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All Bar One Restaurant and Bar (sample menu)
EGGS ROYALE toasted english muf?n topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce £6.25
+ Applewood cheese £1.50
HOUMOUS TRIO WITH SUPREMO BOCATA BREAD (v) traditional, tomato & olive and Chermoula houmous £5.00
QUINOA SALAD (v) With chilli & cumin roasted butternut squash, quinoa, pink star slaw and house dressing £6.25
STRAWBERRIES, BANANAS AND GRANOLA With greek-style yoghurt £3.75
+ BBQ pulled pork and pineapple salsa £2.00
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Filled Baguettes Filled Baguettes Every bakery in the UK offers takeaway or sit down filled baguettes, some unusual combinations and some fairly standard, like cheese and pickle, ham salad, chicken salad. More and more bakeries however, are offering more ‘exotic’ filled rolls and baguettes, based on continental flavours such as salami and brie cheese, chicken with Provencale pesto, tuna nicoise with tuna, egg, anchovies, green beans and vinaigrette. Cafes, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Minestrone Minestrone The classic and renowned Italian soup, comprising small pasta shapes, a rich chicken stock and finely diced vegetables such as celery, onions, tomatoes, carrots beans and herbs. Created in Ancient Roman times the soup is now served in many different ways, some finely and others much more chunky and hearty. A sprinkling of parmesan and a good basket of bread makes this really filling. Cafes, Italian
Popular Menu Item Quiche Quiche Wow! Amazing selections of handmade quiches are always available to try, with a huge combination of flavours and pastry types. Most popular are usually the standard cheese and bacon (quiche Lorraine) or a rich roasted vegetable. Can be purchased in slices or some delis make small individual ones. They can be packed for takeaway to include a selection of salads. Delicatessens, Cafes
Popular Menu Item Packet Snacks Packet Snacks Many varieties of crisps or potato chips of all flavours are sold, along with chipsticks, mini crackers, Twiglets, chocolate bars, cereal bars and other sweets. Muffins such as chocolate and blueberry in packets are also readily available, and even many small pies (pork pies or chicken pies) for another savoury snack for lunch. Vegetarian options on snacks have increased over the last five to 10 years, including vegetable crisps and vegetable chews. Sandwich Bar, Cafes
Popular Menu Item Caesar Salad Caesar Salad Originating in New York, way back in the early 1900’s this salad is served in every restaurant in the US and has become very popular in the UK over the last 20 years. Crisp Romaine lettuce is served with a parmesan and garlic mayonnaise, anchovies and croutons, with more grated fresh parmesan on the top. Some restaurants also serve this dish with a coddled egg, or serve as a Chicken Caesar Salad. Cafes, American
Popular Menu Item English Breakfast English Breakfast The famous English breakfast – people either love it or hate it and it can vary from place to place and also in cost. A normal English breakfast consists of a couple of rashers of bacon, a couple of sausages, fried bread, 2 eggs any style, grilled tomatoes and/or baked beans. Toast will also be offered or even buttered bread. Cafes are full of people eating an early cooked breakfast, particularly in the major towns and cities before setting off for work. Manual workers will frequently ask for chips with it as well. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Salads Salads Big selections of salads are available in most cafes, from simple cheese or ham salads, to Coronation chicken (very popular with its curry flavour), prawn, crab and many others. A selection of potato salads or coleslaw type dishes will be available from a salad bar from which you can help yourself, or be served at the table. Green leaves, tomatoes and cucumber are generally included on the plate. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Cafes will often have a set price for afternoon tea, which will consist of a platter of sandwiches, cakes and scones and your choice of tea or coffee. Sandwiches will be very daintily cut and displayed on a platter and decorated with salad pieces. Smoked salmon and cream cheese, ham and mustard, cheese and tomato and perhaps prawn mayonnaise will be the style of sandwiches included, with small pastries or chocolate éclairs or slices of Victoria sponge. Scones will be filled with jam and cream. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Bruschetta Bruschetta Delicious slices of bread, rubbed with garlic and tomato and seasoned before grilling. Various toppings are served, the most popular being diced tomatoes and red onion with finely chopped garlic and basil. Can also be served with a pesto topping, and sometimes with roasted aubergine and mushrooms. Usually a starter but can be purchased as a main course. Cafes, Italian
Popular Menu Item Hot Soup Hot Soup A variety of hot soups are normal sold, served from large barrel shaped tureens or soup kettles placed on the counter. Soups are usually simple such as tomato and basil, mushroom or vegetable. Normal served in polystyrene cups to take away. Sandwich Bar, Cafes
Popular Menu Item Soup Soup Juice bars now tend to serve soups, or soup of the day, mainly healthy and to attract more lunchtime diners who want a little more substance to their meals. Popular will always be fresh tomato and basil with mixed vegetable and wild mushroom soup being close contenders. Served from big tureens, can be eaten in or takeaway in thermal plastic cups. Delicious bread is also always available as are croutons to sprinkle on the top. Juice
