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North Point in St Andrews has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Mineral Water or Bottled Soft Drinks from Cafe 13. Maisha Authentic Indian and Seafood Restaurant offers many options including Cucumber Raita and Fried Mushroom. Greggs Plc includes a wide range like 7 Pigs in Blankets or Southern Fried Chicken Goujons. Kopparberg Mixed Fruit and Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime from . Maclay Inns offers Greggs Plc and 7 Pigs in Blankets.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sweet Mince Pie
    • Deliciously crumbly shortcrust pastry is filled with a sweet mincemeat, made with vine fruits, Bramley apple and candied orange and lemon peel
  • Mexican Chicken Baguette
    • Packed with delicious Mexican style chicken breast, mild cheddar cheese and a hint of chilli, this baguette is packed with crunchy sliced red onion, fiery green jalapeños, sweet chilli sauce, and fajita flavour mayonnaise. It’s the liveliest lunch this side of Guadalajara.
  • Mexican Bean and Sweet Potato Wrap
    • Mixed beans in spicy tomato & jalapeño sauce, sweet potato falafel , mixed peppers, chipotle chilli sauce and fresh salad leaves, all packed in to a soft tortilla wrap.
  • Chicken and Bacon Sandwich
    • Our Chicken and Bacon Sandwich is made up of seasoned sliced roast chicken breast in mayonnaise with strips of cooked smoke flavour sweet cure bacon on malted brown bread.
  • Cream Finger Doughnut
    • Centre of whipped cream.Topped with fruity strawberry jam, the Cream Doughnut is the perfect
  • Roast Chicken and Bacon Club Baguette
    • Our take on the classic Chicken Club includes chunks of succulent roast chicken breast in mayonnaise, sweetcure bacon, juicy sliced tomato and fresh salad leaves.
  • Beef and Vegetable Pasty
    • Delicious West Country classic is packed with chunks of prime steak and mince beef, with potato and onion. Plus, to give it our own touch we add carrots and peas.
  • Cookies
    • Our cookies are soft and crumbly and are made with with milk, white and dark chocolate chunks, something for all chocolate lovers.
  • Chicken Nuggets £7.95
  • Royal Chicken (Medium) £9.95
    • Marinated chicken cooked with a touch of fresh garlic, ginger, chopped green chillies & coriander.
  • Egyptian Kebab £11.95
    • Cubes of tender chicken fillet marinated with fresh garlic, ginger, green chilli, spices & yoghurt, then mixed with onion, mushroom & green pepper, cooked in the tandoor.
  • Aubergine Bhaji (Medium) £4.95
    • Fresh aubergine cooked in a selective sauce.
  • Chasni (Slightly Sweet & Sour, Mild) £6.95
    • A sweet & sour flavour, cooked with mild spices & fruity sauce. Recommended with saag paneer or saag aloo.
  • Potato Fritters £3.95
  • Saag Chicken (Medium) £7.95
    • Fresh garden leaf spinach sauteed with garlic & butter & then cooked with marinated chicken. Recommended with bhindi bhaji as a side dish.
  • Maisha Special Korma (Mild) £6.95
    • Specially prepared homemade cream sauce cooked with coconut, almond, ground cashew nuts & dry mixed fruits which gives an excellent nutty & fruity flavour.
  • Crayfish & Avocado Granary £3.99
    • Crayfish, avocado, yoghurt, mayo, seasoning and lemon juice on granary bread.
  • Shot - Apple Cider Vinegar & Berries £1.99
    • Apple cider vinegar mixed with cold pressed apples, raspberries & a touch of blackcurrant.
  • Vegetable Crisps (V) (Vg) £0.99
    • Thinly sliced carrot, beetroot and parsnip fried until crispy.
  • Humous & Falafel Mezze £4.79
    • Sweet potato falafel and a dollop of humous, served with brown rice and red quinoa mixed with fresh mint & parsley. Paired with pickled cabbage & carrot, sliced cucumber and fresh pomegranate seeds.
  • Ginger & Apple Shot £1.99
    • Squeezed from fresh ginger root and whole fresh apples
  • Macaroni Cheese Kale & Cauli (V) £4.99
    • Tubetti rigati pasta and a mature Cheddar béchamel sauce with freshly prepared British kale and cauliflower florets. Finished with Italian matured cheese.
  • Wild Crayfish & Avocado No Bread £4.79
    • Wild crayfish and sliced avocado on a bed of salad leaves, served with a separate pot of French dressing.
  • Pure Still Water 500ml £0.99
  • Ham and Cheese Baguette
    • Crunchy on the outside and wonderfully soft inside, this freshly baked white baguette is layered with slices of Honey Cured Ham and Mature White Cheddar Cheese. Like all of our sandwiches, Honey Roast Ham and Mature Cheddar Cheese Baguette are freshly made in our shops every day.
  • Caramel Custard Doughnut
    • A soft doughnut with custard filling, hand dipped in caramel sauce
  • Peri Peri Chicken Baguette
    • Cooked sliced peri peri style chicken, mild Cheddar cheese with chilli, chipotle chilli sauce, mixed peppers and peri peri style mayonnaise in a crusty white baguette.
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    • Egg mayonnaise and slices of free range egg with just a pinch of black pepper. Sandwiched in our own soft malted brown bread, it’s a delicious blast from the past.
  • Pain au Chocolat
    • Kick start your day with a deliciously decadent chocolatey treat. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee, a light and buttery Pain au Chocolat will have you up and running in no time!
  • Ham and Mature Cheddar Cheese Toastie
    • As you crunch in to our new toastie, you'll be greeted with tasty Bechamel sauce, sliced honey roast ham and Cheddar cheese. Toasted for you, there and then in our shops.
  • All Butter Croissant
    • Start your day the classy way, with a light and buttery croissant. Perfect for snacking on the go, or serving up with a continental breakfast, this French classic makes a tasty change from your usual boring toast (No offence, toast).
  • Chipotle Chilli Steak Baguette
    • Sliced roast beef, mature cheddar cheese, jalapenos, chipotle chilli sauce and chipotle chilli flavoured mayonnaise in a crusty white baguette.
  • Dirty Harry £4.50
    • Harissa, Mozzarella, Salami, Rocket
  • Classy Chick £5.25
    • Cranberry Jelly, Brie, Avocado, Turkey, Lettuce
  • Homemade Classic Chocolate Shake £3.75
  • Billy Goats Gruff £4.25
    • Pesto, Goats Cheese, Sunblushed Tomato, Apple, Lettuce
  • Madam I'm Adam £5.00
    • Pesto, Brie, Turkey, Avocado
  • Caramel Honeycomb Fudge Specialty Shakes £4.25
  • Bubble Wrap £5.25
    • Chilli Jam, Goats Cheese, Salami, Sunblushed Tomato, Rocket
  • Hot Dog £3.00
    • Plain and Simple, Bavarian Style
  • S= On its own
  • S2= 2 reg sides
  • 2 Chicken Thighs 4.05
  • Houmus 1.5
  • Scoop of Vanilla Gelado 1.8
  • Fillet Steak Prego Roll S 10.95/ S1 12.95/ S2 14.45
    • Marinated fillet steak with baby spinach, tomato and garlic aioli.
  • All Nandino meals 5.95
  • Pitta
    • With lettuce, semidried PERi tomatoes and cucumber

North Point


24 North Street, St Andrews, Fife, KY169AQ ,




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24 North Street, St Andrews, Fife, KY169AQ ,
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