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Zorbas Kebab Shop Kebabs, Mediterranean
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Popular Menu Item Doner Kebabs Doner Kebabs Doner kebabs are normally made from lamb (the dish originated in Turkey) which has been cooked on a vertical spit. They can also be made of a combination of veal or beef, and sometimes chicken, but lamb is what is generally served in restaurants, takeaways and street vans. The meat is heavily seasoned and spiced and is carved off the large joint that is on display. Usually served with flatbread or pitta, with a mix of lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and also a variety of sauces from hot to mild. Unmistakable aroma comes from these kebabs. A mint dip can also be served with this dish. Kebabs
Popular Menu Item Galawati Kebabs Galawati Kebabs A popular dish in Asian restaurants, the galawati kebab (galawati means ‘melt in your mouth’) is not served traditionally on skewers, but is formed into small patties and served with a selection of side dishes. The meat is highly spiced and aromatic, and the real traditional galawati is made of buffalo meat or goat, which has been tenderized with green papaya. You can find galawati kebabs in restaurants, but normally they will be made from more available meats such as beef, pork and lamb. Can be served with marinated red onions and a flatbread or dhosa, they are fried in ghee (clarified butter) before serving. Kebabs
Popular Menu Item Tandoori Kebab Tandoori Kebab Popular in Indian restaurants and kebab houses, tender pieces of chicken and also jumbo prawns are marinated in tandoori spices and grilled over an open flame. The tinge of brown on the pieces where they have cooked gives a chargrilled flavour to the meat as well as the spices used. Served with wedges of lemon, chiffoned lettuce, tomato and cucumber and a mint dip these are actually one of the healthier kebabs to eat! Bright orangey-red colour with the chargrilling makes these kebabs very attractive to look at, as well as to eat! Tandoori prawns are totally delicious and can often be served sizzling in an oven to table cast iron dish. Kebabs
Popular Menu Item Chicken Kebabs Chicken Kebabs Always chargrilled, the kebabs can be of minced chicken with chillis and garlic, or as pieces, interspersed with chunks of capsicums and onions. Almost always served on skewers in a bowl or on a plate with a combination of dips and salads, and hot pitta breads or flatbreads. In other non-traditional restaurants, chicken kebabs can be coated with other spices or marinades, such as honey and soy, Cajun or lemon and pepper, depending on the ethnicity of the restaurant. Kebabs
Popular Menu Item Shish Kebabs Shish Kebabs Similar to doner kebabs (also called kabobs in some restaurants) they originated in Turkey and graduated to the Middle East and eventually throughout the world. The main difference in the UK is that they tend to be serve on individual skewers as opposed to being carved off a large piece. Again, mainly lamb, but offered in other meats for religious reasons, such as goat or chicken. They can be cooked as minced meat but also served as small pieces. Kebab actually means they should be cooked over a flame. There are specific kebab houses, but kebabs are also served in Turkish, Moroccan, Tunisian and African restaurants as part of the menu, and can be served as a starter portion as part of a ‘meze’ style meal, or as a main portion with seasoned rice and salads, aubergine dips and tahini. Kebabs, Turkish, Middle Eastern
Popular Menu Item Raki Raki As most of the kebab restaurants are either Greek or Turkish owned, one of the traditional drinks served or offered will always be raki. It is a strong undiluted spirit that is served as an aperitif or with traditional meze style meals. Some restaurants will serve a fruit flavoured raki to take away the strong aniseed flavour that the spirit has. A free taste of raki is often volunteered in kebab restaurants as a thank you for custom. Kebabs
Popular Menu Item White Wine White Wine As most kebab restaurants are predominantly Turkish, not many people realize that they produce some reasonable white wines. Wines made from the Semillon grape and also the Sauvignon blanc and Pinot Gris grape produce palatable wines not too different to European and New World wines. Restaurants will often have one or more of these wines as their house wine, along with a selection of more celebrated versions from Europe and the rest of the world. Kebabs

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24 Market Place, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP171AG ,
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Kebabs, Mediterranean

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