The Italian Club Uk in Liverpool Menu

Desserts from Our Bakery
  • Ro’s Cheese Board £11.95
    • A sharing board of chef's daily selection of cheeses.
  • Tiramisu Al Caffè £6.95
    • Savoiardi fingers soaked in espresso coffee, with mascarpone cream.
  • Warm Apple Cake £6.95
    • Warm apple cake served with Amaretto Creme Anglaise.
  • Cheesecake Al Cappuccino £6.95
    • Cappuccino cheesecake, with hot chocolate sauce.
Contorni Side Orders
  • Bread & Oil £3.50
  • Giant Puglian Mixed Olives £3.95
  • Tomato & Onion Salad £3.50
  • Rocket & Parmesan Salad £3.95
  • Mixed Salad £3.50
  • Chilli & Garlic Sea Samphire £4.50
    • Subject to seasonal availability.
  • Buttered Garlic Spinach £4.50
  • Club Onion Rings £3.50
  • Buttered Garlic New Potatoes £4.00
  • Homemade Fries £4.00
Salads & Sandwiches
  • King Prawn Caesar Salad £8.95
    • Pan fried king prawns, anchovies, baby gem lettuce, parmesan shaving, crispy baguette, and a caesar dressing of mayo, mustard and EVOO.
  • Italian Club Fish Sandwich £11.95
    • Fish version of the famous Club Sandwich of our sister restaurant, The Italian Club. Grilled tuna, egg mayo, lettuce & tomato, in toasted bread, served with salad & chips.
Non Fish Dishes
  • Spaghetti Aglio & Olio (VGO) £9.95
    • Spaghetti pasta with garlic oil, fresh chillies and toasted pine nuts.
  • Lasagne Al Forno £10.95
    • Layers of fresh pasta with slow cooked roasted 100% beef Bolognese sauce, homemade béchamel sauce, topped with mozzarella & parmesan cheese.
  • Spaghetti Alla Carbonara £12.95
    • Spaghetti with eggs, crispy pancetta, parmesan & a dash of cream.
  • Spaghetti Al Pomodoro Fresco (V) £9.95
    • Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & basil.
  • Risotto Valter (VGO) £11.95
    • Classic risotto with herbs, porcini mushrooms & grilled goats cheese. Also available as vegan option.
  • Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina £9.95
    • Oven baked potato gnocchi, in a tomato & basil sauce, with a dash of cream, topped with mozzarella & parmesan cheese.
  • The Italian Club Burger £12.95
    • 100% Scottish beef burger in a bun, with lettuce, tomato & mayo, served in a homemade Italian Club Bakery Bun.
  • Pollo Milanese £14.95
    • Pan fried chicken supreme in breadcrumbs, served with spaghetti in a fresh tomato sauce with salad garnish.
  • Fracosta Di Manzo £24.95
    • 8oz grilled ribeye steak served with salad & chips.
  • Insalata Caprese £7.50
    • Beautiful slices of buffalo mozzarella & tomatoes with basil, drizzled with olive oil.
Secondi Mains
  • Club Fish Hot Skillet £19.95
    • Grilled octopus, calamari and king prawns with new potatoes, chilli & garlic butter, served on a hot skillet.
  • Scottish Italian Club Fish & Chips £14.50
    • Both fried in our famous beer batter, served with mushy peas, salad, a wedge of lemon & homemade tartare sauce. Choose from haddock & chips or cod & chips.
  • Seafood Cioppino £19.95
    • Soup of clams, mussels, cockles, squid, king prawns and white fish, cooked in a rich fresh tomato and white wine sauce, served with crusty sourdough.
  • Gran Fritto Misto £16.95
    • Mixed fish lightly dusted in our special blend of flour & fried: including calamari, whitebait, prawns & salmon, served with salad, chips, a wedge of lemon & homemade tartare sauce.
  • Frittura Di Gamberi E Calamari £15.95
    • Calamari & king prawns, lightly dusted in our special blend of flour and fried, with salad & chips, a wedge of lemon & tartare sauce.
  • Risotto Del Marinaio £15.95
    • Classic Italian seafood risotto with shellfish, prawns & langoustine (all shellfish served with the shell on).
  • Risotto Club Fish £14.50
    • Smoked haddock risotto, topped with crispy leeks.
  • Risotto Granchio E Zucchini £14.50
    • House special risotto with crabmeat, courgettes & lime.
Homemade Fresh Egg Pasta
  • Spaghetti Alla Chitarra All' Astice £24.95
    • Homemade spaghetti alla chitarra topped with a 1/2 lobster in a chilli, white wine & fresh tomato sauce.
