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White Hart Islay Restaurant in Scotland has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Rosement (Aus) or Jacob's Creek Red (Aus) from Best American Pizza. B M Lebanese Cuisine offers many options including Jallab and Ayran. Loch Fyne Restaurant includes a wide range like Selection of Cheese - Oatcakes & Quince or Chocolate Pot - Crème Fraîche. Tango Orange and Rubicon Guava (0.33L) from . Chapati Junxion offers True Thai Cuisine and Sparkling Water.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Penne Arrabiata in a Fiery Roman Sauce with Kalamata Olives and Torn Basil £7.65
  • Garlic Rubbed Bruschetta with Vine Tomato and Basil £4.95
  • Italian Bread Toasted with Garlic and Mozzarella, Topped with Tomato Sugo £4.55
  • Bellini Prosecco and peach puree, elegant and delicious £8.50
  • Oven Roast Fillet of Scottish Salmon on Linguine with an Asparagus and Vodka Cream Sauce £10.45
  • Lobster Ravioli with Seared King Prawns in a Parmesan, White Wine and Cream Sauce, Cherry Tomatoes and Garden Peas £10.95
  • King Prawns and Mussels with Kalamata Olives, Onions and Capers in Tomato Sugo with Spaghetti £10.95
  • Goats Cheese and Mozzarella Pizza, Kalamata Olives, Sweet Cherry Tomatoes and Pine Nuts £8.95
  • Carne de Ternera (GF) £5.25
    • Flash fried beef strips with garlic, chilli and red onion.
  • Queso de Cabra (GF) £4.95
    • Baked goats cheese with red onion chutney and rocket salad.
  • Crepe de Verduras £4.50
    • Home made pancake stuffed with roast vegetables.
  • Pollo Rebozado £4.95
    • Breast of chicken strips in a sweet smoked paprika batter & garlic mayonnaise.
  • Paella de Verduras (GF) £19.95
    • Seasonal vegetables.
  • Gambas Pil Pil (GF) £4.95
    • King prawns with chillies & garlic oil.
  • Paella del Dia (GF) £21.00
    • Chef's paella of the day.
  • Paella de Marisco (GF) £21.00
    • Mixed seafood with lemon.
  • Shakuti (Goa) £12.95
  • Macher Jhol (Bengal) £13.95
  • Sarsoon Ka Jhinga £6.95
  • Prawn Cocktail £5.95
  • Ajwaini Bhindi £5.50
  • Dal Tarka £5.50
  • Aloo Gobhi £5.50
  • Himalayan Hot Pot £12.95
  • Other £1.20
  • Large Rice Box (26oz) £6.95
  • Cans 330ml £1.20
  • Meal Deal 2 £32.00
    • 2 Large boxes and 2 medium boxes.
  • Kids Rice Box £3.00
  • Medium Noodle Box (16oz) £5.95
  • Large Noodle Box (26oz) £6.95
  • Medium Rice Box (16oz) £5.95
  • Bread & Butter slice 20p
  • OAP Price £4.70
  • Bangers & Mash 3 Lincolnshire sausages with mashed potatoes, peas and onion gravy £4.95
  • Sausage, Egg & Chips 2 Lincolnshire sausages with egg as you like it and chips. £4.65
  • Chicken Tikka Massala A medium spiced chicken curry served with either rice or chips and onion bahji £5.95
  • Half Roast Chicken served with chips & peas and optional gravy £5.65
  • Scampi & Chips Breaded whitby scampi served with chips and side salad or peas £6.65
  • Steak Ale & Mushroom Pudding Chunky pieces of steak with mushroom and ale gravy served with mash or chips & peas £5.95
  • The Big Cheese £12.50
    • Steak patty, monterey jack, mozzarella, smoked cheddar & bloody mary mayo.
  • The Jalapeño £11.50
    • Steak patty, jalapeno cheese sauce, habanero ketchup & rocket.
