives and garlic.
  • Pomodori Secchi (v) £8.75
    • Tomato, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, olives, onion and garlic.
  • Mamma Gusto (v) £8.75
    • Tomato, mozzarella, roasted peppers, sliced tomatoes, onion and chilli.
  • Capricciosa £9.75
    • Ham, roasted peppers, egg, white anchovies, olives, capers, mozzarella and tomato.
  • Salsiccia £9.50
    • Tomato, mozzarella and pepperoni.
  • Salsiccia Piccante £9.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni and hot green peppers.
  • Ricco Ricetta £9.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, anchovy, olives and capers.
  • Tonno Cipolla £9.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, tuna, anchovies, olives, onion and capers.
  • Siciliana £9.75
    • Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, ham, artichokes, olives and garlic.
  • Quattro Stagioni £9.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, pepperoni, anchovy, olives and capers.
  • Marinara £8.95
    • Tomato, garlic, anchovies, mix seafood and olives (no cheese).
  • Bambino (v) £8.95
    • Tomato, cheese, aubergine, mix pepper and garlic.
  • Lauren £8.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, ham, egg and green olives.
  • Ann Amore £8.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, ham and pineapple.
  • Alla Romana £8.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, chicken, chillies, mix peppers and garlic.
  • Parma £9.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, parma ham and rocket.
Specialita Della Casa Specialita Della Casa
  • Il Gusto Chicken Breast Fillet £15.95
    • Chicken fillet stuffed with mozzarella and fresh basil, served with a special cream sauce and fresh pineapple.
  • Mixed Grill Il Gusto £16.95
    • Marinated pieces of mixed meat (lamb, chicken and beef) skewered and char-grilled with mixed peppers.
  • Agnello al Forno £16.95
    • Shank of lamb in a rosemary and red wine sauce.
  • Entrecote al Pepe Verde £17.50
    • Grilled sirloin steak in a green peppercorn brandy and cream.
  • Scaloppa di Vitello ai Gamberetti £17.50
    • Escalope of veal with asparagus and prawns cream and white wine.
  • Salmone al Tegame £15.95
    • Pan-fried salmon fillet in a sauce of garlic, chilli, tomato, cream and wine.
  • Sardine Fritte al Italiana £15.85
    • Sardines pan fried in garlic, parsley, oregano, white wine and lemon juice.
  • Branzino di Mare £16.95
    • Fillets of seabass with cherry tomato and herb sauce.
  • Pesce Spada £16.95
    • Char-grilled sword-fish steak marinated in olive oil, lime juice and oregano.
Al Forno Al Forno
  • Lasagne £8.95
    • Layers of pasta with Bolognese sauce, béchamel, mozzarella and tomato sauce.
  • Polpette di Carne £8.95
    • Italian meat balls baked in the oven in a tomato sauce with mozzarella and parmesan cheese served with garlic bread.
  • Cannelloni (v) £8.75
    • Pasta filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, béchamel, mozzarella and tomato sauce.
  • Vegetarian Il Gusto (v) £9.90
    • Layers of aubergine, courgettes, potatoes and seasonal vegetables, topped with béchamel sauce and baked in the oven.
  • Lamb Il Gusto £16.85
    • Lamb slowly cooked in the oven with feta cheese, mushrooms, red wine and herbs.
Insalata Insalata
  • Il Gusto Salad £9.75
    • Mixed salad with chicken breast fillet and dressing on the side.
  • Insalata Niçoise £9.95
    • Tuna, anchovies, capers, free range egg and olives on a bed of mixed leaves served with dough balls.
Soft Drinks Soft Drinks
  • Coke £3.25
  • Diet Coke £3.25
  • Sprite £3.25
  • Fanta £3.25
  • Sparkling Water £2.85
  • Still Water £2.85
White Wine White Wine
  • House White £14.95
    • Dry white. This is a smooth, crisp and appley wine. Consistent and versatile great for any occasion.
  • Cavatina Soave DOC, Italy £14.95
    • With excellent depth and minerality on the finish, this Soave DOC is an exceptionally elegant Italian white wine. Crisp, dry and aromatic it has a floral nose with flavours of peaches and toasted almonds.
  • Cape Spring Chenin Blanc, South Africa £17.95
    • A very aromatic white wine, with nose of exotic fruit and white pears. Feels wellrounded in the mouth. Fairly creamy and smooth, with lingering aromas, sweet and mellow, very harmonious.
  • Gabbia d oro Frascati, Italy £17.95
    • Fresh green apples with notably floral tones, with a light yet concentrated intensity on the palate. Dry and soft with fruity notes, perfect as an aperitif.
