Coopers Of Freshfield in Liverpool Menu

Coopers Of Freshfield in Liverpool has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Pepsi Max (500ml) or Pepsi (500ml) from Pizza Hut Uk. Churrasco Grill Restaurant offers many options including Heineken and Quilmes. Taste Of Bengal includes a wide range like Tandoori Roti or Puri. Bacon and Cheese Sauce Loaded Fries and Sweet Potato Wedges from . Churrasco Steak House offers H Bar and Fruit Shoots.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Kinder B... Milkshake £3.39
    • Kinder Bueno, whipped cream & choc sauce.
  • Doughnut £0.59
  • Hawaiian Pizza £7.49
    • Turkey & pineapple.
  • 07" Pizza Offer £3.99
    • Any 3 toppings of your choice, fries & drink.
  • CheeseCake £1.49
  • Texmex Burger Meal £4.99
    • Chicken fillet with lettuce, mayo, jalapenos, BBQ sauce, Mexican cheese, fries & drink.
  • Hot & Spicy Pizza £6.49
    • Chicken, sweet green peppers, mushroom, sweetcorn, jalapeno peppers.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza £5.99
    • BBQ sauce, chicken, sweet green pepper, onions.
  • Chef's Challenge £11.00
    • Test your ability to endure different types of heat, invlolving dried red chilli powder, fresh green chilli, Naga chilli pickle & finished with dry chilliflakes. Very hot, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.
  • Orange Dream £4.00
    • Orange, yoghurt & banana.
  • Cheese £3.00
    • Mild, vegetarian.
  • Garlic, Cheese & Chilli £3.50
    • Hot, vegetarian.
  • Chicken Korma £9.50
    • Mild and creamy with just a touch of spice, perfect for those who don't like their curries too hot. Mixture of aromatic spices & splash of flavours, gluten free.
  • Madras £9.00
    • Madras curry originates from the south of India and gets its name from the city known as Madras, it consists of roasted spices from central regional Indian includes dried chilli powder, coriander see, aniseed, cumin and cinnamon. Medium, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.
  • Singara £3.00
    • Bengali samosa, made with diced potatoes, peas and spiced stuffed into cone-shaped triangles. Mild, vegetarian, vegan.
  • Chicken Chat £4.00
    • Indian street food. Chopped chicken cooked in a zesty chat masala in a creamy sauce served on puri bread. Mild.
  • Appletiser £2.75
    • 275ml bottle.
  • Chorizo (GF) £5.75
    • Fresh chorizo cooked in red wine, garlic, onion, thyme and tomato sauce.
  • Diet Coke £2.50
    • 330ml can
  • Calamares £6.50
    • Crispy squid, sprinkled with smoked sea salt, crispy leeks, fried slices of fresh garlic & sliced red chillies served with alioli
  • Alhambra £4.65
    • A premium beer enjoyed by the cosmopolitan Spanish Crowd.
  • Slow Cooked Pork Cheeks (GF/A) £6.25
    • Confit pork cheeks in a rich Pedro Ximenez sauce. Served with crispy patatas.
  • Pimientos de Padron £4.00
    • Galician green peppers fried in olive oil & sprinkled with smoked sea salt.
  • Paella de Carne (GF/A) £13.00
    • With chicken breast & chorizo.
  • Kela nu Shaak (Mild) (V) £7.50
    • Ripe bananas sautéed with turmeric, asafoetida, curry leaves, lemon juice and various spices. Sweet and tangy combination makes it a delectable dish to go along with fulka rotli.
  • Kachumber Salad £3.00
  • Cheese Naan (Not Suitable for Vegans) £3.50
  • Chilli Paneer (GF) £6.00
    • Paneer made with onions and peppers spiced with Indo Chinese flavours.
  • Vegan omelette (V) (GF) (Healthy Option) £5.00
    • Savoury pancake made with gram flour.
  • Idli dipped in Sambhar (V) (Healthy Option) £5.00
    • Gently steamed Rice Dumplings dipped in sambhar (lentil based vegetable stew).
  • Shahi Paneer (N) £9.50
    • Paneer cooked in thick, creamy and tangy gravy made from tomatoes, onions and cashew nut paste.
  • Khaman Dhokla (V) (GF) (Healthy Option) £4.00
    • Savoury steamed cake made of gram flour seasoned with mustard, sesame seeds & curry leaves.
  • Kopperberg Mixed Fruit £4.20
  • Hallou, Is It Mi You’re Looking For? (Veggie) £8.60
    • There are few things in life as gloriously indulgent as frying cheese, and covering it in a BBQ sauce. Add to that a bit of proper Mexican rice, garlic and herb mushrooms, kinda spicy veg, pico de gallo salsa and a handful of Monterey Jack cheese to top it off. Double cheese.
  • Chicken Montezumas Revenge £9.90
    • This is a blow your sombrero off, punch you in the belly, hot hot hot son of a burrito. With a mouth-busting combination of habanero, guajillo, jalapeno and chipotle chillies fried up with chicken, Mexican rice, peppers, onions, refried beans and Monterey Jack cheese, then topped with a helping of our burro burro salsa and a dollop of guacamole – you’re going to have to sign a waiver to eat this bad boy.
  • Sour Cream £0.70
  • Cajun Deep Fried Halloumi £5.30
  • Spinach & Mushroom Cheese Quesadilla £4.50
  • Just Veg (VG) £6.20
    • Flash fried peppers, spinach, baby sweetcorn and sun dried tomato.
  • 4 Beers for £15 £15.00
  • Homemade Onion Rings (V) £2.20
  • Battered Chicken Fillet £2.95
  • Steak and Kidney Pie £6.95
  • Heinz Squeezes Sauce Pots £0.35
    • Ketchup tartare mayonnaise.
  • Coca Cola (1.25L) £2.70
  • Vegetable Chop Suey Roll (V) £2.65
  • Cheese and Onion Pie £6.95
  • Homemade Chicken Curry £8.95
    • Served with boiled rice, chips, or half and half.

Coopers Of Freshfield


2 The Bridle, Montagu Road, Formby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L371LA ,




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Dine in ,  Takeaway ,  Cash

2 The Bridle, Montagu Road, Formby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L371LA ,
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