Alma Tavern in Worcester Menu

Starters Starters
  • Prawn Cocktail - Atlantic prawns served in Marie Rose sauce on a lettuce and salad bed and served with bread and butter. £4.25
  • Alma Pate - A smooth liver pate, delicately flavoured, served with white bread toast and a salad garnish. £3.25
  • Alma Platter - A selection of: Mushroom, Chicken Satay, Chicken Goujons, Mini Spring Rolls, Veg & Spinach Pakoras, Onion Rings, Onion Bhaji, King Prawn in Filo Pastry, Lamb Samosa, Garlic & Herb Bread £9.95
Main Courses Main Courses
  • Homemade Steak and Ale Pie, Pieces of juicy steak marinated in a Guinness gravy, with a short crust pastry topping. £8.50
  • Homemade Lasagne, Prime minced beef, marinated in a seasoned red wine sauce, served between layers of pasta, covered with a cheese and white wine sauce and topped with Mature Cheddar cheese. £8.50
  • Homemade Vegetarian Lasagne-Peppers, aubergines, courgettes and mushrooms cooked in a creamy white wine sauce, between layers of pasta and a cheese topping. £8.50
  • Scampi, 12 pieces of wholetail scampi in light breadcrumbs. £7.95
  • Hunters Chicken - Chicken Breast wrapped in bacon, smothered in cheddar cheese and covered in barbeque sauce £8.95
  • Cajun Chicken - Strips of chicken marinated in Cajun spice, pan fried and served with a full leaf salad, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. £8.95
  • Lamb Shank - in minted gravy, served on a bed of mashed potato and vegetables of the day. £9.50
  • Fisherman’s Pie,, succulent pieces of salmon, cod, prawns and smoked haddock in a cream and white wine sauce, with a mashed potato and chedder cheese topping. Served with vegetables of the day. £9.95
Fair Deal Menu Fair Deal Menu
  • Roast dinner of the day with vegetables of the day £4.50
  • Scampi £4.50
  • Plaice £4.50
  • Alma burger, 3-4oz with side salad £4.50
  • All day breakfast £4.50
  • Gammon, 6oz with egg/pineapple £4.50
  • Lasagne with side salad £4.50
  • Chilli with boiled rice £4.50
  • Chicken curry with boiled rice £4.50
  • Double giant sausage with egg £4.50
  • Home cooked ham with egg £4.50
  • Cottage pie £4.50
  • Omelettes - ham, cheese, mushroom £4.50
  • Omelette - prawn £4.50
  • Steak & ale pie £4.50
Grill Grill
  • British Sirloin Steak, served complete with chips, onion rings and mushrooms. 6oz: £4.50, 12oz: £7.95, 18oz: £11.95
  • Rib Eye Steak, 10 oz Tender rib eye steak, griddle cooked served with sliced button mushrooms and onion rings. £10.95
  • Gammon Steak, 12 oz Gammon steak, served with a choice of egg or pineapple (or both). £7.95
  • Hawaiian Gammon 120z gammon steak, covered with tomatoes and pineapple and smothered in cheddar cheese. £8.95
  • Alma Grill gammon steak, sirloin steak, sausage, egg, tomato, lamb chop, mushrooms and onion rings. £11.95
  • Almamax Grill 8 oz Gammon, 6 oz sirloin steak, pork chop, lamb chop, two giant sausages, two eggs, tomato, mushrooms and onion rings. £14.95
  • Surf and Turf 6 oz Sirloin steak served with 6 pieces of wholetail scampi, mushrooms and onion rings. £10.95
Sauces Sauces
  • Garlic and Parsley Butter £1.00
  • Sundried Tomato and Basil Butter £1.00
  • Hot Chilli and Lime Zest Butter £1.00
  • Pepper Sauce £1.50
  • Diane Sauce £1.50
Baguette Menu Baguette Menu
  • Chicken, served plain or with salad and/or mayo. £4.95
  • Chicken with cranberry and stuffing. £4.95
  • Home cooked ham served plain or with tomato, salad and/or mustard. £4.95
  • Mature Cheddar with or without salad, red onion and/or chutney. £4.95
  • All day breakfast, with sausage, egg, bacon, mushroom and tomato £4.95
  • Tuna and mayonnaise, with cucumber or sweetcorn and/or salad. £4.95
  • Tuna and mayonnaise with red pepper and red onion. £4.95
  • Sirloin Steak with onions and mushrooms. £5.25
  • Sirloin steak with onions and mushrooms and melted Stilton. £5.95
  • Prawns with Marie Rose sauce. £5.95
Side Orders Side Orders
  • Chips £1.50
  • Onion Rings £1.50
  • Mushrooms £1.50
  • Garlic Bread £1.75
  • Egg £0.50
  • Baked Beans £0.50
  • Bread & Butter £0.25

