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Oriental Delight in Castleford has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Vegan Milkshakes or Coke Zero Bottle from Greasy Pig. The Aagrah offers many options including Murgh Mussalum (For 2) - Chicken covered in delicately spiced yoghurt sauce tenderly oven baked. Stuffed with a Kashmiri potatoes filling. Served with Balti Mushrooms, Plain Nan, Pilau Rice and Salad. and Raan Special (For 2) - Whole leg of lamb marinated in vinegar, yoghurt, garam masalas, bay leaves, fresh ginger & garlic and oven baked. Served with Vegetable Ginger, Plain Nan, Pilau Rice and Salad. El Ranchito includes a wide range like Rubicon Passion (0.33L) or Rubicon Mango (0.33L). Vagabond Gluten Free Pale Ale 330ml Bottle (4.5%) and Juicebox Citrus IPA 330ml Can (5.9%) from . Reds True Barbecue offers Four Seasons Cafe and Available in a range of flavours, such as chocolate, vanilla or lemon.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Paratha An exotic multi-layered bread enriched with buller and baked in the clay oven. £1.90
  • A selection of imaginative chutneys and relishes £1.90
  • Mix Kebab A selection of assorted starters for individuals. £4.50
  • Aloo Gobhi Potatoes cooked with cauliflower. light spices and herbs. -
  • Saag Channa Balti £8.90
  • Karahi Gosht (Lamb Karahi Asian style) £8.90
  • Komla Puli A char grilled chicken cooked with medium herbs and spices with orange zest and cointreu. Medium £11.90
  • Chicken Tikka £8.90
  • plain rice steamed long grained basmati rice £1.40
  • garlic chicken tikka bhuna chicken tikka cooked with onions, fresh sliced garlic, coriander & herbs £5.75
  • dansak with pineapple, lentils, lemon juice & herbs -
  • chilli masala with onions, garlic, methi leaves & green chillies -
  • pathia sour & hot with garlic, onions, pepper & tomato puri -
  • - VEGETABLE.. £4.40
  • balti a throughly garnished dish with onion, garlic, green peppers, fresh coriander, methi leaf & tomatoes, selected spices extensively teated to provide a delicious medium strength, a little condense -
  • Aloo Mattar, potato & peas £5.00
  • Chicken £5.50
  • Chicken (9/12/12-deep pan) £3.50/£5.00/£6.00
  • Tuluma, cooked with fruit & cream (Chicken/Lamb/Keema/Prawn/King Prawn/Chicken Tikka) £5.50/£5.50/£5.50/£6.00/£7.00/£6.00
  • Aloo Palak, potato & spinach £5.00
  • Garlic Mushroom (9/12/12-deep pan) £3.50/£5.00/£6.00
  • Samosa (Meat) £2.00
  • Salami (9/12/12-deep pan) £3.50/£5.00/£6.00
  • Mini chocolate oranges £2.95
  • •••Provencale fish soup, aioli, gruyere and rouille £6.25
  • Selection of sorbet or Homemade ice cream (please ask for today’s flavours) per scoop £1.95
  • - -
  • Warm homemade flavoured bread, with virgin olive oil and 8 year old bal samic vinegar £3.25
  • •Waterford House 30 day air aged chargrilled Sirloin, steak, sauté potatoes, field mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes £19.95
  • Bleiker’s kipper fillet, tartare butter, shaved fennel, po tato salad £6.50
  • Garlic ciabatta £2.95
  • Aigamo-Rost £8.20
    • Grilled duck breast stewed in Japanese sweet sauce with apple puree top on (5 slices).
  • Sapporo (ABV 5%) 650ml £5.95
  • W-Shioyaki £10.95
    • Mackerel & salmon grilled with mixed salad, and rice.
  • Spicy Beef Gyoza (6 Pcs) £6.50
    • Beef steak mince dumplings with shallots, celery, coriander and chilli, grilled and severed with our dipping sauce.
  • Asahi Super Dry (ABV 5%) 330ml £3.50
    • Number 1 Japanese beer.
  • Spicy Tofu £8.50
    • Fried tofu with ginger, garlic, chili, coriander and miso sauce.
  • Tuna Salad £8.50
    • Mixed salad with tuna and crisps as well as mixed japanese dressing and olive oil sauce.
  • Coke 330ml £1.75
Oriental Delight

Oriental Delight



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1A Mill Lane, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF102LX ,
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