Woodruffs Bakery Buffet Service in Southampton Menu

Woodruffs Bakery Buffet Service in Southampton has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Laurent Perrier Champagne Brut 75cl (Bottle) or Baron De Villeboerg Champagne Brut 75cl (Bottle) from Puccinis Italian Restaurant. Perfect Pizza offers many options including Bottled Water (Still) and Fanta. Black Horse includes a wide range like Additional sides beans/peas or extra toppings or Chip Butty. Gelati e Sorbetti - Choose three scoops of Kitty Travers organic milk gelato or dairy-free sorbetto. You can choose your scoops. Just ask for flavours on the day of your party. and Pannacotta - Creamy vanilla pannacotta with a red berry compote. from . Zizzi offers Deep Blue and Chinese Spring Roll.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Prawn Cocktail £2.90
  • Ma Po Beancurd £3.80
  • 1/2 Fried Rice + 1/2 Chips + Sauce £2.50
  • Beancurd with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce & Chilli £3.80
  • Chicken with Satay Sauce £4.10
  • Shrimp Foo Young £3.80
  • Plain Omelette with Chips £3.60
  • Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce & Chilli £4.20
  • Roasted Garlic Mayo £0.50
  • Guac-ing Good Chips (V) £5.50
    • Chips topped with salsa, home-made guacamole & jalapenos.
  • The Hot Plant £11.50
    • “Plant-eese”, red chilli, jalapeños, mushrooms & chilli oil.
  • Hot Chips (V) £4.95
    • Chips topped with chilli pepper cheddar, house hot sauce & jalapeños.
  • The Fun-Gi Hams £11.00
    • Pulled ham, house bourbon bbq & mushrooms.
  • The Burger Jack (P) £10.25
    • House veggie patty & jackfruit in house bourbon BBQ.
  • The Rascal Burger £9.00
    • Buttermilk chicken, chilli pepper cheddar, jalapeños & chipotle mayo.
  • Sweet Potato Fries (P) £5.50
  • London Fields Hackney Hobster £5.25
    • 330ml (4.2%)
  • Wings of Fire £6.95
    • Marinated in GBK recipe Red Hot Sauce, sriracha sauce, honey, topped with sesame seeds and served with sour blue cheese sauce
  • Double Belgian Chocolate £4.90
  • Chunky Skin-on £3.70
    • Our fresh double-cooked fries.
  • Falafel (V) £9.80
    • Quinoa & potato falafels, jalapeno hummus, cucumber raita, sriracha sauce, rocket, pickled onions
  • Madagascan Vanilla £4.90
  • Blue Cheese Slaw £3.50
    • Red cabbage, blue cheese sauce, red chilli, jalapenos
  • Coca-Cola Original Taste 330ml Glass Bottle £2.90
  • Chot Photia £3.50
    • Chick peas, coriander, green chillies and spices.
  • Tandoori Chicken (Half) £7.90
    • A succulent piece of chicken on the bone and cooked in the tandoori oven.
  • Egg Fried Rice £3.65
    • Basmat rice fried with scrambled egg.
  • Bhindi Bhaji £3.80
    • Okra.
  • Prawn Puri £6.10
    • Prawns cooked in a dry medium spiced sauce, served on a deep fried pancake.
  • Darjeeling (Fairly Hot) £9.20
    • This new addition to the menu has been tried and tested all over India. Cooked with bombay-potatoes and fresh green chillies, this is a hot dish very popular on the streets of New Delhi.
  • Naan £2.35
  • Keema Naan £2.65
    • Stufed with minced lamb.
  • Red Bean Milk Tea £4.00
  • Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough 100ml £2.10
    • Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • Milk Tea with Cream and Pistachio £4.00
  • Oolong Strawberry Tea (No Milk) £3.80
  • Durian Pancake £3.99
  • Milk Tea with Cream and Oreo £3.80
  • Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie 100ml £2.10
    • Chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces.
  • Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Wich 80ml £2.10
    • Chewy chocolate cookies with peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter cups.
  • Blueberry Crepe £4.95
    • Served with fresh blueberries and Greek yoghurt with maple syrup drizzle.
  • Smoked Salmon, Spinach and Creme Cheese £4.95
  • Classic Crepe £3.95
    • Choice of honey, lemon juice with icing sugar.
  • Purple Power £3.75
    • Blueberry, banana, strawberry, apple, cacao, quinoa, oats and honey.
  • Yoghurt Bowl £4.95
    • Strawberry, banana, blueberry with a drizzle of honey and granola.
  • Salmon Fumee on Toast £5.95
    • Smoked salmon, spinach and scrambled egg served on white or brown toast.
  • Egg and Cheese £3.95
  • Mushroom Crepe £4.95
    • Mushroom, spinach, cheese, and Heinz beans.
  • Prawn Chilli £7.95
    • Pieces of tandoori chicken cooked in a hot sauce and topped with hot green chilies.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala £6.95
    • Diced spring chicken marinated with sauce, herbs, and spices barbecued over a flaming clay oven and cooked in a masala sauce. Served with cream.
  • King Prawn Pathia with Rice (Fairly Hot) £10.95
    • Sweet and sour.
  • Lamb Tikka (Mild) £7.95
    • Cooked in a spicy mild masala sauce and topped with a touch of cream.
  • Chapati £1.50
  • Chicken Madras (Fairly Hot) £6.95
  • Tandoori Chicken £4.50
    • On the bone. Quarter pieces of spring chicken marinated in a tandoori spiced sauce and yogurt cooked in a clay oven.
  • Tandoori Chicken £6.95
    • Dry. Served with green salad and mint sauce.
  • Guarana Antarctica Diet £2.10
  • Hot and Cold Buffet Only (approx 660g) £9.95
    • Our buffet (2 boxes; hot buffet box and cold buffet box) consists of a variety of Brazilian hot dishes and cold salad options. Does not include BBQ'd meat.
  • Guarana Antarctica £2.10
  • Large BBQ Rodizio (approx 1kg) £21.95
    • Contains 3 large boxes: One large cold buffet box (approx 333g), containing a variety of cold salad options. One large hot buffet box (approx 333g), containing a variety of Brazilian hot dishes. One large BBQ'd meat box (approx 333g) with a slice of each of the following BBQ'd meats: Picanha (sirloin of beef) Pork rib eye parmesan, Rump of beef, Chicken drumstick, Chorizo sausage, Chicken wing, Gammon, Leg of lamb, Turkey honey & herb, Chicken hearts, Belly pork, Cinnamon pineapple
  • Medium BBQ Rodizio (approx 660g) £14.95
    • Our medium BBQ rodizio contains 3 boxes: One cold buffet box (approx 220g), containing a variety of cold salad options. One hot buffet box (approx 220g), containing a variety of Brazilian hot dishes. One BBQ'd meat box (approx 220g) with a slice of each of the following BBQ'd meats: Pork rib eye parmesan, Rump of beef, Chicken drumstick, Chorizo sausage, Chicken wing, Gammon, Cinnamon pineapple.
  • Tuna, Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn £4.95
  • Mocha - Coffee & Chocolate Reg: £2.40, Med: £2.70, Large: £2.85
  • Fruit £1.75
  • Pepsi Med: £1.90
  • Mushroom Bacon & Cheese £5.00
  • Diet Pepsi Reg: £1.40, Large: £1.85
  • Quiche Lorraine £3.50
  • Double Chocolate Mousse £3.10
Woodruffs Bakery Buffet Service

Woodruffs Bakery Buffet Service



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4 Deacon Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO197PZ ,
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