La Churreria in London Menu

La Churreria in London has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Detox Tea - Clipper, Organic, 20 Teabags or Classic Tea - Yogitea, Organic, 17 Teabags from The Grocery. Pret A Manger (U.K.) offers many options including Vitamin Volcano Smoothie and Vanilla Probiotic Yoghurt Drink. Le Bleu includes a wide range like Mix of Faloodeh and Ice Cream or Persian Ice Cream. Caffè Americano and Double Macchiato from . Brasserie Al Hamra offers Trinity Stores and Chapati.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sucuk / Sosis £5.00
    • Garlic sausage and chicken sausage plata.
  • Lentil £5.00
  • Mixed Salad £4.00
  • Potato Filling £3.00
  • Cacik £4.00
  • Latte £2.50
  • Fresh Grill Wrap £5.00
    • Grilled halloumi cheese, grilled pepper and tomato wrapped in a homemade lavas.
  • Koyum Special £17.00
    • Kofte, sarmaz dolma, etli manti and a option of drink.
  • Spicy Papadom £0.95
  • Mint Sauce £3.75
  • Sheek Kebab (2 Pieces) £3.95
  • Vegetable Nan £2.50
    • Stuffed with vegetable.
  • Tikka Rogan £7.95
  • Chicken Pakora £3.95
  • Garlic Rice £3.95
  • Diet Coke £0.95
    • Choice of can or bottle.
  • Jam £0.40
  • Cheese £2.00
  • Tinned Tomatoes £0.95
  • 1/4lb Burger £1.50
  • Ham £2.60
  • Lamb Chops, Mash & Peas £6.95
  • Mashed Potato £1.50
  • Fresh Greens £0.95
  • Cold Sake £7.80
  • Edamame £4.50
  • Peppero £2.20
  • Hite (Korean Beer) £3.80
  • Chicken Bun £4.30
  • Grape Punch £2.80
  • 7up £1.80
  • Asahi(Japanese Beer) £3.80
  • Omelette Breakfast Baguette
    • Enjoy it plain or with sauce of your choice. Voila!
  • Mixed Grapes £2.15
    • We fill our fruit pot with bunches of juicy seedless red and green grapes. You can now get this as part of our Breakfast deal from with a hot drink, 250ml Orange Juice or 500ml Water.
  • Belgian Bun
    • Finished with fondant icing and topped with a crowd-pleasing glacé cherry.
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese and Chutney Toastie
    • The cheese is accompanied in the bread with caramelised onion and ale chutney and topped with Bechamel sauce and grated cheddar and edam cheese.
  • Bacon Breakfast Baguette
    • Rashers of succulent bacon packed in a crusty baguette, which are baked fresh in our shops every day. Enjoy it plain or with sauce of your choice. Bon Appetite!
  • Chicken and Bacon Sandwich
    • Our Chicken and Bacon Sandwich is made up of seasoned sliced roast chicken breast in mayonnaise with strips of cooked smoke flavour sweet cure bacon on malted brown bread.
  • Christmas Tree Biscuit
    • Ginger biscuit covered with chocolate coating and decorated with sugar sprinkles and a sugar paste star
  • BBQ Chicken and Bacon Toastie
    • Cooked sliced chargrill flavour chicken with a barbecue sauce, cooked sweetcure bacon with smoke flavouring, mature Cheddar cheese on white sliced bread topped with béchamel sauce, grated coloured mature Cheddar and mild white cheese.
  • Camomile £3.70
  • Strawberry Croissant £2.40
  • Fried Eggs with Black Truffle £18.00
  • Pancake with Wild Berries, Honey & Icing Sugar £9.50
  • Full English Breakfast £11.50
    • Eggs, sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, beans & organic brown bread.
  • Almond Croissant £2.40
  • Scrambled Eggs on Organic Brown Bread £6.00
  • Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffle £18.00
  • Chicken Katsu Curry £11.50
    • Breaded chicken and Japanese curry, served with rice.
  • Goma Ae £3.95
    • Boiled spinach with sesame dressing.
  • Gyu Bento £11.50
  • Pumpkin Korroke Bento £10.50
  • Salmon and Tuna Don £14.50
    • Rice topped with 4 slices of salmon and 4 slices of tuna sashimi, with ginger and wasabi.
  • Yakitori Tare £5.95
    • Skewers of chicken with sweet soy-based sauce.
  • Prawn Tempura Avocado Inside Out Roll (8pcs) £8.95
  • Ponzu Sauce Pot £1.00
  • Mini Fillet Burger N/A
  • Fries N/A
  • Cobette N/A
  • Fish Burger N/A
  • Sizzler Wings N/A
  • Salad Dressing N/A
  • Robinsons Fruit Shoot - Orange & Peach / Apple Blackcurrant N/A
  • 1 pc plus 3 Sizzler Wings or 2 Chicken Strips & small fries N/A
  • Cheese and Onion Salad Roll
    • Grated cheese and fat free soft cheese, packed together with sliced onions and julienne carrots in mayonnaise and salad cream. We've even put some mature cheddar cheese slices in there for good measure.
  • Southern Fried Chicken Baguette
    • Southern fried style coated chicken strips, sliced mature Cheddar cheese, sliced red onion and chipotle chilli sauce in a white baguette.
  • Almond Croissant
    • We're spoiling you at breakfast time with this delicious addition to our range. You lucky thing! An all butter croissant with an almond paste filling, topped with delightful flaked almonds.
