Deli'mores Sandwich Bar in Essex Menu

Deli'mores Sandwich Bar in Essex has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Fruit Shoots or Cold Cans from Fish and Chicken. Greggs Plc offers many options including 7 Pigs in Blankets and Southern Fried Chicken Goujons. Moorish Falafel Bar includes a wide range like Peroni (Bottle) or Corona (Bottle). Coffee with a coin of Chocolate & Grand Marnier Log and Hot Chocolate (Dark or White...YUM!) from . The Angel Inn offers Three Horseshoes and Roasted Vegetable Tagliatelle with a Parmesan Crumb.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Mushroom Bhajee (V) £2.35
  • Balti King Prawn £6.15
  • Popadom £0.50
  • Green Salad £1.50
  • Tandoori Chicken Biryani £6.10
  • Balti King Prawn Jalfrezi £6.35
  • Balti Vegetable Rogan Josh (V) £4.25
  • Prawn £4.55
  • Triple Decker Club Sandwich - three slices of toasted white or brown bread, chargrilled chicken, bacon, lettuce,tomato and mayonnaise £5.95
  • Hot Chocolate £2.00
  • Honey Roast Carrots £3.00
  • Breakfast Club Sandwich - sausage, bacon and fried egg £5.95
  • Mushroom & Garlic Gratin (V) - field mushrooms in garlic and parsley butter topped with Parmesan and toasted breadcrumbs £4.95
  • Sticky Szechuan Spiced Pork Belly - served with sticky sesame seed rice and soy and ginger pak choi £12.45
  • Beef Lasagne - British beef in a rich, spiced tomato sauce, served with garlic bread and rocket £9.95
  • Rustica (V) - goats cheese, roast mediterranean vegetables, fresh tomato and rocket £8.95
  • Chicken Gourmet Burger £5.95
    • Minced chicken patty grilled to perfection with lettuce, onions, cheese, chilli sauce, mayo in a toasted seeded bun.
  • 6 Chicken Wings £8.25
  • 3 Chicken Strips £3.75
  • Garlic Bread (4 Slices) £4.15
  • Hummus with Toasted Pitta £4.15
  • Chicken Tikka Burger £8.75
    • Grilled chicken tikka breast with lettuce, onions, mayonnaise chilli sauce in a toasted seeded bun.
  • Kids Meal 2 £5.45
    • 3 grilled strips, regular fries & drink.
  • Piri Piri Chicken Burger £5.35
    • Grilled chicken breast with your chosen piri sauce, lettuce, onions, mayonnaise in a toasted bap.
  • Insalata Di Mare £8.50
    • A melody of seafood served on a bed of crispy salad.
  • Chips £3.00
  • Cauliflower Cheese £3.50
  • Caesar Salad £3.50
    • Cos lettuce, parmesan & croutons with caesar salad.
  • Costolette D'Agnello Alla Griglia £14.90
    • Plain grilled lamb cutlets or rack of lamb in a mushroom & rosemary sauce.
  • Pizza Diavola £8.90
    • Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni salami & chillies.
  • Bruschetta (V) £3.90
    • Toasted bread seasoned with tomatoes, garlic & drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Bistecca Alla Diana £16.90
    • Steak cooked in red wine with onions, mushrooms, french mustard & a touch of lea perrin sauce.
  • Tao Hu Pad £8.95
    • Stir fried fresh bean curd with vegetables and oyster sauce.
  • Keang Pa Kai (Spicy) £9.95
    • Chicken cooked in broth with shredded grachai (Thai Fingerroot), bamboo shoots and fine beans.
  • Pha Phed Pet Yang (Duck with Chilli) £13.95
    • Stir fry boneless roasted duck with chilli, herbs and spices.
  • Spare Ribs (4) £5.45
    • Grilled spare ribs in barbeque sauce.
  • Kao Ka Ti £3.50
    • Thai Jasmine rice cooked with coconut milk.
  • Kanom Pang Nha Goong (Prawns on Toast) (4) £5.60
    • Minced prawns mixed with sesame seeds on toast served with sweet and sour sauce.
  • Kai Pad Pik Tai Dam £9.75
    • Stir fry chicken with mixed peppers and spring onions in black peppercorn sauce.
  • Pad Si-Ew £7.95
    • Stir fried rice noodles with soy sauce, egg and vegetables.
