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The Fieldhouse in Solihull has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Orange Tango or Drench Peach & Mango (500ml Bottle) from Papa John's. Loch Fyne Restaurant offers many options including Selection of Cheese - Oatcakes & Quince and Chocolate Pot - Crème Fraîche. Balti Delights includes a wide range like Mirinda (0.33L) or 7-up (1.5L). Cinnamon Danish and Apricot Danish from . Druckers Vienna Patisserie offers Gino's and 7-Up (0.33L).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Scotch Bonnet Burger £12.95
    • Topped with Scotch Bonnet chilli salsa, jalapeños, smoked streaky bacon, spiced rum barbecue sauce and Monterey Jack cheese.
  • Sticky Chipotle Chicken £6.50
    • Sweet chipotle chilli-glazed chicken bites with toasted sesame seeds.
  • Garlic Sauteed Greens (V) £4.25
  • Glazed Chicken Burger £14.95
    • Chipotle-glazed chicken, topped with smoked streaky bacon, sweetcorn purée and Monterey Jack cheese.
  • Half Rack of Barbecue Ribs £7.50
  • House Nachos (V) £5.50
    • Topped with aged cheddar cheese sauce, tomato salsa, sour cream, smashed avocado & jalapenos. For one or to share.
  • 50 Day Aged Black Angus Sirloin 10oz £24.50
    • A deliciously flavoursome and tender cut, recommended medium rare.
  • Mixed Salad (V) (VE) £3.75
  • Traditional Persian Saffron Ice Cream £5.99
    • A traditional taste of persian ice cream blended with saffron, rose water, cardamom seeds and frozen pieces of buttery cream, topped with crushed pistachio.
  • Chenjeh (Lamb Shish Kebab) £11.99
    • One large skewer juicy and tender marinated lamb grilled fillet cubes.
  • Mushrooms on Toast £6.00
    • Mushroom + buttered toast.
  • Chicken Kebab with Bones (Jooje Kabab with Bones) £7.99
    • One skewer of large and juicy saffron marinated chicken pieces with bones.
  • Mushroom Omelette + Fresh Chips + Fresh Salad £7.00
    • Mushroom omelette + fresh chips + fresh salad.
  • Saffron Rice £4.99
    • High quality of basmati rice, traditionally persian style steam cooked with the high quality saffron serves with butter.
  • Ham Salad Sandwich £5.50
    • Ham and salad + buttered bread.
  • Sausage Egg Sandwich £6.50
    • Sausage + egg + buttered bread.
  • Double Bacon Cheeseburger £5.99
  • Fish and Chips £7.99
  • Veggie Wrap £4.99
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread £2.95
  • Steak Egg and Chips £8.99
  • Breakfast Omelette £5.50
  • Homemade Chilli £7.99
  • Bacon Batch £2.45
  • Veg Pakora - Mixed vegetables blended with herbs and spices fried in gram flour batter. £1.40
  • Veggie Kebab Wrap - Vegetable filling served with fresh leaf lettuce and mayonnaise on a griddled tortilla wrap. £2.49
  • Half Peri Chicken - Half a fresh succulent chicken marinated in BigJohn's PERI-PERI sauce and cooked to perfection on rotisserie oven. £2.99
  • Veggie Kebab Wrap - Vegetable filling served with fresh leaf lettuce and mayonnaise on a griddled tortilla wrap. £2.49
  • Lamb Donner Panini - Freshly grilled donner with special panini sauce, cheese and tomato on toasted panini bread. £2.99
  • Mix Kebab in a Naan - Combination of freshly grilled chicken and lamb donner served with salad on a freshly baked naan. £3.95
  • Donner Meat and Chips - BigJohn's donners are freshly grilled to order, served with chips. Available with choice of lamb and chicken meat, comes with salad and sauce. Lamb S:£2.75, L:£2.95, Chicken S:£2.95, L:£3.50
  • Chilli Pepper Cheese Nuggets - Jalapeno peppers stuffed with a cream cheese mixture, battered and deep fried to perfection. £1.99
  • Chicken Fried Rice £3.50
  • Panir Tikka Starter £3.50
    • Chicken & lamb ti.
  • Mushroom Bhaji £2.95
  • Lamb Chops Starter £4.99
  • Spicy Pilau Rice £2.50
  • Bangla Naga £7.95
    • Bangladeshi hot chilli cooked in spicy sauce, chef's own style.
  • Makhani £7.95
    • Mild, creamy with tomato & buttery taste.
  • Fanta £0.95
The Fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse



10 Knightcote Drive, Solihull, West Midlands, B913JU ,





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$10 - $20




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Table Service



Pub Food



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10 Knightcote Drive, Solihull, West Midlands, B913JU ,
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