The Press House Wine Bar in London Menu

The Press House Wine Bar in London has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Juice Drink or Aloe Vera from East Sushi. Argentine Steakhouse El Toro offers many options including Grilled Asparagus and Fresh Spinach with Garli & Lemon. East Ocean Chinese Takeaway includes a wide range like Fortune Cookie or Pineapple Fritter. Chocolate Fudge Cake and Toffee Milkshakes from . Buckingham Coffee Lounge offers Supreme Fish Bar and Juice.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • 1/2 Pounder Burger with Cheese £6.40
  • 4 Pieces Hot Wings £1.80
  • Fanta Fruit Twist £1.20
  • Veg Burger £3.80
  • Diet Coca-Cola £1.20
  • Gherkin £1.00
  • 8 Grilled Wings with Salad and Chips £8.00
  • Dr Pepper £1.20
  • Sheftalia - fresh minced lamb, finely chopped onion, parsley seasoned & rolled in young lamb's sausage skin £10.50
  • Fish Kebab (Charcoal grilled) - Monk fish marinated with peppers, onion, lemon and olive oil £14.95
  • King Prawn - in garlic, butter & wine or grilled £14.95
  • Chicken Kebab £11.00
  • Decaffeinated £1.20
  • Pork Kebab £11.00
  • Stiffado - Lean pieces of beef cooked in red wine, onions, vinegar & herbs, served with roast potatoes & rice £12.50
  • Alexander's Salad Medium: £4.50, Large: £6.50
  • Quattro Formaggi £10.00
    • Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, pecorino.
  • Both Tuscan Anchovy Bread & Garlic Pizza Bread to Share £8.00
  • Coke (330ml) £1.50
  • Sprite (330ml) £1.50
  • The Lord Of The Wings' Gowlett FC Special £10.50
    • Salami napoli, buffalo, mozarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil.
  • Gowlettini £10.00
    • House speciality: tomato, a little mozzarella, goats cheese, pine nuts, proscuitto & rocket.
  • Diet Coke (330ml) £1.50
  • Homemade Chilli Oil £2.00
  • Remeo Gelato Alphonso Mango Fruit Lolly 3x70ml £7.49
    • Mango sorbet on a stick made with 65% Mango pulp. Our Mangoes are sourced in India and selected carefully from the Alphonso variety, considered to be the sweetest and the most flavourful. Because 65% of you stick bar is made of its delicious pulp, the strong yet delicate mango flavour will immediately fill your senses. With a hint of lemon juice, this is perfect as a refreshing treat for the summer or as a dessert after dinner – “ digestivo” as we say in Italian. Gluten Free, Vegan.
  • Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato 462ml £9.99
    • We use the finest variety of Sicilian Pistacchio from Bronte for a clean and delicate flavour. By carefully blending the Pistacchio paste with high-quality fresh milk from a farm in North of Italy, we deliver a rich and indulgent treat with a creamy texture and delicate perfume. Superior Taste Award Winner & Great Taste Award Winner. Only 7 ingredients. Gluten Free.
  • Stracciatella di Bergamo 462ml £9.99
    • A world apart from the American “chocolate chip ice cream”, our Stracciatella Gelato is made with velvety Fiordilatte (“fior” = flower; “latte” = milk) and a drizzle of 55% organic dark chocolate shavings. Only 8 ingredients. A clean and delicate taste. Gluten Free.
  • Remeo Gelato Alphonso Mango Sorbet 100ml £4.49
    • Perfect for one. Made from organic biodynamic mangoes of the finest Indian Alphonso variety, our Sorbetto al Mango is fruity, dense and incredibly flavourful. The perfect “digestivo” right after dinner or to freshen up during the hot summer days. Approved by The Vegan Society. Great Taste Award Winner. Only 8 ingredients. A clean and delicate taste. Gluten Free, Vegan.
  • Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla 462ml £9.99
    • Our signature Gelato alla Vaniglia is made from the finest whole vanilla pods from the Bourbon area of Madagascar blended with fresh Italian milk from a farm in Northern Italy. A clean and delicate taste of superior quality. Great Taste Awards Winner. Gluten Free.
  • Remeo Gelato Limone Siciliano Sorbet 462ml £9.99
    • From the finest variety of Sicilian organic biodynamic lemons, we create an intense and refreshing Sorbetto flavour. Our Sorbetto al Limone Siciliano is perfect when served as a “digestivo” right after dinner or to freshen up during the hot summer days. Approved by The Vegan Society. Great Taste Award Winner. Only 7 ingredients. A clean and delicate taste. Gluten Free, Vegan.
