Kunming Chinese Take Away in Lydney Menu

Kunming Chinese Take Away in Lydney has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 7 Pigs in Blankets or Southern Fried Chicken Goujons from Greggs Plc. Tennessee Fried Chicken offers many options including Rio (0.33L) and 7UP. Papa Johns includes a wide range like Ballygowan Water or Pepsi Max Ginger. Dr Pepper and Shandy from . Mermaid Fish and Chips offers Peri Passion and Water.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Matter Paneer £2.50
  • Akbari Bohjon £5.80
  • Extra Mint Sauce, Chilli Sauce or Onion Salad £0.55
  • Nargis Kebab £2.90
  • Tandoori King Prawns £5.15
  • Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.30
  • House Special Chicken £5.50
  • Prawn or Lamb - Pathia £4.70
  • West Country Mussels with Moules Marinieres £6.95/£12.95
  • Lemon Cheesecake & Raspberry Puree £4.95
  • Bread Board with Slow Cooked Garlic, Balsamic & Oils £4.50
  • Char grilled Youngs Sausages with Creamed Potatoes, Crispy Bacon & Bourguignon Sauce £10.95
  • 8oz New York Strip Loin £16.95
  • Skinny Fries £3.00
  • House Slaw £2.50
  • Chilli & Garlic Marinated Olives £2.95
  • *Chicken Curry -
  • *Chicken in Satay Sauce -
  • Ice Cream -
  • *Kong-Po Chicken -
  • Onion -
  • Swiss Rolls -
  • *Butterfly KingPrawn -
  • *Mongolian Style Crispy Lamb -
  • Malay Chicken (N) £9.50
    • Sweet and creamy dish with almond, onion and coriander.
  • Garlic Nan £3.50
  • Vegetable Biryani £6.90
  • Lemon Chili Rice £3.90
  • Chicken Tikka Takka £4.50
  • Steak £11.90
  • Chapathi £2.00
  • Massala Fish £5.90
  • Triple Chocolate Doughnut
    • Packed full of delicious chocolatey flavours such as our belgian white chocolate curls, and Greggs'
  • Iced Ring Doughnut
    • A delicious ring doughnut topped with white fondant and chocolate flavour spin.
  • Cream Éclair
    • Made from a light and fluffy choux pastry, our Cream Éclair is filled with hand-piped cream, topped with a chocolate flavour icing.
  • Sausage Roll
    • Made from seasoned sausage meat wrapped in layers of crisp, golden puff pastry.
  • Christmas Lunch Sandwich
    • Succulent slices of turkey breast, sweetcure bacon, pork, onion and sage stuffing and cranberry & port sauce is layered with mixed salad leaves and mayonnaise in our malted brown bread.
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese Ploughmans Oval Bite
    • Sliced Mature Cheddar Cheese with Sandwich Pickle, Fresh Salad Leaves, slices of Tomato, slices of Cucumber and sliced Red Onion on a white seeded roll.
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese and Chutney Toastie
    • The cheese is accompanied in the bread with caramelised onion and ale chutney and topped with Bechamel sauce and grated cheddar and edam cheese.
  • BBQ Chicken and Bacon Toastie
    • Cooked sliced chargrill flavour chicken with a barbecue sauce, cooked sweetcure bacon with smoke flavouring, mature Cheddar cheese on white sliced bread topped with béchamel sauce, grated coloured mature Cheddar and mild white cheese.
Kunming Chinese Take Away

Kunming Chinese Take Away



Forest Parade, Forest Road, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL155LA ,





Opened hours

price range


$0 - $10



Takeaway Food

service level


Counter Service



Asian , Chinese



Dine in ,  Takeaway ,  Cash

Forest Parade, Forest Road, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL155LA ,
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