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Kia Ora Takeaway in Torrington has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Prosecco, Fiol, Italy or Pinot Grigio Blush, Il Sospiro, Italy from Tragus Holdings. Dolphin Inn offers many options including Liqueur Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Anchor Inn includes a wide range like Child All 3 Courses or Adults All 3 Courses. Tango (330ml) and Sunkist (330ml) from . Little India offers Carluccio's - Exeter and Coke Zero.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Americana (GFa) (DFa) £11.50
    • Loaded with slices of our smoked pepperoni.
  • Mama Meata £12.50
    • A meat-feast of pepperoni, pork meatballs, pastrami, olives, mozzarella, rocket and parmesan-style cheese.
  • You’ve Pulled (GFa) £13.50
    • BBQ base with pulled pork, pulled chicken and pulled ham, topped with smoked cheese.
  • Siciliano (V) (VVa) (GFa) £11.50
    • Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and olives, topped with rocket.
  • Rocket & Parmesan-Style Cheese Salad (V) (GF) £3.50
  • Wellington-Style Sausage Roll Bites (V) (VV) £4.50
  • Onion Rings (V) £4.00
  • Spanish Sausage (GFa) (DFa) £12.50
    • A rich mix of chorizo, smoked pepperoni and salami sausages.
  • shami kebab minced lamb patties, spiced and flavoured with a mix of special herbs and spices and shallow fried on a skillet. £2.20
  • the masala is a dish prepared in a sauce of coconut, almond powder & exotic. all these dishes are served with pilau rice. CHICKEN TIKKA / LAMB TIKKA / TANDOORI CHICKEN (TANDOORI KING PRAWN £6.95) £5.95
  • plain paratha special unleavened, layered bread prepared with wholemeal flour with lashings of butter, shallow fried on a skillet £1.10
  • - KING PRAWN £6.45
  • balti a throughly garnished dish with onion, garlic, green peppers, fresh coriander, methi leaf & tomatoes, selected spices extensively teated to provide a delicious medium strength, a little condense -
  • chicken tikka chasni popular dish from calcutta. garnished with almonds , yoghurt & mango chutney to give a very mild taste £5.75
  • malayan biryani pineapple & banana. CHICKEN / MEAT £6.10
  • korma this dish is cooked in a thick creamy sauce with ground coconut & almonds, topped with a touch of cream - perfect for the mild palate. -
  • Coke, Diet Coke, Lilt, Ribena (Cans) 60p
  • Vegetarian - Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Tomato, Garlic £5.00
  • Chilli Burger 1/4lb: £3.00, 1/2lb: £3.50
  • Salad - With 1000 Island Sauce or French Dressing or Garlic & Herbs £2.00
  • Arabiata - Tomato, Garlic, Chillies £5.00
  • 1.5 Ltr Bottle £1.50
  • Pollo - Cream, Chicken, Mushrooms, Garlic, Tomato Sauce £5.00
  • American Burger - Fried Onions 1/4lb: £3.00, 1/2lb: £3.50
  • Grilled Sausages and Chips(1) £5.40
  • Scallop Burger and Chips £10.00
    • Bap, tomato, red onion, lettuce and chilli jam mayonnaise.
  • Chilli Jam Mayonnaise £1.55
  • Kids Battered Sausage and Chips £4.95
  • Kids Chicken Nuggets (4) £4.95
  • Curry Sauce £1.55
  • Vegan Calamari and Chips £7.00
  • Tartare Sauce £1.55
  • Fisherman's Combo (Couple) £6.95
    • A crispy selection of the ocean (ask server for details).
  • Scallops £7.95
    • Pan fried scallops roasted in white wine & dill sauce.
  • Vegetable Filo Wraps (V) £4.95
    • Oriental vegetables wrapped in crispy filo pastry, served with sweet chilli dip.
  • Chicken Tenders £5.75
    • Juicy goujons of chicken, served barbeque or garlic mayonnaise.
  • Jacket Potatoes £2.50
  • Smothered Fillet Steak £19.95
    • A premium 8oz* fillet steak covered with chunks of blue cheese & melted with a red wine & mushroom sauce. Served with sweet potato fries & wilted greens.
  • Crab, Chilli and Lime £12.95
  • Barbican Steak Classic 1/2lb £12.95
    • Prime British home made beef burger served with a choice of bacon, mushroom, cheese, egg, and jalapeños.
Kia Ora Takeaway

Kia Ora Takeaway



33 Well Street, Torrington, Devon, EX388EP ,





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Takeaway Food



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33 Well Street, Torrington, Devon, EX388EP ,
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