  • Casa Vista Merlot, Chile £14.00
    • Blackberry and red plum fruit aromas, the palate is soft with plenty of ripe fruit and freshness.
  • Chilli Dog £8.75
    • Pork frankfurter, beef chilli & triple cheese.
  • Jalapeno Mac N Cheese Bites £5.50
    • With chipotle mayo (V).
  • XL Kransky £12.50
    • Emmental stuffed pork frankfurter, sauerkraut, crispy onions, yellow mustard, dill & pickles.
  • Da Luca Prosecco, Italy £18.00
    • A classic example of the Glera grape grown in the Prosecco region. pear and peach fruit on a lively, yet soft and generous palate.
  • Grilled Cheese (V) £10.25
    • Halloumi, roasted peppers, rocket & bloody mary mayo.
  • Garlic Bread 10" £3.00
  • Chicken Pizza £6.25
  • Water £1.00
  • Small Fish Supper £4.00
  • Cheese Pizza £9.25
  • Pineapple Pizza £6.00
  • Roll Fritter £1.50
  • Salami Pizza £10.25
  • Mozzarella Fritta - sticks of mozzarella cheese coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried, served with a spicy tomato dip £5.25
  • Salmone alla crema di spinaci - Salmon and spinach cream All £3.95 or any 3 for £9.95
  • Trentina - tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham and rocket £8.25
  • Filetto al Diana - Grilled 10oz fillet steak in a creamy mushroom, onion and French mustard sauce served with your choice one of our side orders £20.95
  • Marinated olives £2.95
  • Home Apple Crumble - served with cream or ice cream £4.95
  • Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino - Chicken breast, garlic and fresh chillies tossed in extra virgin olive oil £8.95
  • 1/2 rack of baby back ribs - Choose one side from our side orders £7.25
  • Onion Rings £2.49
  • Cod £6.99
    • Battered Cod, chipolte mayo, hot pico salsa, lettuce, cheddar cheese and sour cream
  • Arizona Peach Iced Tea £3.59
  • Sweet Potato Fries £2.99
  • Appletizer £2.49
  • 8 Churros £5.99
    • Crispy and golden deep fried dough, dusted with cinnamon sugar, served with chocolate or caramel sauce
  • Brooklyn Naranjito £4.00
    • 355ml ABV 4.5%
  • Corona 330ml £3.99
    • ABV% 4.2 330ml
  • Sri Lankan Curry - with augerbine, cauliflower, mushroom and peas, served with basmati rice £7.25
  • Lebanese Breakfast - with potato harra, fried halloumi and toasted pitta. £7.50
  • Choose from tortilla wraps, salad or wholemeal toasted bread with falafel with green leaves, radish and mint tzatziki £4.95
  • Homemade cheesecake £4.75, add toppings: 90p
  • Huevos Mexicanos - scrambled tofu with beans, fresh tomatoes, chilli and coriander served with a warm tortilla £5.95
  • Falafel Burger - in a sesame bun served with side salad and homemade chips £7.10
  • Choose from tortilla wraps, salad or wholemeal toasted bread with hummus with toasted sesame seeds and crunchy slaw £4.75
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding - Homemade and served with toffee sauce £3.95
  • Glazed Ring Doughnut
    • A ring doughnut topped with fondant icing
  • Bacon and Cheese Wrap
    • Delicious unsmoked back bacon and tangy cheddar cheese are bundled together in a big, golden puff pastry hug.
  • Roast Chicken and Bacon Club Baguette
    • Our take on the classic Chicken Club includes chunks of succulent roast chicken breast in mayonnaise, sweetcure bacon, juicy sliced tomato and fresh salad leaves.
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites
    • BBQ flavour coated chicken breast pieces.
  • Three Cheese Pizza
    • Pizza has a combination of cheddar, mozzarella and gouda on a focaccia style base.
  • Tuna and Sweetcorn Baguette
    • Another classic combination for you to enjoy here! Tuna chunks and sweetcorn, mixed in mayonnaise with fresh salad leaves all in one of our freshly baked baguettes - it tastes as good as it sounds!
