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Bitz and Pizzas in Whitby has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Selection of Cakey Goodness or Dairy Free And Gluten Free Cupcakes from Mama Doreen's Emporium. Aagrah offers many options including Murgh Mussalum (For 2) - Chicken covered in delicately spiced yoghurt sauce tenderly oven baked. Stuffed with a Kashmiri potatoes filling. Served with Balti Mushrooms, Plain Nan, Pilau Rice and Salad. and Raan Special (For 2) - Whole leg of lamb marinated in vinegar, yoghurt, garam masalas, bay leaves, fresh ginger & garlic and oven baked. Served with Vegetable Ginger, Plain Nan, Pilau Rice and Salad. Alfresco includes a wide range like A selection of Sussex cheeses served with homemade chutney, bouquet of celery, pickled walnut and cheese biscuits or Affogato of vanilla ice-cream served with a shot of Bailey’s and strong espresso – Simply Italian!. San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 1 litre and San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 500 ml from . Il Bertorelli offers The Swan Inn and Korai Chicken or Lamb Tikka.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Chicken Mix £9.00
    • Onion, pepperoni, chicken, spicy beef.
  • Meat Feast £9.00
    • Pepperoni, salami, ham, spicy beef.
  • Margherita £7.50
  • Fanta Lemon £2.00
    • 330ml.
  • Pollo Supreme £8.50
    • Chicken, mushroom, sweetcorn.
  • Ham £7.50
  • Diet Coke £2.00
    • 330ml.
  • Cherry Tango £2.00
    • 330ml.
  • Small Sausage £4.60
  • Fish Fingers £4.60
  • Pot of HP Sauce £0.60
  • Cloudy Lemonade 0.33L (Can) £1.10
  • Coca Cola £1.10
    • Size options available.
  • Haddock £5.40
  • Gravy Sauce £1.20
  • Cream Soda 0.33L (Can) £1.10
  • Market vegetables £4.50
  • - Sharing Party/Family Platter A choice of four flavours served on a sharing fondue plate £8.50
  • A globe artichoke filled with chargrilled Sicilian peppers, baby beetroots, blanched spring onions tossed in a basil and lemongrass oil, topped with warm Crottin de Chavignon goats cheese accompanie £14.95
  • Linguine al filetto with strips of lean fillet steak, sautéed wild mushrooms, Soleggiati sunblushed tomatoes, splash of red wine and a hint of cream topped with wild rocket £16.95
  • Al Fumo Homemade tomato sauce, lightly smoked free range chicken breast, roasted peppers, balsamic red onions, bocconcini mozzarella and freshly grated Parmesan £12.95
  • A selection of Sussex cheeses served with homemade chutney, bouquet of celery, pickled walnut and cheese biscuits £7.95
  • Catch of the day POA
  • Seafood and clam bisque chowder served with homemade toasted bread £8.95
  • Sizzling Cajun chicken - Butterfly chicken breast grilled in peppers, onions, tomatoes, and blackened Cajun spices £11.25
  • Ham £6.25
  • Prawn £5.25
  • Fillet Steak - Prime local steak cooked to your liking served with onion rings, tomato and mushrooms £19.95
  • Salmon supreme - Fresh salmon fillet served with fresh ginger and spring onion sauce £10.75
  • Tuna & Mayo £4.75
  • Ham, egg & Chips - Local ham two fried eggs & chips £6.95
  • Bacon & Brie £6.25
  • Yorkshire Fish Cake and Chips £5.40
  • Mozzarella Sticks 5 Pieces £4.99
    • With salsa.
  • Onion Rings 8 Pieces £3.50
  • Chip Shop Curry Sauce £1.50
  • Southern Fried Chicken 5 Pieces and Chips £7.25
  • 100% Chicken Mini Fillets Bites £5.50
  • 100% Chicken Mini Fillet Breast Bites with Chips £8.95
    • 7 pieces.
  • Chip Butty £2.75
Bitz and Pizzas

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24 Flowergate, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO213BA ,