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Pier Hotel in Whitby has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Jasmine Rice (N) (F) (M) (G) or Fried Rice (N) (F) (M) (G) from My Thai. Taste Of Bengal offers many options including Tango (0.33L) and Diet Coca-Cola (0.33L). Bombay Spice includes a wide range like Nua Rose Spumante - Italy or Better Prosecco - Italy. Selection of Cheese - Oatcakes & Quince and Chocolate Pot - Crème Fraîche from . Loch Fyne Restaurant offers Pizza Time and 1.5 Ltr Bottle.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Bhuna Dishes (Medium Hot) £7.25
    • Medium hot with gravy sauce, well spiced with fresh herbs.
  • Vegetable Biryani (N) £8.95
    • Basmati rice and vegetables incorporated together with selected herbs and spices.
  • Paneer Chili Bahar (Hot) £7.25
    • Indian cheese cooked with herbs and spices with a touch green chillies.
  • Lamb Tikka £8.25
  • Dopiaza Dishes (Meidum Hot) £7.25
    • Medium hot, cooked in medium spices with cubed onions and green peppers with a thick sauce, garnished with fresh coriander.
  • Murg Tikka Mater (Medium Hot) £9.95
    • Marinated chicken cooked in a charcoal fire then cooked into a curry together with fried minced meat and chickpeas. A thick spicy curry with onions, semi-dry and medium hot.
  • Matar Paneer (Rajasthan) (Medium Hot) (V) £3.65
    • Green peas and cottage cheese mixed together. Tempered with cumin and aniseed.
  • Cheese Naan £2.50
    • With cheddar cheese.
  • Cheese & Tomato (XXL) (V) £18.99
    • Topped with Papa John’s famous tomato sauce, made with vine-ripened Californian tomatoes.
  • Cheese & Tomato (V) £13.99
    • Topped with Papa John’s famous tomato sauce, made with vine-ripened Californian tomatoes.
  • Garlic Cheese Sticks (V) £4.99
    • Topped with our signature mozzarella. With special garlic and pizza sauce dips.
  • Cheese & Tomato (Medium) (V) £13.99
    • Topped with Papa John’s famous tomato sauce, made with vine-ripened Californian tomatoes.
  • Cheesy Jalapeño Bites (V) (Hot) £4.99
    • Ten breaded jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese.
  • All The Meats™ £20.99
    • A generous helping of spicy beef, sliced pepperoni, ham, pork sausage and bacon.
  • Hot Pepper Passion (V) (Hot) £18.99
    • Freshly sliced green and red peppers, onions, green chilli peppers and spicy jalapeño peppers.
  • The Hot Diggity Dog £13.99
    • Heinz Tomato Ketchup base with premium hot dog sausage, cheese, freshly sliced onions and American style mustard.
  • Chicken with Cashew Nuts £5.50
    • Contains nuts.
  • House Special Chow Mein £6.50
    • No cold meats on top.
  • Mini Vegetable Crispy Rolls (4) £3.20
    • Vegetarian.
  • Roast Pork Curry £5.20
    • Hot.
  • Chips £1.80
  • Beef in Szechuan Sauce £5.30
    • Hot.
  • Roast Duck £6.60
  • Salt and Pepper Chicken Bites £5.50
    • Hot.
  • Diavola £7.50
    • Tomato sauce mozzarella cheese, spicy chicken strips, chorizo sausage, chillies and gherkins.
  • Chicken Skewers £14.50
    • Grilled chicken, peppers, bacon, red onion, mushrooms marinated in spicy herb oil and served with salad and rice.
  • Creamy Spinach £3.00
  • Beef Tomatoes £4.20
    • With red onion and garlic in oil herbs on a toast of rustic baguette.
  • Calamari £6.90
    • Deep fried and served with sweet chilli and tartar sauce.
  • Calzone Prosciutto £10.20
    • Folded pizza base, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms served with tomato sauce.
  • Vinho Verde Quinta Da Lixa, Anjos De Portugal - Portugal £21.50
    • A fine modern vinho verde, medium-bodied and refreshing with the classic touch of spritz.
  • Syrah, Mannara - Sicilia, Italy £19.95
    • Here the sicilian sun gives the spicy syrah grape an extra degree of roundness and fruity, blackberry warmth.
  • Garlic Bread (Focaccetta Bianca) £5.50
    • Pizza bread with garlic, butter & rosemary.
  • Costoletta Di Vitello Milanese £17.95
    • Veal escallops golden with breadcrumbs, served with lemon & timballo of tagliatelle.
  • Mozzarella (In Carrozza) (V) £6.50
    • Deep fried mozzarella in bread crumbs topped with tomato sauce & pesto.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese £9.95
    • Spaghetti pasta with classic Italians minces meat & herbs.
  • Pate’ (Di Fegatini Di Pollo E Maiale) £6.50
    • Pork & smooth chicken liver pate’ flavoured with brandy served with a toast of bread & sun blush tomatoes.
  • Pollo Piccante £16.95
    • Spicy chicken breast cooked with onions, peppers, chillies, black olives, white wine & a touch of tomato sauce.
  • Beetroot & Goat Cheese Salad New (V) £6.50
    • Sliced Beetroot top with grilled goat cheese,rocket salad,cherry tomato and olive oil.
  • Insalata Caprese (V) £6.50
    • Baby mozzarella and fresh tomato basil & olive oil.
  • Mac Lasagne £11.95
    • Creamy mac & cheese layered with slow cooked beef brisket in a rich bolognaise sauce, baked with Panko breadcrumbs and more cheese.
  • Buffalo Chicken Skewers (GF) £7.20
    • Ranch dressing.
  • Classic Nachos (V) £6.20
    • Tortilla chips, fresh guacamole, salsa, sour cream, jalapeños, Monterey Jack cheese.
  • Broadway King Prawns (N) £7.75
    • Red crumbed and Japanese torpedo prawns, seaweed salad, sweet chilli dip.
  • Manahatta Chicken £12.95
    • Spicy crisp coated chicken, skin on fries, BBQ sauce.
  • Empire State Chicken £14.50
    • Towered stack of crispy coated chicken, waffles, American cheese, purple slaw, maple syrup, skin on fries & sweet potato fries. Choose BBQ sauce or chicken gravy.
  • Duck Spring Rolls (N) £8.00
    • Sweet chilli dip.
  • Godfather £14.50
    • Our ultimate gourmet burger; two beef burgers, crispy chicken, pancetta, pulled pork, melted Monterey Jack cheese, wholegrain mustard mayo, BBQ sauce, slaw, onion ring.

Pier Hotel


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4-6 Pier Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO213PU ,
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