  • 5 Chicken Strips £5.45
    • 5 Whole chicken fillet breaded strips
  • Sausage & Hashbrown Muffin £3.00
    • Sausage patty, hashbrown, free range fried egg, slice of cheese & ketchup, served in a toasted muffin
  • Wimpy Cheese Burger £3.75
    • Served in a white bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & ketchup
  • Spicy Southern Fried QuornTM Burger £5.45
    • Southern fried crumbed Quorn TM served in a white bun with red onion, lettuce, tomato & Wimpy Mayo
  • Gourmet Chicken Burger £6.95
    • Griddled roasted chicken breast in a white bun with red onion, mixed leaf lettuce, tomato & Wimpy Mayo
  • Wimpy Spicy Bean Burger Meal £9.75
    • With your choice of drink and regular chips.
  • Tango Orange Sugar Free 600ml £2.30
  • Vanilla £3.65
  • Barbeque 15" £11.48
    • Chicken, mushroom, BBQ sauce, and sweetcorn.
  • Essex Deal £14.93
    • 9" regular pizza with 2 toppings of your choice small doner, cheese burger, beef burger, 2 x small fries, and 1 bottle of drink.
  • Funghi (V) 12" £9.78
    • Fresh mushroom.
  • Humus £1.72
  • Essex Special 15" £13.78
    • Chicken, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, salami, ham, and spicy beef.
  • Prawn Cocktail £3.45
  • Pitta Bread £0.34
  • Coleslaw £1.72
  • Gluten-free Dough Balls Doppio V, GF
    • A double portion of our famous gluten-free Dough Balls, with garlic butter, pesto and smoky tomato harissa
  • Sloppy Giuseppe
    • Hot spiced beef, green pepper, red onion, mozzarella and tomato on a Romana base
  • Leggera Peperonata V, VG, GF
    • Under 600 calories Penne pasta with roasted mixed peppers, passata, rosemary, chilli flakes, garlic, rocket and parsley
  • Sloppy Giuseppe GF
    • Hot spiced beef, green pepper, red onion, mozzarella and tomato on a Classic base (pictured). Also available on a gluten-free base
  • Lasagna Classica
    • Beef, mushroom and tomato ragù with béchamel sauce and Gran Milano cheese
  • Leggera Diavolo
    • Under 600 calories. Hot spiced beef, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, green pepper, red onion and Tabasco, with your choice of hot green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers served on a Classic-sized ring of our wholemeal, white and spelt dough, with a hole in the middle filled with a fresh, dressed salad
  • Leggera Padana V, VG
    • Under 600 calories. Goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, spinach, red onion, tomato and garlic oil served on a Classic-sized ring of our wholemeal, white and spelt dough, with a hole in the middle filled with a fresh, dressed salad. Vegan option available.
  • Veneziana V, VG, GF
    • Pine kernels, red onion, capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato on a Classic base. Also available on a gluten-free base. Vegan option available
  • 15 Chicken Nuggets £6.49
  • Doner Mixed Meal £22.99
    • 2 regular chicken or lamb doner kebabs, 2 pieces of chicken, 6 hot wings, 2 regular fries & 2 cans of soft drink.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese £6.99
  • Fish Burger £3.49
  • Double Choice - Any 2 x 10" Medium Pizza £12.99
  • Burger £0.50
  • Supreme Meat Pizza £10.99
    • Beef, lamb donner, pepperoni.
  • Garlic Bread with Cheese (4pcs) £2.99
  • Chicken Wings £14.00
    • Marinated chicken wings cooked on charcoal grill.
  • Casserole £16.00
    • Chicken or lamb with green & red peppers, onions in tomato sauce.
  • Lamb Chops £18.50
    • Fresh lamb chops, cooked on charcoal grill.
  • Blaze Special £40.00
    • Lamb chops (2 pieces), skewer lamb shish (1), ribs (4 pieces) skewer kofte (1), skewer chicken shish (1), chicken wings (8 pieces).
  • Moussaka (V) £15.00
    • Aubergine, potato, green peppers, carrots, green & chick peas, onions, courgette, garlic covered in bechamel sauce, served with yoghurt.
  • Olives £3.00
  • Chicken Moussaka £16.00
    • Minced chicken cooked with layers of potatoes, aubergine, courgette at peppers in an authentic tomato sauce.
  • Skewer Lamb Shish (1) & Skewer Kofte Kebab (1) £16.00
  • Still Water £1.00
  • Beef Kofta, Hummus, Rocket Salad, Tahini (H) £6.00
  • Halloumi & Mushroom (V) £7.50
    • With hummus, rocket salad, couscous, feta cheese, sumac, tahini and flatbread.
