May Fong in Plymouth Menu

May Fong in Plymouth has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Provencal tomato salad or Mixed Salad from Cherry Tree Inn. The Raj offers many options including fried pineapple and fried banana. Tragus Holdings includes a wide range like Prosecco, Fiol, Italy or Pinot Grigio Blush, Il Sospiro, Italy. Merlot and White Zinfandel Rose from . Bar Venezia offers Pizza Hut and Pepsi Max (500ml).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Bread Board £5.00
    • Focaccia, granary bread, butter, olive oil and balsamic.
  • Pagnotta £4.00
    • With cheese and garlic.
  • Marinated Olives £3.50
    • Vegetarian, Gluten free.
  • £10.00
  • Flouored Calamari Rings £6.00
    • Served with garlic mayonnaise.
  • Cinghale Pasta £13.00
    • Wild boar, red wine jus, garlic, fresh carrots, touch of cream and butter.
  • Sutton £13.00
    • Mozzarella, smoked salmon, ricotta, fresh chive and chive oil. With a touch of cream.
  • Build Your Own £10.00
    • Base, mozzarella, tomato sauce, egg. Add any toppings of your choice at an extra cost.
  • Farmhouse £8.00
    • Cheese, tomato sauce, ham & mushroom.
  • Margherita £5.00
    • Cheese & tomato sauce.
  • Combo 9 £6.50
    • 4 Fried chicken, chips & a can of soft drink.
  • Half Pounder Burger £3.50
  • Chicken Donner Kebab £4.50
    • Specially prepared chicken, roasted on an oven spit & served in pitta bread & salad.
  • Diet Pepsi 330ml £1.10
  • 1 Piece Fried Chicken £1.50
  • Meal Deal 4 £17.50
    • 2 Donner wraps, 2 quarter pounder cheeseburgers, 2 chips, spicy spuds, 2 pot of sauces & a 1.5L bottle of soft drink.
  • Dough Balls (V) £4.49
    • Fresh from the oven, with a garlic & herb dip.
  • Classic Beef Lasagne £9.79
    • Just like mamma used to make.
  • Sprite 330ml Can £1.99
  • Spaghetti Carbonara £9.99
    • Spaghetti tossed in cheese sauce with crispy bacon.
  • Vanilla £3.59
  • Cherry Coke 330ml Can £1.99
  • BBQ Chicken £9.99
    • Slices of tender chicken, mozzarella, chives and BBQ sauce.
  • Frankie's Classic Meatballs £12.99
    • Pork & beef meatballs in a beef bolognese and Neapolitan tomato sauce with penne pasta, basil and mozzarella.
  • Enchiladas - Beef Chilli Con Carne £13.50
    • Two 6-inch flour tortillas rolled with one the filling of your choice, topped with enchilada sauce, crispy tortilla crumbs and mozzarella cheese, served with chips.
  • Ribs & Wings (gf) £15.95
    • Tender chicken wings and fall off the bone ribs flavoured with our homemade BBQ glaze. Served with chips and coleslaw.
  • Enchiladas - Braised Lamb £13.50
    • Two 6-inch flour tortillas rolled with one the filling of your choice, topped with enchilada sauce, crispy tortilla crumbs and mozzarella cheese, served with chips.
  • Fajitas - Beef £15.50
    • Mixed bell peppers, onions, jalapenos and the filling of your choice, pan fried and seasoned to order. Served with sides of homemade salsa, sour cream, guacamole and flour tortillas.
  • Scenic Ridge Pinot Grigio £19.50
    • Vibrant flavours of stone fruit & fresh juicy pear, South East Australia complemented by citrus bursts of lemon & grapefruit create a refreshing wine, partners well with chicken, seafood & gamey dishes.
  • Valencia Rosé £17.50
    • Valencia is renowned for its easy drinking fruit driven Spain wines. Award winning winemaker Pablo Ossorio selects traditional grapes to make these typical Spanish wines.
  • Burritos - Chicken Breast £14.95
    • Baked in the oven and served with rice.
  • Veracruz Monkfish £15.95
    • Baked fillet of Monkfish in a mildly spiced chilli and tomato sauce sprinkled with Mexican pesto and served with crushed new potatoes & fresh vegetables.
  • Meat Glore Pizza £10.90
    • Pepperoni, ham, beef, chicken, bacon, sausage.
  • Meal 2 £4.10
    • 2 pcs chicken, chips & drink.
  • Supreme £7.90
    • Pepperoni, spicy beef, mushrooms, peppers & onions.
  • Best Special £8.20
    • Pepperoni, ham, spicy beef, mix doners, onions, peppers, sweetcorn.
  • 1pc Chicken & Chips £2.90
  • Pepperoni £11.90
    • Double pepperoni & cheese
  • Doner Wrap £5.40
    • Lamb doner or chicken doner wrap.
  • Chicken Burger £3.00
  • Sicilian Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake V
    • Lemon sponge drizzled with white fondant and decorated with lemon peel.
  • Fruit Mix Topper Vg
    • A mix of golden raisins, dried cranberries, raisins and dried blueberries. Ideal for stirring into your porridge.
  • Smoked Salmon & Soft Cheese Sandwich
    • Scottish smoked salmon with a soft creamy cheese, with a touch of lemon juice and black pepper.
  • Apricot Croissant V
    • All butter French croissant filled with 'crème pâtissière and apricots.
  • Chocolate Coin V, Gf
    • A milk chocolate coin treat, wrapped in gold foil.
  • Ham & Mature Cheddar Croissant
    • British ham with mature Cheddar cheese in an all butter croissant
  • Caramel Shortbread V
    • An all butter shortbread base, topped with our own recipe caramel, and a thick layer of Belgian chocolate.
  • Chicken Caesar Flatbread
    • Chicken Caesar with vine-ripened tomatoes, salad leaves and Parmigiano Reggiano in a flatbread.
  • Soup of the day £4.75
  • Cajun Chicken & Hot Salsa £5.95
  • Ham & Cheddar £5.65
  • Mushrooms £1.95
  • 8Oz Sirloin Steak - Served with tomato, mushrooms, chips & Vegetables £14.95
  • Bacon & Cheddar £6.25
  • Hursley Butchers Faggots - Served with new potatoes and vegetables £9.45
  • Bread & Butter £0.95
May Fong

May Fong



Carrs House, Fore Street, Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth, Devon, PL54NA ,





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Carrs House, Fore Street, Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth, Devon, PL54NA ,
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