  • Galadino Orvieto Classico, Italy £17.75
    • This superb white has aromas of creamy cashew nuts and orchard fruits together with flavours of ripe apple, lemons and peaches.
  • Pitau Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand £17.95
    • A delightful Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with intense aromas of gooseberry, grapefruit and passion fruit, wonderfully balanced with crisp tropical flavours and hints of citrus.
  • La Villa Nanni Pinot Grigio, Italy £17.95
    • It has an intense straw colour and an ample, lasting fruity bouquet. The palate is crisp, dry, soft and well balanced, due to its’ full body.
Red Wine Red Wine
  • House Red £14.95
    • A hearty medium dry red bursting with lots of plumy fruits and southern warmth. Mellow and well rounded finish.
  • Castel Torre Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo DOC, Italy £16.95
    • A really delicious velvety smooth red wine made from the Montepulciano grape variety in the Abruzzo region of southern Italy. Deeply coloured this is a wonderfully fruity fragrant red.
  • Babington Brook Shiraz, Australia £17.95
    • Deep ruby colour with rich berry fruit aromas on the nose. The palate is rich and full with spicy notes.
  • Cavatina Merlot, Italy £17.95
    • This is a medium- bodied wine with fresh red berry fruit flavours. Smooth and mouth- watering with a clean lingering finish.
  • Lyngrove Pinotage, South Africa £17.75
    • Bright plum colour. Aromas of blueberries on the nose with hints of mint and bitter chocolate. Good acidity, full body and silky tannins with well integrated oak.
  • Chianti Classico, Italy £19.95
    • Complex bouquet of fragrant ripe grapes, violets and irises with hints of fruits of the forest and vanilla. An elegant, lingering aftertaste of raspberries and almonds.
  • Ricossa Barolo,italy £55.95
    • Barolo is one of the great wines of Piedmont, a wine which commands respect.
Rose Wine Rose Wine
  • Canyon Road White Zinfandel, USA £17.95
    • This refreshing wine is perfectly light and fruity. It has flavours of jammy strawberry and hints of watermelon.
Champagne & Sparkling Wine Champagne & Sparkling Wine
  • Paul Langier Brut NV, France £45.95
    • An outstanding Cuvée blended from Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes.
  • Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial, France £69.95
    • A fresh crisp palate reveals white-fleshed fruits (apple, pear, white peach), citrus fruits (lemon), floral notes (lime blossom) and elegant hints of brioche and fresh nuts.
  • Prosecco Spumante, Italy £24.95
    • This elegant Prosecco Spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and a refreshingly lively style. Made in the North East of Italy, this delicious Prosecco is a classic sparkling wine for any celebration.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Mixed Chicken Doner with Pratha £10.20
  • 3 Kebabs with Pratha £7.80
  • Daal Meat £11.40
  • Half Chicken, Chips + Drink £7.20
  • Chicken Kebabs Roll £6.60
    • With nan & salad.
  • Raita £2.40
  • Karahi Chicken £9.60
    • Taste of Lahore special.
  • Large Chicken Kebab Roll £7.20
    • With nan & salad.
  • Chicken Jalfrezi £7.50
    • Cooked with fresh chilli, tomato, onion, and capsicum in a hot sauce.
  • Chicken Chat Puree £4.50
  • Prawn Peshwari £8.50
    • Cooked with green peppers, onion, and coconut in a medium masala sauce.
  • Mushroom Bhaji (Medium Spicy) £2.95
    • Vegetable dishes are medium hot.
  • Shish Kebab £3.50
    • Per portion.
  • Prawn Jalfrezi £8.50
    • Cooked with fresh chilli, tomato, onion, and capsicum in a hot sauce.
  • Chips £2.75
  • Tandoori King Prawn £10.50
    • King prawns marinated in herbs and spices and tenderly cooked in the tandoori.
  • Gai Pad Khing £7.50
    • Stir-fried chicken with fresh ginger, mushrooms and spring onions.
  • Gai Pad Prik £7.50
    • Fried chicken with Cayenne pepper and onions.
  • Kao Pat Khai £3.00
    • Egg fried rice. Fried rice with egg and spring onions.
  • Plain Noodles £6.90
    • Fried noodles with soya sauce, egg, spring onion and bean sprouts.
  • Pad Thai (A Highly Popular Dish in Thailand) £7.50
    • Rice noodles stir-fried with bean sprouts, garlic chives, egg, ground peanuts and sweet turnip.
  • Gai Pad Kau Pote Oan £7.50
    • Chicken stir-fried with baby sweet corn.
  • Deep Fried Tofu £4.90
    • Served with sweet chilli sauce.
