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Belvedere Pub Restaurant in Billericay has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Greek Yogurt & Honey or Portokalopita from Zorba the Greek Taverna. Wimpy Restaurants Group offers many options including Banana and Lime. Wildwood Restaurant & Bar includes a wide range like Presecco or Malbec. Tango 1.5L and Capri Sun Orange Drink from . S F C offers Chick n' Rice and Water.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Lemon Rice £2.95
  • Egg Rice £2.95
  • Chicken Tikka £3.55
  • Badth Biran Rice £3.50
  • Chilli £0.95
  • Vegetable £6.50
  • Tandoori Wings £6.95
  • Shaktora £5.95
    • Medium strength cooked with citrus fruits.
  • Beef Gourmet Burger £3.99
  • Gourmet Beef Burger £5.99
    • Meal with fries & drink.
  • Nuggets £1.20
  • Ringer Burger Meal £5.49
    • Juicy chicken fillet with 2 golden rings, cheese & mayo in bun served with fries & can of drink.
  • Mirinda Strawberry £0.99
  • Potato Wedges £2.99
  • Strips Burger £2.99
  • Corn on the Cob £1.19
  • Nut Roast Wellington - Sweet potatoes, grated carrots and parsnips spiced with paprika and sage, then mixed with crushed walnuts, cashew nuts and butter beans and wrapped in a puff pastry jacket. £5.99
  • Yorkshire Pudding Bites - 4 Yorkshire pudding halves topped w roast meat & served w sauce. Choose from: Beef with Horseradish, Turkey with Cranberry, Gammon with Coarse Grain Mustard or Pork w Apple £2.29
  • Chicken Caesar Salad - Cos lettuce tossed in a Caesar dressing mixed with garlic croutons, Italian hard cheese and topped with slices of roast chicken breast. £7.29
  • Bacon £3.99
  • Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sensation v - Chocolate brownie pieces, creamy dairy ice cream and chocolate sauce, topped with brownie pieces and a crispy water £3.69
  • Trade up to KING SIZE £1.50 extra
  • Natural Yoghurt, Honey & Berries - A lighter start to the day. £1.99
  • Soup of the Day - Ask your server for today’s choice. Served with bread and butter. £2.79
  • Lamb Pista - Lamb fillets marinated in red wine & pistachio cream, cooked in a chef's special mild sauce. Served with coconut rice. N/A
  • Jhinga Changezi - Whole tandooris king prawns marinated with garlic, ginger, lemon juice & spices cooked in chef's special Mossalla sauce served with pilau rice. N/A
  • Monk Fish Special - Cooked Sylheti style with fresh herbs, spices and lemon juice in a medium sauce. N/A
  • Satoki Shatkora - Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with a special Bangladeshi citrus fruit, a very traditional dish cooked in a fairly hot sauce, highly recommened. N/A
  • Duck Tikka Ashwari - Duck fillets marinated in a home made sauce with special herbs & spices, barbecued over flaming tandoori oven & cooked in an enriched Mossalla sauce. Served with garlic fried rice N/A
  • Shobzi Bahar - Selected vegtables in a whole host of spices with garlic & pepper garnished with fried whole mushroom & coriander. Served with mushroom fried rice. N/A
  • Salmon Ka Jhool - Scottish salmon fillets marinated with turmeric, lemon juice, ginger & mild spices. Pan fried & then simmered in a prawn & dill sauce. Served with lemon fried rice. N/A
  • Murgh Amber Khana - Barbecued chicken fillets in a creamy mango & honey sauce (mild). Served with badami rice. N/A
  • Stewed Chicken £6.99
    • Brown stewed chicken is a flavorful, traditional Jamaican dish. It is usually served with rice and peas, sliced tomatoes and fried ripe plantains. Enjoy!
  • Jamaican Lamb Patty £1.89
  • Jery Mayonnaise £0.20
  • Mango £2.49
  • BBQ-J Sauce £0.20
  • Sweet Plantains (Fried) £1.09
    • Perfectly ripe, sweet plantains, cooked to a golden caramelized finish.
  • Fried Dumplings £1.09
    • A popular light bread -style side fried until golden brown, is fit to accompany any meal throughout the day.
  • Kids Cod Fish Fingers Meal (Breaded) £3.99
    • 100% cod lightly seasoned then breaded & fried crispy tastes so delicious.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked (500ml) £5.50
    • Chocolate & vanilla ice creams mixed with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough & fudge brownies.
  • Lamb Tikka £7.95
  • King Prawn £9.95
  • Jordaloo £7.95
    • Mild creamy dish cooked with coconut, sultanas & honey.
  • Murgi Masala £7.95
    • Chicken & mince meat served with omelette.
  • Tandoori Chicken £6.95
  • Keema Naan £2.95
  • Fanta (0.33L) £1.20

Belvedere Pub Restaurant


Hardings Elms Road, Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex, CM112UH ,




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Hardings Elms Road, Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex, CM112UH ,
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