  • Remeo Gelato Blackcurrant Fruit Lolly 3x70ml £7.49
    • Blackcurrant sorbet on a stick made with 40% blackcurrant puree. Within its lush and mountainous vegetation lies some of the world’s best “Ribes Nigrum” variety, known for its deep purple colour, distinct flavour and high level of anthocyanins (a compound with antioxidant effects). This Sorbetto will surprise you with its richness and unique texture, delivery a strong and raw berry flavour thanks to its truthfulness to our all-natural ethos. Gluten Free, Vegan.
  • Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato 462ml £9.99
    • Made with the finest Ecuadorian dark chocolate (72%) and blended with highest quality fresh Italian milk, this rich and intense flavour is for only true chocolate lovers. Superior Taste Award Winner (3*) & Great Taste Award Winner. A clean and delicate taste. Gluten Free.
  • Origin £5.00
  • Large Meat Rice Meal £8.00
    • Any type of rice and any type of stew with 3 pieces of meat
  • Coke £1.00
    • 330ml.
  • Chin Chin £1.50
  • Cowfoot £1.00
  • Okele Meal Meat £7.00
    • With a choice of any two meat.
  • Large Fish Rice Meal £8.00
    • Any type of rice and any type of stew with 2 pieces of fish
  • Ginger Beer £1.00
  • Wok Fried Mixed Vegetable £8.30
    • Choose from one of the following: diced garlic (v), oyster sauce or fried tofu (v)
  • Green Apple Fruit Tea £3.80
  • Sprite Can (0.33cl) £2.00
  • Lucky Budda Beer, China (4.8% Vol) £4.75
  • Prawn Crackers £3.00
  • Grilled Lemongrass (N) £10.00
    • First four rice dishes listed below are accompanied with cucumbers, lettuces, pickled carrot and daikon and your choice of lemongrass marinated protein. All protein is garnished with crushed roasted peanuts roasted shallots.
  • King Prawns Simmered in Coconut Milk (Spicy) £11.00
  • Deep Fried Aubergine (V) £6.00
  • Southern Fried Chicken Goujons
    • Tender chicken breast goujons coated in lightly spiced southern fried style breadcrumbs.
  • Sticky Toffee Muffin
    • We're bringing you a new flavour in the form of one of our delicious muffins - sticky toffee to be exact!
  • Feta & Tomato Pasta
    • Pasta in tomato & basil dressing, with Feta, grilled peppers, roasted red onion and spinach.
  • Chipotle Chilli Steak Baguette
    • Sliced roast beef, mature cheddar cheese, jalapenos, chipotle chilli sauce and chipotle chilli flavoured mayonnaise in a crusty white baguette.
  • Wrap Platter
    • Our 12-piece wrap platter comes with a selection* of: Mexican Chicken, Mexican Bean, Chargrill Chicken and Tandoori Chicken.
  • Strawberry and Granola Yoghurt £2.15
    • Greek style yoghurt is drizzled with strawberry compote, and topped with granola, seeds and almonds.
  • Christmas Tree Biscuit
    • Ginger biscuit covered with chocolate coating and decorated with sugar sprinkles and a sugar paste star
  • Sausage Breakfast Baguette
    • Made with freshly cooked sausages in a crusty baguette – all it needs is a little dash of brown or red sauce. We’ll let you choose.
  • Saag (With Spinach) £4.50
  • Samosa (2 Pcs) £2.50
    • Spiced minced chicken or lamb or mixed vegetable fried in crispy light pastry.
  • Phall (Extreme Hot) £4.50
  • Chicken Tikka Moghlai £6.50
    • Cubed chicken pieces marinated overnight spice, then grilled in tandoor then re-cooked with mince lamb in a thick fragrant sauce of fresh coriander, ginger, garlic and herbs.
  • Tandoori Wings (4) £2.50
  • Stuffed Mushrooms £2.95
    • Traditional recipe from goa, served with fresh coriander, mint chutney and salad.
  • Mango Chicken £6.50
    • A unique dish of bite size pieces of chicken tikka, cooked in fresh mango pulp, ground almond and fresh cream in a smooth and mild sauce.
  • Kharki Lamb £6.50
    • Tender pieces of lamb cooked in fairly hot spice very dry sauce with garlic and ginger.
  • Donner Chicken £14.00
    • Chicken doner, mushroom, green peppers, fresh tomatoes & onion.
