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Turkish Delight Turkish, Mediterranean
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Popular Menu Item Menemen Menemen Sometimes eaten for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner, this dish consists of tomatoes, peppers, onions and lots of paprika and ground black pepper. Eggs are then broken into the pan and either left whole or whisked into the mix like a scramble. Simply served with bread, either flat or crusty. Turkish
Popular Menu Item Felafel Felafel Served thoughout Lebanon, Greece and Turkey in various forms, either round or elongated sausage shaped, and made from ground chick peas or fava beans or both and then moulded into shape with garlic, herbs and sometimes raisins. The small patties are then deep fried and served hot with flatbread and a choice of dips such as yoghurt, mint and garlic. Served also with salad and pickled vegetables. They are normally also included in a middle eastern mezze feast of 6 or 7 dishes. Greek, Turkish, Lebanese
Popular Menu Item Kebabs Kebabs Turkish kebabs come in two ways – Adana, which is a large elongated meatball with a variety of spices and herbs and usually served with salad, thin flat bread and rice. The other is Testi, which is almost like a meat and vegetable stew, baked in a sealed clay pot which is brought to the table and cracked open. The waiter will then pour the stew on to your plates. The meat is incredibly tender from the onions, peppers and spices forming natural juices. Turkish, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Dolma or dolmades Dolma or dolmades A selection of vegetables and vine leaves are served, stuffed with seasoned savoury rice and herbs, the most popular being stuffed peppers. This dish takes a while to be prepared but is well worth the wait, oozing with delicious juices. A long term favourite in Turkish restaurants in the UK and indeed, in Turkey itself. Turkish
Popular Menu Item Borek Borek Eaten mainly as a starter or snack and similar to the Greek spanakopitta, layers of pastry are filled with either spinach and cheese or a spicy minced meat filling. Found in almost all Turkish restaurants and street takeaway vans who also sell kebabs and doner. Turkish
Popular Menu Item Lahmacun or Pide Lahmacun or Pide This is the Turkish equivalent to Pizza! However, they are always served thin and crisp, no deep pan pizzas! There is usually a vast array of toppings but the most popular still remains cheese, onion and tomato, or a fine spiced minced beef and onion with peppers and tomatoes. Usually served with a good portion of salad. Turkish, Pizza & Pasta, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Shish Kebabs Shish Kebabs Similar to doner kebabs (also called kabobs in some restaurants) they originated in Turkey and graduated to the Middle East and eventually throughout the world. The main difference in the UK is that they tend to be serve on individual skewers as opposed to being carved off a large piece. Again, mainly lamb, but offered in other meats for religious reasons, such as goat or chicken. They can be cooked as minced meat but also served as small pieces. Kebab actually means they should be cooked over a flame. There are specific kebab houses, but kebabs are also served in Turkish, Moroccan, Tunisian and African restaurants as part of the menu, and can be served as a starter portion as part of a ‘meze’ style meal, or as a main portion with seasoned rice and salads, aubergine dips and tahini. Kebabs, Turkish, Middle Eastern
Popular Menu Item Turkish Coffee Turkish Coffee Known throughout the world for its strength and depth of flavour, it is normally ordered according to the amount of sugar you require! A little (az), medium (orta) or lots (cok sekerli). This coffee must be drunk in small sips, particularly as you will find lots of coffee grounds at the bottom. Turkish
Popular Menu Item Ayran Ayran Definitely for the discerning taste, this is a liquid yoghurt drink made by whipping yoghurt with water and salt. It is served cold and fresh and must be drunk that way, no saving for later. It is served in restaurants, but also in Turkish delis and Turkish sandwich shops. Turkish
Popular Menu Item Turkish Beer Turkish Beer There are several good Turkish beers that some restaurants import to the UK. Efes Pilsen is the No. 1 beer which comes in cans or bottles and sometimes on tap depending on the size of the restaurant. A good wheat beer is Gusta. Turkish, Pub Food

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Takeaway Food
Counter Service
290 Luton Road, Chatham, Kent, ME45BU ,
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Turkish, Mediterranean

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