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Pinky & Perky .. Unsmoked Wiltshire ham with Hot English Mustard £2.50
Slippery Lemon Scottish Salmon with lemon and Black Pepper £3.00
Saucy French Saucisson Montagne & Brie/Coulommiers £2.75
Grieg Smoked Wiltshire Ham and Jarlsberg £2.75
Weobley1 Unsmoked Wiltshire Ham and Organic Cheddar £2.75
Bold Pate Pate and Tomato (Vegetarian option or Organic +30p) £2.50
Red HummDinger Hummus and Sun-Dried Tomato £2.30
Real Madrid Chorizo (hot or mild), Manchego & Antipasto £3.00
Olde English Salt Beef with Horseradish or Mustard £2.80
Keen&Sweet Keens Cheddar with Apricot&Ginger Chutney £2.50
Paris Black Brie and Black Grapes £2.50
Algarve Fantastic Portuguese Tuna with (proper) Mayonnaise £2.90
Matterhorn Hot Spanish mountain Chorizo with Swiss Emmental £2.50
Black&Single Shropshire Black Ham & Single Gloucester £2.85
Tosca Finocchiona (a Pork&Fennel Salami) & Pecorino (Italian Ewe Cheese) £3.00
Beefy Bishop Pastrami (Peppered Beef) with H’Radish and Stinking Bishop cheese £3.30
Volcano Spinata Romana (Hot Napoli Salami) and Taleggio £2.50
Red Billy Chevre log & Sun-Dried Tomatoes £2.50
Smokin Rich Triple-Cream Cheese and Smoked Ham £3.00
Light nFresh Milano Salami with Buffalo Mozzarella and a little SDTom £2.80
Capri Prosciutto drizzled with Olive Oil, Lemon and Black Pepper £3.10
Billy Capri As above, with the addition of Goats Cheese £3.50
Saloppy Guiseppi Shaved Shropshire Black Ham, Sun Dried Tomato Paste (no butter) with Asiago Cheese £3.20
Black and Blue Shaved Shropshire Black Ham with Shropshire Blue £3.30
These prices are for 1/3 of a Baguette. Rolls also available. -

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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Parma Ham Parma Ham Huge legs of parma ham can often be seen hanging from large hooks on the ceiling in some delis, particularly Italian ones. Spanish ones will often have legs of Serrano ham on a huge wooden board and gripped by bolts to ensure easy slicing. You can buy the sliced parma to take home, but some delis will give you a platter with baby onions, olives and crusty bread to eat in or takeaway for lunch. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Pate Pate A variety of delicious pates such as chicken, liver, pork and pistachio and vegetarian pates can be purchased in delis or made into baguettes to takeaway. Often in large pottery containers, you merely say how much you want and it will be cut and packaged for you. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Quiche Quiche Wow! Amazing selections of handmade quiches are always available to try, with a huge combination of flavours and pastry types. Most popular are usually the standard cheese and bacon (quiche Lorraine) or a rich roasted vegetable. Can be purchased in slices or some delis make small individual ones. They can be packed for takeaway to include a selection of salads. Delicatessens, Cafes
Popular Menu Item Sandwiches Sandwiches Always available to takeaway, a large variety of sandwich fillings can be purchased and made with the fresh bread on sale in the deli, or already made for you to choose. Great fun to mix and match your sandwich or baguette fillings and try a number of things that you may not normally eat. Very fresh and made to order is the way to go. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Tarts Tarts Selection of delicious fruit tarts, either individual or large and all made by hand. Delicate pastry with a creamy custard base with all kinds of fruit from apples to berries. Often with a jelly glaze they are pretty delicious. Other traditional tarts and desserts are available, and sometimes hot puddings such as bread and butter pudding and sticky toffee pudding – watch your waistline! Delicatessens, Dessert
Popular Menu Item Cheese Cheese Probably the most interesting cabinet in a deli, they all stock a big range of English and Continental cheeses as well as unusual artisan cheeses made by small local producers. All the usual cheeses are available, particularly standard ones such as English Cheddar and Stilton, and French bried and Camembert but do try the more unusual ones. Cheeses are cut to size you require from big blocks, and can be made into a lunchbox with salad, pickles and crusty fresh bread. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Milkshakes Milkshakes A selection of milkshakes can be available some to include ice cream, an others made more into a dessert style with nuts and chocolate on the top. Usual flavours are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch, but banana is also popular in some delis. Can be taken away in the usual takeout cups with lids and straw. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Cappucino Cappucino Always available to drink, cappuccino coffee can sometimes be drunk inside if the deli has tables, or taken away. Variety of other coffees, teas, cold drinks are also available. Coffee is normally served with delicate little Italian biscuits, usually almond flavoured. Delicatessens

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Takeaway Food
Counter Service
101 Church Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL205AB ,
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash

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