  • Iranian Special Pizza £21.00
    • Cheese, tomato & sosis kalbas.
  • Chicken Lover £19.49
    • Tandoori chicken, plain chicken, chicken doner & chciken tikka.
  • Hawaiian £19.49
    • Ham & pineapple.
  • Botttle (1.5 L) £3.00
  • Meatball Feast £21.00
    • BBQ sauce, meatballs, pepperoni, smokey sausage & ham.
  • Chicken Supreme £21.00
    • Plain chicken, mushroom, onion & sweet corn.
  • Vegetarian Sweet (V) £14.00
    • Onion, mushroom, sweet corn & pineapple.
  • Cobra (330ml) £4.25
    • Classic Indian Lager.
  • The Bombay Beast (Hot & Huge Only!) £11.50
    • Epic double burrito starring spicy chicken curry, extra paneer and a nutty, beef naga 'bomb'. Also comes with rice, chickpeas, grilled onions, crispy onions, coriander, garlic chilli cashews, mango & Naga Khan chutney.
  • Signature Veggie Feast £13.95
    • Veggie signature burrito + any drink + mini poppadom pot or brownie.
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water £1.95
  • Beers and Burritos for 4 £85.00
    • 4 signature burritos + 4 bhajis + poppadoms for 4 + selection of 8 beers. (Independent and classic brews).
  • Classic Coke Zero Bottle £2.50
  • King Korma £8.45
    • Beef Korma & garlic chilli cashews with rice, chickpeas, grilled onions, crispy onions, onion salad & mango. Can be made MILD to HOT.
  • Mini Poppadom Pot £2.95
    • Comes with your choice of chutney pot.
  • Berries £4.20
    • Apple, orange and berries
  • Manouri Cheese, Tomato, Extra Virgin Oil £5.99
  • Parsley Salad £4.25
    • Chopped onions, parsley, chopped tomatoes, honey, red wine, vinegar andolive oil
  • Peas £4.25
    • Chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, dill, olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Chickpeas Rosemary Olive Oil £4.25
  • Haloumi Cheese, Cucumber, Tomato £5.99
  • Lettuce Avocado, Fresh Lemon Oregano Olive Oil £4.25
  • Meat Balls £4.99
    • Beef meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Salmon Tikka £5.95
  • Coriander Rice £3.95
  • Keema Nan £3.95
  • Lamb Chops (2pcs) £6.95
  • Laal Kodu (Butternut Squash) £7.95
    • Butternut squash steamed with bay leaf, cooked with very fine spices, garlic and fresh herbs.
  • Chicken Shashlik £9.95
    • Marinated in a light blend of yoghurt sauce, grilled capsicum, onions & tomatoes.
  • King Prawn Jeera £12.95
    • This delicate jeera dish cooked with medium spicy flavourings with cumin seeds, ground spices and fragrant herbs, served in sizzler.
  • Hot Dish (Extremely Hot) £8.95
    • Bangladeshi & Indian classic prepared with sun-dried chilli & other mix herbs & spices.
  • Kalamar £9.00
    • Freshly fried squids.
  • Lamb Chops £22.50
    • Grilled tender lamb chops seasoned and served with salad and rice.
  • Mix Onion Salad £3.50
  • Lamb Shish £15.50
    • Marinated cubes of lamb grilled on skewers, served with salad and rice.
  • Vegetarian Kebab £14.50
    • Charcoal grilled mushroom, onion, tomatoes, green pepper.
  • Tabule £6.80
    • Chopped parsley salad with tomatoes, onions, cracked wheat, juice of lemon and olive oil.
  • Orange Juice £1.50
  • Ayran (Yoghurt Juice) £1.50
  • Lamb Shish and Lamb Kofte £11.00
  • Chicken Doner Meat & Chips £8.50
  • Chicken Shish and Lamb Doner £11.00
  • Salad in Pitta Bread Humus £6.50
  • Chicken Shish Wrap £8.00
  • Chicken Shish, Lamb Shish, Lamb Kofte, Chicken Doner and Lamb Doner £26.50
  • Dr. Pepper (Can) £1.50
  • Orange Tango (Can) £1.50
  • Edamame £3.50
  • Vegetarian £10.50
  • Pinot Grigio Villa Vito (12% ) Italy £21.50
  • Kirin Ichiban Bottle (4.6%) £3.50
  • The Gruv’nor (14%) Spain £22.00
  • Spicy Beef Miso Soup £5.00
  • Beef Yakisoba £10.00
  • Salmon Teriyaki £12.50
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