  • Tagliolini Alla Carbonara Di Mare £15.95
    • Homemade thin egg tagliolini, served with sauteed shrimp, squid & smoked haddock in an egg, cream & parmesan cheese sauce.
  • Fettuccine Italian Club Fish £13.95
    • Homemade egg fettuccine with salmon, porcini mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, white wine & a dash of cream.
  • Tagliolini Ai Gamberi £13.95
    • Homemade, thin egg pasta with king prawns, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parsley & fresh tomato.
Pasta & Risotto (Pasta)
  • Spaghettini Alla Pescatora £15.95
    • Thin spaghetti with mixed seafood, parsley, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & fresh tomato sauce.
  • Spaghettini Alle Vongole £13.95
    • Thin spaghetti with clams, garlic, parsley, fresh chilli, white wine, cherry tomatoes & extra virgin olive oil (can be served without tomato). Linguine also available.
Antipasti Caldi E Freddi (Hot & Cold Starters)
  • Seafood Cioppino £10.95
    • Soup of clams, mussels, cockles, squid, king prawns and white fish, cooked in a rich fresh tomato and white wine sauce, served with homemade grilled sourdough bread.
  • Suppli Di Pesce £8.95
    • Home made Italian fishcakes, served with a mixed salad, tartare sauce & a wedge of lemon.
  • Calamari Fritti £8.95
    • Calamari & king prawns, fried in a light batter, served with a salad garnish & homemade tartare sauce.
  • San Francisco Style Crab Chowder £9.95
    • Heartwarming bowl of San Francisco-style chowder served with homemade sourdough bread
Mussel Pots
  • Alla Francese £14.50
    • A pot of mussels served with chips. With onions, white wine, cream & parsley.
  • Alla Marinara £14.50
    • Italian version of moules frites. A pot of mussels served with chips. With extra virgin olive oil, garlic, white wine, tomatoes & parsley.
Molluschi & Crostacei (Shellfish & Crustacean)
  • Gamberoni Al Baffo £9.50
    • Oven baked king prawns with cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh chilli, lemon and spanish chorizo.
  • Mo's King Prawns £9.95
    • Chef Maurizio's succulent king prawns in our home made beer batter, served with tartare sauce, rocket salad & a wedge of lemon.
  • Scottish Langoustine £14.50
    • Large grilled Scottish West Coast langoustine, served with a wedge of lemon, garlic butter and mixed leaves. 6 pieces or 9 pieces.
  • Capesante Scozia £12.50
    • Grilled Scottish scallops with Stornoway black pudding & mixed leaves, served with a red wine jus & smoked pancetta.
  • Capesante Gratinate (Each) £4.50
    • Scallops served in the shell, oven baked with parmesan, butter, breadcrumbs, garlic & parsley, served with mixed leaves.
  • Oysters Gratinate (4) £10.00
    • Oven baked oysters with parmesan, butter, breadcrumbs, garlic & parsley served with mixed leaves.
  • Oysters Lido Cafe (4) £10.00
    • Carlingford rock oysters in a light batter, served in their shells & a wedge of lemon.
  • One Dozen Oysters £22.00
    • Oysters served with tabasco & shallot vinegar.
  • Half a Dozen Oysters £13.00
    • Oysters served with tabasco & shallot vinegar.
  • Single Oyster £2.50
    • Oysters served with tabasco & shallot vinegar.
Stuzzichini Things To Nibble
  • Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (Starter Portion) £7.50
  • Spaghetti Al Pomodoro Fresco (V)(Starter Portion) £7.50
  • Risotto Valter (VGO)(Starter Portion) £7.50
  • Risotto Club Fish (Starter Portion) £8.95
  • Risotto Granchio E Zucchini (Starter Portion) £8.95
  • Spaghettini Alla Pescatora (Starter Portion) £8.95
  • Spaghettini Alle Vongole (Starter Portion) £4.55
  • Alla Francese (Starter Portion) £8.50
  • Alla Marinara (Starter Portion) £8.50
  • Bruschetta Al Pomodoro V £5.95
  • Bread, Olives & Balsamic Oil (V) £5.95
  • Bread, Oil & Balsamic Vinegar (V) £4.50
  • Giant Puglian Mixed Marinated Olives (V) £3.95
  • Home Made Garlic Focaccia (V) £3.99

Nearby Sample Menus

  • 500g Chilli Chicken Thighs £15.95
  • 300g Pork Collar Coated in Parmesan Cheese £15.95
  • Guarana (Can) £3.30
  • Mushroom £2.00
  • 240g Sirloin Steak £22.95
  • Fillet of Seabass £18.95
    • Fillet of sea bass with lemon butter, roasted veggies and samphire.