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Tuna and Sweetcorn Baguette
    • Another classic combination for you to enjoy here! Tuna chunks and sweetcorn, mixed in mayonnaise with fresh salad leaves all in one of our freshly baked baguettes - it tastes as good as it sounds!
  • Breakfast Box
    • Heinz Beans, cheese omelette, pork sausages and mini hash browns.
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    • Egg mayonnaise and slices of free range egg with just a pinch of black pepper. Sandwiched in our own soft malted brown bread, it’s a delicious blast from the past.
  • Belgian Chocolate Chunks Shortbread Biscuits
    • All butter shortbread biscuits with Belgian milk chocolate chunks are coated with Belgian milk and white chocolate.
  • Chocolate Cake Bar
    • A chocolate flavoured sponge cake covered with a coating made with Belgian milk chocolate and topped with a milk chocolate flaked bar.
  • Yum Yum
  • Southern Fried Potato Wedges
    • Lightly spiced with a combination of herbs and spices
  • Jam Doughnut
    • A pillowy-soft doughnut, a delectable apple and raspberry jam filling, and a sprinkling of sugar for the tiniest crunch.
  • Flavoured Syrups Reg: £.45, Large: £.65
  • Exotic Fruit £3.10
  • Milk - Skimmed or Semi Skimmed Reg: £1.35, Large: £1.75
  • Coleslaw £4.80
  • Citron £2.65
  • Chocolate £1.85
  • Raspberry £3.10
  • Diet Pepsi Reg: £1.40, Large: £1.85
  • Garlic Bread (V) £3.00
  • Tapas (6) £21.00
    • Choose any 6 items.
  • Dirty Fries £5.50
    • Topped with chilli (beef or bean) & melted cheese.
  • Quinoa Burger (V, VG) £10.95
    • House quinoa burger served with tomato, lettuce & salsa.
  • Czech Budvar (500ml) £4.30
  • Greek Side Salad £3.25
  • El Colectivo Malbec - Argentina £20.50
  • Corona (330ml) £3.75
  • Vegan Rosemary & Olive Oil Bread (VG) £5.50
    • Add olive tapenade or spicy tomato dip for extra cost.
  • Penne Al Pollo Della Casa £11.95
    • Seasoned chicken breast, mushrooms and pasta baked in a creamy mushroom and white wine sauce.
  • Salami Misti Prima Pizza £13.75
    • Milano and fennel salami, pepperoni, smoked proscuitto, roasted peppers and balsamic red onions.
  • San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange)- 330 ml £2.75
  • Salsiccia Prima Pizza £13.25
    • Fiery Calabrian N'duja sausage meat, red pepper pearls, balsamic red onions and fontal cheese. We'll add chillies if you like it hotter.
  • Sprite- 330ml Glass Bottle £2.75
  • Pollo E Funghi Pizza £10.95
    • Chicken and sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and mozzarella.
  • Pasta Fresca Light Purple Basil Pesto Genovese (V) £11.50
    • Fresh egg frilly tagliatelle in a green pesto and cream sauce, with fine green beans. Topped with purple basil pesto- winner of Great Taste 2018 award, served smaller with a rainbow salad.
  • Scampi - 10 Pieces £4.30
  • Pickled Onion £0.50
  • Saveloy £1.70
  • Spring Roll £2.25
  • Mixed £5.30
  • Chicken Roll £4.95
  • Battered Burger £2.10
  • Chicken £4.90
Alma Tavern

Alma Tavern



74 Droitwich Road, Worcester, Hereford And Worcester, WR37HT ,





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$10 - $20




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Table Service



Pub Food



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74 Droitwich Road, Worcester, Hereford And Worcester, WR37HT ,
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