  • Gaeng Ped Yang (Roast Duck Curry) £9.90
    • Slices of roast duck with tomato and pineapple in a savoury red curry.
  • Wiltshire-Cured Ham & Pret Pickle N/A
  • Pole & Line Caught Tuna & Rocket Bloomer N/A
  • Almond Croissant N/A
  • Porridge Topping - Honey N/A
  • Leek & Potato Soup N/A
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Wrap N/A
  • Falafel & Halloumi Hot Wrap N/A
  • Red Berries Tea N/A
  • Fillet Box Meal £7.89
    • Fillet burger, 1 piece of original recipe chicken, two regular sides & drink.
  • Fillet Burger Meal £6.29
    • Fillet burger, choice of side & drink.
  • £5.89
  • Mini Fillet Burger £1.79
    • Mini fillet, lettuce & black pepper mayo.
  • Original Recipe Chicken: 2 Piece £4.49
    • Two pieces of our Original Recipe chicken. So simple & so delicious.
  • Allstars Flamin £3.69
    • Flamin wrap, small popcorn chicken® & regular fries.
  • Large Popcorn Chicken® £5.09
    • Our 100% chicken breast Popcorn Chicken pieces. A fun, bite-sized snack.
  • Twister Wrap Meal £6.29
    • An Original Recipe fillet, with crunchy pickled slaw, buttermilk dressing and your choice of sauce, wrapped in a lightly toasted tortilla. Served with side and a drink.
  • 182. Black Bean £3.20
  • 10. Satay King Prawn on Skewers (N) £7.70
  • 124. House Special Chow Mein £7.60
    • Large.
  • 5. Smoked Shredded Duck £7.40
  • 150. Thai Chicken Curry (Hot) £6.70
  • 76. Pork Szechuan Style (Hot) £6.75
  • 97. Roast Duck in Lemon Sauce £7.40
  • 52. Beef with Lemon Grass £7.05
  • Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice £4.10
  • Macchiato £2.50
  • Flat White £2.90
  • Breakfast Tea £2.00
  • Mocha £3.25
  • Vegan Burrito (VG) £8.00
    • Jack fruit or felafel with rice, turtle beans, vegan cheese, guacamole, tomato and tomatillo salsa, jalapeño and salad in spinach, tomato or plain tortilla wrap.
  • Hot chocolate £2.70
  • Flat white £2.70
  • Massaman Curry (N) £8.25
    • Traditional Muslim inspired style of cooking from the south of Thailand, tender meat cooked in a rich coconut milk and massaman curry paste, onions, nuts and potatoes, very mild.
  • Panang Curry (V)(Spicy) £7.00
    • This curry has a rich taste spicy and relatively dry. Panang curry paste cooked with coconut milk and garnished with shredded lime leaves.
  • Salt & Pepper Squid (G) £6.50
    • Deep fried squid, sprinkled with spring onions, fresh chillies, garlic, salt and pepper. Goes well with Thai beer!
  • Stir Fried Eggplant (V)(Spicy) £8.50
    • With yellow bean, chilli, soya sauce and sweet basil. Spicy.
  • Coconut Rice £3.00
  • Tom Kha (V) £5.50
    • Coconut soup with spiced, mushrooms, galangal and lemongrass, with added dry chillies to give it a smoky flavour.
  • Pad Pak (G) £7.95
    • Mixed vegetables with garlic and soya sauce.
  • Tamarind Duck £11.95
    • Char grilled duck breast, topped with tamarind sauce, steamed vegetables and fried shallots.
  • Smokin' Joe (RH) - Smoked Cheddar cheese, dill pickle. crispy shallots, malt vinegar aioli, tomato, relish, brioche bun £8.45
  • Buffalo (RH) - House mayo, salad, brioche bun. Fresh from Laverstoke Park Farm £10.55
  • Rosemary Fries - Skinny fries with rosemary £3.25
  • Milkshakes - Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, Lime £4.05
  • Captain Cook - Panko crumbed haddock, tartare sauce, picked onion, rocket £8.75
  • Yealands Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand £19.95
  • Skinny Fries (Regular) - Unique to GBK £2.95
  • Chunky Skin-On Fries - Our fresh double cooked fries £3.25
  • Vegetables, baby potatoes of the day £3.50
  • Selection of homemade ice-cream £5.00
  • Rucola, cherry tomatoes & Parmesan salad £6.50
  • Passion fruit crème brulee, iced coconut milk £7.00
  • THREE COURSES £22.50
  • Minute steak with frietes and mix leaf salad £13.50
  • Orecchiette pasta, Italian sausage, red peppers, yellow Datterini tomatoes -
  • Chicken liver pate', Marsala gelatine, crostini -
  • 18" Double Pepperoni £15.99
    • Delicious full flavours pepperoni and extra helping cheese.
