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Couch Potato Cafe in Lichfield has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Jam or Whipped Cream from Druckers. Chilli Massala offers many options including Pepsi (1.5 ltr Bottle) and Coke (1.5ltr Bottle). The Crown Inn includes a wide range like Crown Inn Cheeseboard, Copy’s Cloud, Binham Blue, Lincolnshire Poacher, homemade chutney, apple, grapes, biscuits or Selection of Ice Creams & Sorbets. Pepsi Max (500ml) and Pepsi (500ml) from . Pizza Hut offers Harvester Centrum and Blackcurrant Mousse Tart (V) (VE).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Bulmers Cider 568ml £3.50
  • Murgh Tikka Garlic Diced pieces of chicken, marinated with fresh ground herbs and spices with fresh garlic. £8.95
  • Tandoori Murgh Tender half chicken marinated in natural yoghurt, with fresh herbs and spices roasted in a tandoori on skewers. £8.50
  • South Indian Garlic Chilli Murgh Barbecued chicken cooked with fresh garlic and chilli sauce with fresh coriander and green chilli. £7.95
  • Murgh or Gosth Tikka Karahi Barbacued chicken or lamb cooked with stir fried onion, green pepper, tomatoes, medium hot, served on karahi. £7.95
  • Jhinga Tikka Massala King prawns cooked as a murgh tikka massala. £9.95
  • J20 (Apple & Mango) £1.95
  • Lamb Kurma Diced lamb cooked with fresh cream, coconut and almonds. Recommended for beginners. £6.50
  • 1 Pcs SFC Chicken £3.50
  • Pickled Onions £0.60
  • Masala Fish & Chips £4.50
  • Tuna Delight £11.99
    • Tuna, onions & sweetcorn.
  • Large Samosa £1.20
  • 1 Large Piece of SFC Chicken £2.00
  • Chicken Wrap with Salad and Sauce £3.80
  • Caledonian Belly Buster £14.99
    • 12" naan with red chicken tikka meat, donner meat, 2 shish kebab, chicken tikka, 2 sauces in pots, salad and 2 cans of 330ml pop.
  • Cheese Naan £2.50
  • Tandoori King Prawn Tawa (Medium Hot) £9.95
  • Dansak (Hot) £5.50
    • Hot, sweet & sour, cooked with lentils.
  • Poppadoms (V) £0.60
    • Suitable for vegetarian.
  • Chicken Pasanda (Mild) £6.95
    • A very rich & mild dish cooked with almond, coconut & fresh cream. Contains nuts.
  • Dopiaza (Medium Hot) £5.50
    • Cooked with thick chopped onion & tomatoes, medium spiced & mild ground spices.
  • Lemon & Chilli Rice £2.50
    • Basmati rice fried with lemon & chilli.
  • Spicy Tandoori Chicken Tawa (Hot) £8.95
    • Half of tandoori chicken cooked with special Bengal spicy sauce.
  • Tuna Melt - All white albacore tuna, melted swiss cheese on your choice of bread £9.99
  • Vegetable Medley £4.00
  • Apple Crisp £6.99
  • Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich - A mound of shredded pork in our Cattleman’s BBQ sauce on a kaiser roll served with pickle and coleslaw. This boy is good! £10.99
  • Cheddar £0.50
  • Chicken Tenders - Buffalo style w/ blue cheese & celery £10.99
  • Chili £1.00
  • The Monster' - WELL OVER 1 POUND of Prime Beef smothered with 4 cheeses & applewood smoked bacon. Hope you’re hungry!! £17.99
  • Café club sandwich £6.25
  • Seasonal vegetables £2.95
  • 21 day dry aged Orkney steak sandwich topped with blue cheese and caramelised onions on toasted ciabatta £9.25
  • Mixed olives and sun blush tomato focaccia (V) £5.25
  • 8oz 21 day matured Orkney Gold sirloin served with fries, mushroom and grilled vine tomatoes £15.95
  • Pan fried fillets of Sea Bream served with patatas bravas, caramelised peppers and garlic king prawns £12.95
  • Battered haddock with fries and salad (S) £9.95
  • Green salad £1.95
Couch Potato Cafe

Couch Potato Cafe



The Old Court House, 55 Wade Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS136HL ,





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$0 - $10




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Counter Service






Dine in ,  Takeaway ,  Cash

The Old Court House, 55 Wade Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS136HL ,
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