  • Lamb Sausage, Hummus, Mushroom, Rocket Salad, Tahini (H) £6.00
  • Double Chocolate (VG) (GF) £2.50
  • Avocado & Mushroom (VG) £7.50
    • With hummus, rocket salad, couscous, feta cheese, sumac, tahini and flatbread.
  • Roast Chicken Shawarma, Hummus, Rocket Salad, Tahini (H) £6.00
  • Avocado & Mushroom, Hummus, Rocket Salad, Tahini (Vg) £5.50
  • Mineral Water 500ml N/A
  • Robinsons Fruit Shoot - Orange & Peach / Apple Blackcurrant N/A
  • Chicken Fillet / Sizzler Burger N/A
  • Mega Mix Chicken Burger N/A
  • Add Cheese N/A
  • Chocolate ring doughnut N/A
  • Grilled Tikka Burger N/A
  • Tropicana Orange Juice 250 ml N/A
  • 8 Chicken Nuggets & Chips £5.70
  • Feta Cheese Salad £4.50
  • Special Vegetarian Kebabs £6.90
    • Halloumi cheese with mushrooms, onions and peppers cooked over charcoal and served with salad in pitta bread.
  • 12 Pcs Chicken, 1 Mixed Salad, 4 Chips £16.90
  • 1. Margherita 9" £5.80
    • Tomato base & cheese.
  • Chips in Cheese £4.00
  • Half Pounder Double Cheese £5.90
  • 12. Vegetarian 9" £8.20
    • Mushrooms, onions, pineapple, peppers, olives & sweetcorn.
  • Paneang £12.90
    • Paneang is another form of red curry. Thickened with coconut milk and fragranced by finely sliced lime leaves.
  • Tropical Jungle Curry (Keang Pa) 🌶🌶 £12.90
    • Refreshing and spicy, this curry doesn’t use coconut milk like your usual Thai curries. Packed full of incredibly fragrant Thai herbs – just like being in a jungle!
  • Sauvignon Blanc, Apelllo, Marlborough, NZ £25.95
  • Wholesome Cashew Stir Fry 🌶 (VE) £10.50
    • Brimming with delicious ingredients - roasted cashew nuts, mushrooms, peppers, onions and chilli.
  • Shiraz Cabernet, One Chain Vineyards, South Australia £22.95
  • Mushroom Larb 🌶🌶 (VE) £6.50
    • Salad of juicy, exotic mushrooms in fresh mint, dried chili flakes, ground toasted rice and shallots.
  • Spring Rolls (VE) £6.50
    • Crispy spring rolls filled with shredded vegetables and served with homemade sweet chilli sauce.
  • Tropical Jungle Curry (Keang Pa) 🌶🌶 (VE) £12.90
    • Refreshing and spicy, this curry doesn’t use coconut milk like your usual Thai curries. Packed full of incredibly fragrant Thai herbs – just like being in a jungle!
  • Chicken Bake
    • Made with chicken breast pieces in a rich and creamy white sauce, these savoury bakes are wrapped in golden puff pastry –
  • Strawberry and Granola Yoghurt £2.15
    • Greek style yoghurt is drizzled with strawberry compote, and topped with granola, seeds and almonds.
  • Omelette Breakfast Baguette
    • Enjoy it plain or with sauce of your choice. Voila!
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    • Egg mayonnaise and slices of free range egg with just a pinch of black pepper. Sandwiched in our own soft malted brown bread, it’s a delicious blast from the past.
  • Tandoori Chicken Baguette
    • This crunchy white baguette is layered with slices of roast chicken breast in our tasty tandoori style mayonnaise, on a bed of fresh salad leaves. Rich and aromatic, it’s a great way to liven up your lunch.
  • Golden Syrup Porridge
  • Sweet Mince Pie
    • Deliciously crumbly shortcrust pastry is filled with a sweet mincemeat, made with vine fruits, Bramley apple and candied orange and lemon peel
  • Tandoori Chicken Roll
    • Flavourful, smokey and savoury with just the right amount of heat, and of course, succulent chicken breast roasted to perfection. Tandoori Chicken is the perfect lunchtime snack, for the taste of India, right from the comfort of your own desk.
Deli'mores Sandwich Bar

Deli'mores Sandwich Bar



The Borough, Chipping Ongar, Ongar, England








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The Borough, Chipping Ongar, Ongar, England
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