  • Crème Caramel £4.95
  • Water £4.00
    • Still or sparkling water.
  • Baby Ribs in Sweets & Tangy Kyoto Sauce 京味排骨 £5.80
    • Tender baby ribs in a homemade sweet and tangy sauce.
  • Thai Red Chicken or Veg Curry (v) 泰式紅咖哩雞肉 £8.90
    • Mildly spicy Thai red curry served with fried rice.
  • Thai Green Chicken or Veg Curry (v) 泰式青咖哩雞肉 £8.90
    • Sweet Thai green curry served with fried rice.
  • Beef Skewers 牛肉串 £5.90
  • Pork Belly 豬肉包 £5.90
  • Still Water (330 ml) £1.80
  • Hot & Sour Sichuan Soup (v) (vv) 四川酸辣湯 £4.10
    • Sichuan style hot and sour soup.
  • Egg Fried Rice (v) (gf) 蛋炒飯 £3.00
  • Orange N/A
  • Tempura Prawns - Served on a bed of fresh pineapple salsa with lemon mayonnaise £6.50
  • Homemade Mini Thai Crab Cakes - With lime yoghurt dip £6.25
  • Handmade Classic Burger - add BBQ pulled pork and pineapple salsa £2.00
  • Salmon & Haddock Fishcakes - With dill Hollandaise sauce and salad £7.00
  • Smoked Salmon And Scrambled Egg Bagel £6.50
  • Handmade Classic Burger - add Bacon £1.00
  • Churros - Spanish doughnut dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a saucepan of chocolate sauce N/A
  • Acqua Minerale Italia 500ml £3.65
    • Naturale (still) or gassata (sparkling).
  • Calabrese (G)(M) £10.95
    • Pepperoni, roasted peppers, onion & chilli on top of a cheese and tomato sauce.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese (CE)(G) £9.95
    • Antonio’s speciality! Pork and beef ragu served over spaghetti. Try it now with a different pasta if you like!
  • Insalata Caesar £11.95
    • Grilled chicken breast with croutons, parmesan shavings, gem lettuce, and Caesar dressing.
  • Pinot Grigio Torrantica Abv 12.5% £19.25
    • The grapes capture the aromas of hay and toasted almonds. It expresses itself best in the mouth, broadening its bouquet and presenting a dry harmonious flavour.
  • Tagliatelle al Curry con Pollo (CE)(G)(E)(M)(MU) £11.95
    • Tagliatelle pasta cooked with chicken breasts al curry.
  • Chianti Classico DOCG Abv 13.5% £30.95
    • Velvety, blackberry and cherry fruits.
  • Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Abv 14.5% £38.95
    • Ripasso is an ancient wine making technique used for centuries in Valpolicella wineries and has become very popular among wine enthusiasts. Ripasso, also known as double fermentation, is a method used to give more structure, body and flavours to wines. The red wine known as Volpoicella is typically made from three grape varieties: Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinara. A variety of wine styles is produced in the area of Verona.
  • Spicy Papadom £0.50
  • Badami £6.95
    • Very mild dish, cooked with ground fix powder, cream, sugar, a selection of aromatic spices and pure ghee. Milk. Very Mild.
  • Special Soup £2.75
    • Chicken or lamb.
  • Balti Special £6.75
    • Chunky onions, peppers, mushroom along with chicken, lamb and prawn cooked in a selected blend of spices to produce a medium hot dish with a generous use of fresh coriander. Crustaceans. Medium.
  • Tikka Roll £3.75
    • Diced chicken or lamb tikka wrapped in an unleavened bread.
  • Tandoori Rice £2.60
  • Tandoori Chicken £7.75
    • Leg and breast. Medium.
  • Dopiaza £4.60
    • Greater use of sauteed chunky onions, tomato and pepper creates a curry to suit any combination.
  • Vegetarian Hot (V) £5.99
    • Green chillies, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn, jalapeno peppers.
  • Onion Rings £1.69
  • Aero Mint £3.99
  • Rollo £3.99
  • Hot & Spicy £9.49
    • Chicken, sweet green peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, jalapeno peppers, chilli sauce.
  • Indian Style £8.49
    • Tandoori chicken, green peppers, pineapple, sweetcorn, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers & green chillies.
  • Mariner £5.99
    • Tuna, prawns, sweetcorn, tomatoes, mushrooms, anchovies.
  • Meat Eater £7.99
    • Pepperoni, spicy beef, salami, turkey, onions.

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