  • Cheese Roll
    • Our pillow-soft bread is filled with Mature Cheddar Cheese - that's all that's needed for a delicious lunch for you or your little one.
  • Chargrill Chicken Oval Bite
    • Slices of chargrill flavour chicken are layered on fresh salad leaves, tomato and cucumber. With honey-mustard mayonnaise, served in our seeded Oval Bite, you can almost smell the smoky summer barbecue.
  • Belgian Bun
    • Finished with fondant icing and topped with a crowd-pleasing glacé cherry.
  • Three Cheese Pizza
    • Pizza has a combination of cheddar, mozzarella and gouda on a focaccia style base.
  • Doughnut Platter
    • Our doughnut platter has 12 delicious ring doughnuts including some of our most popular : Glazed Ring Doughnut, Sugar Strand Doughnut, Iced Ring Doughnut and not forgetting our Milk Chocolate Ring Doughnut.
  • Kunefe £8.90
    • Grilled dessert made from two layers of crispy phyllo dough filled with cheese and syrup.
  • Mixed Olives £3.95
    • Marinated with herbs and olive oil.
  • Fanta £3.20
  • Halloumi Salad £7.50
    • Halloumi, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, red cabbage, olive, carrot, lettuce, red onion, and salad dressing.
  • Chicken Burgers and Chips £7.50
    • Halal.
  • £15.90
  • £4.20
  • Cacik £5.90
    • Cucumber, mint, and a hint of garlic with yoghurt.
  • Chicken Wrap & Chips £4.00
  • Spicy Meat Pizza £6.49
    • Spicy keema, pepperoni, jalapeno, pepper.
  • Margharita Pizza £7.99
    • Mozzarella, tomato sauce.
  • Chicken Tikka (4) £2.99
  • Spicy Chicken Pizza £14.99
    • Spicy chicken, jalapeno, red onion, black olive.
  • Whole Peri Peri Grill Chicken £7.99
  • Vegatable Delight Pizza £11.99
    • Mushroom, pepper, black olive, sweet corn.
  • Pilau Rice £2.99
  • Kung Po Roast Duck £6.95
  • Won Ton Soup £4.25
  • Singapore Chow Mein £5.95
  • 7-Up £1.00
  • Chicken & Noodle Soup £4.25
  • Roast Pork in Black Pepper Sauce £5.85
  • Pak Hong Special Foo Young £6.90
  • Roast Duck in Plum Sauce £6.95
  • Pechuga de Pollo A La Hawaiana £12.00
    • Cheese, pineapple, plum and bacon wrapped in chicken breast with Hawaiian sauce.
  • Chuleta de Cerdo A La Portobello (SE) £13.00
    • Pork chop in portobello sauce. Contains sesame seeds.
  • Pony Malta (Malt) £1.50
  • Chicharrón o Chorizo Con Ensalada, Patacón y Arepa £5.00
    • Crispy pork belly or chorizo served with salad, cornbread and plantain.
  • Guanabana (Soursop) £3.00
  • Sancocho Mixto Con Cola o Gallina en Salsa £10.00
    • Mixed soup with oxtail or hen stew for main course.
  • Arepa de Queso (V) £1.50
    • Cornbread made with cheese.
  • Salmon A La Jardinera £14.00
    • Salmon cooked in creamy sauce topped with vegetables.
  • Bugatti 15" £13.45
    • Pepperoni, Italian bacon, beef, mozzarella & tomato sauce.
  • Montepulciano D’Abruzzo (Italy) £17.50
    • Grapes: Montepulciano and small quantities of Sangiovese Intense ruby red colour with light purplish shading. The odour is vinous, tenuous and pleasant, while the flavour is dry, soft, sapid and slightly tannic.
  • Insalata Verde £7.50
    • Baby rockets, fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and parmesan cheese with balsamic vinegar.
  • Banoffee Pie £3.50
    • Made with banana, toffee and cream.
  • Margherita 15" £10.95
    • Classic pizza with tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil leaves.
  • Buffalo £10.95
    • Served with rocket, buffalo mozzarella cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of parmesan cheese, tomato sauce & mozzarella.
  • Gamberoni del Pacifico al Aglio e Olio £14.95
    • Pacific king prawn with white wine, garlic, olive oil served with sautéed potatoes and vegetables.
  • Penne Salsiccia E Broccoli £8.45
    • Penne served with sautéed broccoli, in olive oil, garlic, Italian sausage, sprinkling of parmesan cheese & chillies.
  • Tortas £8.00
    • Your favourite meat or veg filling packed and stacked between a toasted bun and melted cheese one side smothered in mayonnaise the other black bean paste.
  • Cholula Hot Sauce £3.00
    • Table sauce 150ml.
  • Bento Box £8.00
    • Packed and stacked healthy box with lime and cilantro rice, black beans, onion and peppers, pico de gallo, guacamole choice of meat or veg topped with salsa and sour cream.
  • Frijoles £4.00
    • Creamy black beans served with crumbled cheese and sour cream.
  • Mexican Street Corn £4.00
    • Grilled corn smothered in cool mayo and sour cream dressing, sprinkled with cheese Mexican spices and coriander.
  • Tacos £8.00
    • Three soft warm tortillas filled with your choice of meat or veg packed with salsa, guacamole and grated cheese topped with pico de gallo.
  • Mineral Water £2.00
  • Dulce De Leche £5.00
    • Vanilla and caramel milkshake topped with whipped cream.
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