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Spice Lounge Restaurants (sample menu)
Sea Bass Patrani - It is delicately marinated & flavoured with fresh ground mustard, yoghurt & aromatic blend of Indian spices, which is then gently cooked in the charcoal oven and served on a platter N/A
Prawn Gulnaar - King prawns are soaked in vinegar & lemon juice, cooked with tomato & onion massala sauce. Capsicums and drops of lemon juice are added, and then garnished with coriander & ginger N/A
Bulsari Salmon - Tender pieces of salmon is marinated with honey, almond powder, fresh dill & spices. Cooked with onion, mixed peppers & tomatoes in the clay oven. The dish is then served on a platter N/A
Aloo Mutter Chat - Soft boiled potato assorted in green peas, pieces of spiced wedged tomato, homemade massala, and fresh lemon juice, drizzled with olive oil & served chilled on a dressed platter. N/A
Afgani Murgh - Baby chicken is marinated overnight in various herbs & spices along with yoghurt, fresh cream, almond paste, then cooked in the tandoori oven & served with a fresh salad. N/A
Chicken Biryani - Succulent chicken pieces breast cooked with basmati rice, fried onion, green cardamom, fresh mint leaves & saffron, topped with sliced ginger & fresh coriander and served with Raita. N/A
Dal Bukhara - What makes this dish extra tasty is the rich lentils that are marinated overnight on charcoal & cooked in butter, fresh tomato puree & cream then served with a touch of coriander leaves. N/A
Chicken Kali Mirch - Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated with black pepper, cream & homemade spices; cooked in charcoal flame & garnished with a sprinkle of crushed black pepper. N/A
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Steak and Kidney Pie Steak and Kidney Pie Made for hundreds of years in the UK, it was made with a lot more kidney in the old days, as the steak tended to be saved for the lords of the manor! Obviously in restaurants now, it is served with large amounts of steak and very little kidney, as offal it is not as popular as it was many years ago. The meat is slow cooked in a rich gravy, frequently with onions, and then encased in a suet pastry, which can be an acquired taste. Served usually with mashed potatoes and vegetables, it is a very filling and wholesome dish particularly in winter time. English
Popular Menu Item Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Classically English, traditionally served on Sundays, but available most of the week in carveries and restaurants. Some carveries operate an ‘eat as much as you can’ principle, whereby you can keep returning until you cannot eat anymore – this applies particularly for early diners during the week. This can be a very cheap way of eating, but the best roast beef is served in high class hotels and restaurants, and has generally been reared in a specific area, such as Aberdeen Angus, and hung before cooking for a minimum of 21 days. Yorkshire pudding is not a dish that can be claimed by anyone other than the English and can be served when it has risen sometimes to about 7 or 8 inches high! English
Popular Menu Item Poached and Dressed Salmon Poached and Dressed Salmon Traditionally served in the summer, as either a salmon fillet that has been cooked for one person or as a whole salmon served at a buffet or as a centerpiece for a wedding or similar. Popular in the summer at events such as horse race meetings, but it can also be served in the winter. Hot buttered and minted new potatoes form the classic combination, even though the salmon will be cold. Can be served with a mixed salad, or also popular are buttered green beans with almonds. English
Popular Menu Item Sausage and Mash Sausage and Mash You cannot think of English food without thinking of sausage and mash! Served in pubs and restaurants of all classes, the difference will be in the quality and type of sausages used. In pubs,would probably tend to be Cumberland or Lincolnshire sausages, which are light and only slightly seasoned, but in other restaurants, they can be made of more heavily spiced pork meat and also meats such as Chorizo, and flavoured with red peppers, chilli, almost any herb or spice. Normal accompaniment is creamy mashed potato and a rich onion gravy. Pub Food, English
Popular Menu Item Pork Chops with Apple Sauce Pork Chops with Apple Sauce You will rarely find pork without the addition of apple sauce, they go hand in hand. Roast pork loin is served generally in restaurants as part of a Sunday roast lunch or dinner, but you can find pork chops on menus in many British restaurants. Top restaurants will serve the pork with an apple puree or apple compote, whereas in pubs it will frequently be served from a jar. The chops can be fried, oven baked or braised, with the latter having the meat falling off the bone. Served with roast potatoes, mashed potatoes or Lyonnaise potatoes to give it a more continental twist. Crispy crackling will be served on the side in some establishments. English
Popular Menu Item Cider Cider Traditional British cider is made throughout the country, but tends to be associated with the county of Somerset. It is surprisingly alcoholic which does catch some people out! Made from apples and sold everywhere, it continues to be developed. There are now combinations of fruit ciders made by breweries and they have tended to become the popular drink of the younger generation. Pear cider is on the up, but one of the most popular ciders either by the can or on tap will still be Strongbow (very strong). English
Popular Menu Item Ale Ale Ale in the UK continues its tradition throughout the years. Generally made from malted barley it is fermented with brewers yeast which accelerates the process. We are led to believe that there are no finer ales than those manufactured in Britain and other nations have tried to replicate the process. The hops in ale are what give it is slightly bitter taste, whereas the malt has the sweetness. There will also be a top note added which can give the ale a fruity taste. CAMRA is an organization in the UK which promotes and encourages the production of real ales. Ales come in light (pale) varieties and also darker beers and are more readily available on tap in pub restaurants, than in hotel restaurants. English

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Restaurant Details

Tunbridge Wells
Table Service
Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN12SR ,
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Fenwick Terrace Restaurant are coming soon