Popular Menu Item Bacon Sandwich Bacon Sandwich Again, very popular in the early mornings through until lunchtime, bacon sandwiches appear on every menu. They can be toasted or plain, and served with brown or tomato sauce. Some cafes will only use sliced bread as this keeps longer, but in upmarket cafes you can usually find a choice of crusty fresh bread, baked that morning. Can be served as a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) but this is more popular at lunchtimes and generally served with mayonnaise. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Omelettes Omelettes Most cafes will serve omelettes on their menus, either plain or with ham, cheese, mushroom etc. and can be accompanied by salad or chips. Can be served as a 2 egg or 3 egg omelette, sometimes 4, or as an egg white omelette for the more health conscious, the latter being served with chopped chives or onion to give it flavour. Some cafes will serve souffled omelettes, which have been cooked on the top of the oven and then finished under the grill, making it slightly puffed up and a little brown on the top. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Salad Salad A variety of salads will always be available in juice bars to accompany your healthy drink. Most popular are goats cheese salads, poached chicken salad, and just a combination of all the salads laid out in various containers at the salad bar. Can be eaten in, but also taken away in see-through plastic containers and cutlery, with sealable lids. Juice
Popular Menu Item Beetroot Juice Beetroot Juice Another superfood juice ranking high in the list and frequently served with apple or carrots or both. A lovely rich colour and a bonus if you like beetroot. Sometimes served with a small touch of honey to sweeten it a little as this combines well with beetroot. Juice
Popular Menu Item Cranberry Pitcher Cranberry Pitcher Cranberry is very popular as a juice, slightly acidic and sharp but a welcome choice on a menu. Some juice bars serve pitchers between 2 or 4 which is more economical for parties. On festive occasions, like Christmas, there are set menus which will include a turkey salad with pitchers of cranberry or turkey wraps with salad, homemade pickled vegetables and a pitcher of juice. Juice
Popular Menu Item Tea Tea A fresh cup of good old English tea never goes amiss. Drink in or takeaway, it still tastes good! Usually a selection of teas such as Breakfast Tea (usual English tea), Earl Grey, Lemon and other varieties such as Lapsong Suchong. Bigger bakeries will serve the tea with the pot, whereas smaller ones will serve you just a cup, or a takeway container. Cafes, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows A lovely warming drink, particularly for the children! Delicious hot chocolate served with whipped cream and pink and white marshmallows is often see in cake shops. A sprinkling of chocolate on the top normally completes the drink. Cafes, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Lotus Tea Lotus Tea Green tea is marinated with fresh lotus leaves so that the aroma infuses into the whole drink. Vietnamese people believe that this has very health beneficial properties. Very refreshing. Vietnamese, Cafes
Popular Menu Item Smoothie Smoothie Served in juice bars throughout the UK, the variety of smoothies is now incredible, some made purely for health reasons, and some just because they taste good! The most popular smoothies are still the mixed berry type, but more popular by the minute are kiwi and pomegranate, due to them being heralded as ‘super foods’. Juice
Popular Menu Item Carrot Juice Carrot Juice Current trends list the carrot juice as one of the most popular juices, sometimes combined with orange. Red carrot juice has started to arrive in juice bars, as well as purple carrot juice, supposedly having more healthy properties than the standard orange carrot. Usually served with a lot of seasoning such as pepper and oriental herbs like coriander and cumin, to spice up the flavour. Juice
Popular Menu Item Green Juice Green Juice Promoted as the healthiest juice, and the best kick start to a day, this juice normally has prime position on juice bar menus. Made from freshly juice green leaf vegetables such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, lettuce, etc., with added herbs and spices, it is considered to be a magic potion! Not to everyone’s taste, but if you are into juices and believe in its health benefits, this is the one for you. A kick of ginger and fresh lemon juice is often added to. Juice
Popular Menu Item Coffee Coffee A variety of coffees are usually available, with some upmarket cafes offering the full gambit of coffees throughout the world, Kenyan, Jamaican, Cuban etc. Coffee will also be available Italian style such as cappuccino, macchiata, or just simple coffee with milk. Iced coffee is also frequently served. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Tea Tea Tea is the traditional drink to accompany the afternoon piece of cake or pastry, and will be available as tea with milk, lemon tea, Earl Grey and Lapsang Suchong, and frequently other varieties of tea depending on the level of café (Roadside cafes serving traditional English breakfast are unlikely to have a selection). In upmarket cafes, the tea will be served in a pot for you to pour, whereas in fast turnover cafes, it will just be served to you in a cup ready to drink. Cafes

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449 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L153JL ,
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Juice, Cafes

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