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Tewkesbury Fryer in Tewkesbury has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Still Water (V)(VG)(G). or Sparkling Water (V)(VG)(G) from Coal Grill and Bar. London Cafe offers many options including Milkshake and Water. Weighbridge Inn includes a wide range like Cheese & Biscuits - A selection of Long Clawson Stilton, Brie & Godminster Cheddar. Served with Fudge's cheese biscuits and the Weighbridge Inn's homemade chutney. or Creme Brulee - Smooth vanilla custard sealed with a crisp burnt sugar lid.. Coke Zero and San Pellegrino (500ml) from . Carluccio's - Cheltenham offers The Mediterranean and Rio (0.33L).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sesame Prawns on Toast £4.60
  • Roast Pork Curry (Spicy) £6.70
  • Roast Duck Szechuan Style (Spicy) £7.50
  • Spicy King Prawns (Spicy) £7.30
  • Roast Duck Siu Chow £7.50
    • Prawns, pork & mushroom.
  • House Special Fried Rice £7.00
    • Rice & topping separate.
  • Roast Duck Chow Mein £7.00
  • Chicken with Vegetables £6.00
  • Meaty Coconut £25.00
    • Goat curry, chicken curry on the bone, dhal, coconut sambol, fat sister, rice, rotti.
  • Veggie Coconut £22.00
    • Dhal, coconut sambol, fat sister, brinjals, cashew nuts, rotti, rice.
  • Chicken and Cheese Kotthu (Fav Dish) £10.00
    • Wok fried chopped rotti, carrots, leeks, onions, chicken egg and cheese.
  • Black Pork £8.00
    • Belly pork slow cooked in dark roasted spices. GF.
  • Jaffna Goat Curry with Potato £8.00
    • Slow cooked goat in jaffna spices. A special recipe from back home courtesy of chef’s dad. GF.
  • Cheesy Colombo £7.00
    • Fried cheese cubes mix in lightly spiced sticky sauce. V.
  • Brinjals £6.00
    • Lightly fried aubergines with coriander.
  • 5C’s Salad £4.00
    • Carrots coriander chillies cucumber and grated Coconut mixed with zesty fling. VG, GF.
  • Supergreen Noodle Laksa (VE) (VG) £8.95
    • Rice noodles, spiced coconut sauce with pak choi, broccoli, spinach & beansprouts
  • 3 for £15 £15.00
  • The Bacon & Cheese Burger £11.50
    • Handmade beef patty, steaky bacon, smoked Cheddar and our signature burger sauce served in a seeded bun with gherkin, lettuce, red onion, tomato and seasoned fries
  • The Power of Five (VE) (VG) £7.95
    • Pan-fried greens, butternut squash, auberine, mushroom and peppers , toasted sesame seeds and miso sauce
  • Tempura Fish & Chips £11.50
    • Mushy peas, tartare sauce and seasoned fries.
  • Beetroot, Feta & Walnut Salad (V) £8.95
    • Candied, golden and red beetroot, lentils, chargrilled carrot, sugar snap peas, cos lettuce, feta & toasted walnuts
  • Karaage Sticky Chicken Bites £6.50
    • Toasted sesame and chilli jam.
  • Seared Salmon Fillet £12.95
    • Served with a side of lobster & Champagne butter sauce and sat on a bed of crushed baby potatoes, shredded Brussels sprouts, peas and sugar snaps.
  • Karahi (VG) £9.00
    • Quorn, Vhicken or Veg in spicy Garam Masala spiced sauce.
  • Lady Finger Bhaji (VG) £5.50
    • Sauteed green okra in light spice.
  • Mushroom Bhaji (VG) £5.00
    • Sauteed green okra in light spice.
  • Masala (VG)(V) £9.00
    • Quorn, Vhicken or Veg in medium signature sweet and tamarind sauce.
  • Bezali Chiffs (VG)(V) £9.50
    • Quorn, Vhicken, Vish or Veg cooked with double fried masala chips (optional: and soft egg).
  • Masala Chips £5.00
    • Signature chips in special masala powder.
  • White Boil Rice £2.00
    • Plain boiled basmati rice.
  • Garlic Mushroom Bhaji (VG) £5.00
    • Onion Bhaji like pakora with garlic and mushroom.
  • Channa Mossala £4.50
    • Gently spiced chickpeas
  • Goan Lamb Curry (Hot) £9.95
  • Begun Bhajee £4.95
    • Gently spiced aubergine
  • Pathia (Chicken or Lamb) (Fairly Hot) £9.50
  • Mixed Platter for Four People £22.95
  • Keema Nan £3.50
    • Spiced minced lamb
  • Lamb Hyderabadi (Medium) £9.95
  • King Prawn Korma (Very Mild) £13.50
  • Chips £2.50
  • Duck Breast- pan seared duck breast with fondant potato, braised red cabbage, citrus compote and a honey and black pepper jus £15.75
  • Fishcakes~salmon fishcakes with Asian sweet chilli coleslaw. £6.75
  • Potted Crab~lightly spiced with melba toast and mixed leaves. (g £7.75
  • Chicken Goujons~strips of chicken breast, lightly breaded served with choice of dip: aioli, ketchup, mayonnaise or sweet chilli sauce. £6.75
  • Aubergine Moussaka- with cherry vine tomatoes and mixed leaves. £9.95
  • Selection of Purbeck Ice Cream or Sorbet- please ask for todays choices £3.00/2 scoops £4.25/3 scoops
  • Curry- mild yellow peanut curry with tiger prawns, market fish and pork belly served with jasmine rice. £13.75

Tewkesbury Fryer


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2 Columbine Road, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL207SP ,
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