  • Triple Deal 4 £42.99
    • 3 x 18" pizza.
  • Strips Combo £4.99
    • 6 strips and wedges.
  • 15" The Garden Party £12.99
    • Ham, mushroom, pineapple and sweetcorn.
  • Coleslaw £1.99
  • 10" Farm House £8.99
    • Ham & mushroom.
  • 10" Double Pepperoni £8.99
    • Delicious full flavours pepperoni and extra helping cheese.
  • Peri Peri Deal 2 £15.99
    • Full peri peri grill chicken, 12 x peri peri grill wings, 2 x regular fries & a bottle of soft drink.
  • Sundried Tomato & Pesto Tostati V, Vg
    • Sundried cherry tomatoes with dairy free mozzarella style cheese, vegan pesto and salad leaves on sundried tomato sourdough bread.
  • Chocolate Coin V, Gf
    • A milk chocolate coin treat, wrapped in gold foil.
  • Blueberry Filled Muffin V
    • Our blueberry muffin is packed with blueberries, with a tasty blueberry compote filling.
  • Caramel Shortbread V
    • An all butter shortbread base, topped with our own recipe caramel, and a thick layer of Belgian chocolate.
  • Chicken, Broccoli And Rice Soup Gf
    • An indulgent creamy soup made with British chickenwith broccoli, carnaroli and black venere rice.
  • Butter Croissant V
    • An all butter, flaky French pastry, rolled into a croissant.
  • Stem Ginger Biscuits V
    • Golden brown biscuits made with pieces of stem ginger, and also ground ginger.
  • Clotted Cream V, Gf
    • Individual pot of Cornish clotted cream. Ideal for spreading on scones.
  • Porridge V, Vg
    • Oat porridge, made fresh to order by our baristas. Try adding honey, jam or our new fruit & seed toppers.
  • Blueberry Filled Muffin V
    • Our blueberry muffin is packed with blueberries, with a tasty blueberry compote filling.
  • Chicken, Broccoli And Rice Soup Gf
    • An indulgent creamy soup made with British chickenwith broccoli, carnaroli and black venere rice.
  • Italian Cotto Ham, Salami & Mortadella Deli Sandwich
    • Cotto ham, Italian salami & mortadella with Provolone cheese, tomato & spinach on our Italian pane Pugliese bread
  • Chicken Caesar Flatbread
    • Chicken Caesar with vine-ripened tomatoes, salad leaves and Parmigiano Reggiano in a flatbread.
  • Almond Croissant V
    • A buttery croissant filled with almond paste and sprinkled with flaked almonds.
  • Individual Cappuccino Cake V
    • Our Nero coffee infused sponge, with a sweet coffee frosting, decorated with cocoa dusting and chocolate covered coffee beans.
  • Cranberry, Seeds & Oat Muffin V
    • A delicately spiced muffin, made with linseeds, chia seeds and cranberries, topped with pumpkin seeds and oat flakes.
  • Vegetarian £10.50
  • Edamame £3.50
  • Chicken Katsu Set £12.50
  • Sushi Platter £25.00
    • Dragon rolls (8 pieces) cucumber maki (6 pieces), spicy tuna uramaki (8pcs), salmon & tuna nigiri (each 1 piece).
  • Assorted Nigiri Set £15.00
  • Vegetable Yakisoba £9.00
  • Pork Katsu Ramen £10.50
  • Salmon Sashimi £7.00
  • Arnavut Cigeri £5.50
    • An original 17th century ottoman street food dish of pan fried lamb's liver wih red onion&parsley.
  • Baklava Home Made £4.00
    • A rich sweet pastry filled with chopped walnut and sweetened with honey syrup, serverd with vanilla ice cream.
  • Ice Cream Selection £4.00
    • 2 scoops: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry with dressing.
  • Chicken Kofte £10.95
    • Marinated mince chicken seasoned with garlic and grilled over charcoal.
  • Hellim £5.25
    • Grilled cyprus cheese.
  • Falafel £4.75
    • Broad beans, chick peas and vegetable fritters served with humus.
  • Tiramisu Home Made £4.00
    • Turn your favorite italian treat into a spectacular cake, starting with a cake mix and coffee. This is a great make-ahaed recipe.
  • Yakut, Kavaklidere £17.00
    • Turkey Dry, warm and full balanced to taste.




11 Craven Street, London W2 3BP, England








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$20 - $30




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Lebanese , Mediterranean



11 Craven Street, London W2 3BP, England
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