Casita Andina in London Menu

 Soft Drinks
  • Purple Limeade (Chicha Morada) £3.00
    • Peru's iconic refreshing drink is rich in antioxidants as it's made from purple corn essence. It's mildly sweet, has zesty lime juice and is suprisingly invigorating due to the spices used in it's preparation.
  • Diet Coke £2.50
  • Coca Cola £2.50
  • Gingerella £3.00
  • London Essence Tonics and Sodas £2.50
    • Choice of classic tonic, pomelo and pink pepper tonic, grapefruit rosemary, orange and elderflower, rhubarb and cardamon soda, ginger beer.
  • Belu Water £1.80
    • Still or sparkling.
 Zarzamora >> Blackberry, blueberry, lúcuma, banana, pomegranate, apple juice.
  • £5.00
 Juices and Smoothies
  • Green Machay £5.00
    • Kiwi, matcha, pineapple, spirulina, gotu kola tea, apple juice, lime.
  • Juices £3.50
    • Orange, grapefruit, lemonade or guanabana.
  • Traditional Doughnuts (V) £5.50
    • Two pumpkin doughnuts.
  • Canelita (V) £5.50
    • Lúcuma cream, cherry coulis, macacinnamon biscuit, pisco cherry, dried yoghurt.
  • Green Beans, Huancaina Sauce (V)(VG)(GF) £5.00
  • Potato Chips, Amarillo Mayonnaise (V)(VG)(GF) £4.00
  • Steamed Rice (VG)(GF) £3.30
  • Butternut Squash, Quinoa and Feta Salad £6.50
    • Ensalada de Calabaza. With a lemon and cancha vinaigrette.
  • Palm Heart Causa (VG)(GF) £7.00
    • Causa de Palmitos. Sustainable palm hearts and passion fruit tartare, avocado, pea shoots, smooth cool potato cake.
 Mushroom Stew (GF) >> Seco de Hongos. Mushrooms, cream choclo corn
  • Grilled Salmon £11.00
    • Salmón en Panca. Sustainable salmon marinated in panca chilli, spinach, sweet potato mash.
  • purée, mushroom jus. £8.50
 Corn Tamale (V)(GF) >> Tamale. Kale, basil and corn nuts pesto, red
  • Beef Rio Negro £14.00
    • Bistec Rio Negro. Marinated beef, plantain and Amarillo mash, tamarillo fruit vinaigrette.
  • Prawn Tamale (GF) £9.50
    • Tamale de Camarón. King prawns, picante Arequipeño, amarillo chilli cream and corn tamale.
  • pepper and corn cream. £8.00
 Edith's Corn Cake (V)(GF) >> Pastel de Choclo. Savoury corn and feta cheese
  • Chicken Pachamanca (GF) £10.00
    • Pachamanca de Pollo. Chicken breast, smoked panca and Andean huacatay herb sauce, sweet potato.
  • Pork Shambar (GF) £11.00
    • Shambar con Chicharrón. Pork belly, rich crackling, coriander and spicy green potato mash.
  • Grilled Octopus (GF) £15.50
    • Pulpo a la Parrilla with a sweet chancaca glaze, and a butterbean and lúcuma purée. Perfect with a watermelon, quinoa and feta salad.
  • fluffy cake, avocado wedge, salsa criolla, Huancaina sauce. £7.50
  • Braised Aubergine (V)(VG)(GF) £8.00
    • Adobo with a smoked panca chilli and rocoto red pepper curry, feta, butter beans. Add steamed rice, Peruvian style.
 Avocado and Beetroot Ceviche (VG)(GF) >> Poncho de Palta. Hass avocado, beetroot kiwicha,
  • Peruvian Ceviche (GF) £9.50
    • Ceviche Peruano. Seabass, classic tiger’s milk, sweet potato, red onion, Andean corn, cancha corn nuts. This is Peru’s classic ceviche. We can’t offer you a seat next to the Pacific Ocean but we can certainly bring you close to that feeling with this dish.
  • Salmon Ceviche (GF) £10.00
    • Ceviche de Salmón. British salmon, trout roe, ponzu tiger’s milk, pickled pineapple, radish.
  • Wasabass (GF) £9.50
    • Ceviche de Wasabi. Seabass, goldenberries, wasabi tiger’s milk, red onion, celery.
  • Scallop Tiradito (GF) £10.50
    • Tiradito. King scallops, blood orange and rocoto tiger’s milk, orange segments.
  • asparagus shaves, sweet potato crisps, amarillo tiger’s milk. £7.00
  • Passionate Salmon Ceviche (GF) ⭐ Our Favourite ⭐ £9.00
    • Tiradito with passion fruit tiger’s milk, mixed quinoa, salsa criolla, watercress.
  • Don Ceviche (GF) £9.50
    • Ceviche de Lubina. Our famous seabass ceviche recipe with avocado, amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, limo chilli, sweet potato, red onion.
 Street Bites
  • Pork Belly Bites (GF) £4.50
    • Chicharrón. With sweet rocoto pepper dip.
  • Cassava Fries (V)(VG)(GF) £5.00
    • Yucas and Huancaina with our famous amarillo chilli and feta dip.
  • Corn Fritters (V)(GF) £4.00
    • Torrejas de Maiz with amarillo mayo and corn nuts pesto.
  • Toasted Corn Nuts (VG) £3.00
    • Cancha. Crunchy, salted and home made.
 Lunch Menu
  • Three Dishes £12.00
    • Your choice of a big dish, a bite and a dessert.
  • Two Dishes £10.00
    • Your choice of a big dish and a bite or a dessert.
  • One Big Dish £8.00
    • Your choice of a big dish.

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31 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7LP, England

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