  • Ham and Mature Cheddar Cheese Toastie
    • As you crunch in to our new toastie, you'll be greeted with tasty Bechamel sauce, sliced honey roast ham and Cheddar cheese. Toasted for you, there and then in our shops.
  • Tuna Crunch Baguette
    • Served in a classic white baguette, it’s crunchy on the outside and wonderfully soft in the middle. Filled with dolphin friendly tuna chunks and red pepper salsa in mayonnaise, sliced red onion and fresh salad leaves.
  • Spikey Mikey
    • Caramel flavour star shaped biscuit with a coating made with Belgian milk chocolate and topped with sugar sprinkles.
  • Chicken and Bacon Sandwich
    • Our Chicken and Bacon Sandwich is made up of seasoned sliced roast chicken breast in mayonnaise with strips of cooked smoke flavour sweet cure bacon on malted brown bread.
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    • Egg mayonnaise and slices of free range egg with just a pinch of black pepper. Sandwiched in our own soft malted brown bread, it’s a delicious blast from the past.
  • Mexican Chicken Baguette
    • Packed with delicious Mexican style chicken breast, mild cheddar cheese and a hint of chilli, this baguette is packed with crunchy sliced red onion, fiery green jalapeños, sweet chilli sauce, and fajita flavour mayonnaise. It’s the liveliest lunch this side of Guadalajara.
  • Wrap Platter
    • Our 12-piece wrap platter comes with a selection* of: Mexican Chicken, Mexican Bean, Chargrill Chicken and Tandoori Chicken.
  • Chargrill Chicken Oval Bite
    • Slices of chargrill flavour chicken are layered on fresh salad leaves, tomato and cucumber. With honey-mustard mayonnaise, served in our seeded Oval Bite, you can almost smell the smoky summer barbecue.
  • Tandoori Chicken Baguette
    • This crunchy white baguette is layered with slices of roast chicken breast in our tasty tandoori style mayonnaise, on a bed of fresh salad leaves. Rich and aromatic, it’s a great way to liven up your lunch.
  • Southern Fried Potato Wedges
    • Lightly spiced with a combination of herbs and spices
  • Special Karahi Bhuna £6.95
    • A host of spices in tarka base, capsicums & onions, cooked in karahi.
  • American Spicy Pizza £4.95
    • Spicy pepperoni, onions & jalapenos for extra spice.
  • Chicago Pizza £5.95
    • Minced lamb, barbecue sauce, onions & cheddar cheese.
  • Vegetarian Pizza (V) £5.95
    • A fresh feast of onion, pepper, mushrooms, sliced tomato & olives.
  • Spaghetti with Seafood £6.95
    • Spaghetti tossed with mixed seafood in pomodoro sauce.
  • Vegetable Pakora £2.95
  • Mixed Tikka Starter £5.50
  • Chicken Chaat Starter £4.50
  • Sada Chawal Aromatic steamed basmati rice. £1.70
  • Palak Gosht (Lamb with spinach) £8.90
  • Vegetable Karahi £8.90
  • King Prawn £10.90
  • Kakra Roti Minced crab meat tossed with onions mashed potatoes and aromatic spices served on a light crispy pancake style fried bread. £4.90
  • Aroma Mix Special £10.90
  • Goon Golda Baza King prawns marinated in various spiceswrapped in fresh spinach then deep fried in bread crumbs to create a superb crispy prawn. £4.90
  • Chicken Manchurian Worldwide popular Chinese dish. Does not need any introduction. Medium-sweet £9.90
  • Sharer Dozen £17.45
    • Sharer Dozen, a selection of our best selling doughnuts
  • Original Glazed Dozen Bundle (One Dozen Free) £47.90
    • Buy 4x Original Glazed dozen and get 1 extra dozen for FREE!
  • Choose Your Own Dozen £18.45
    • Choose Your Own Dozen, handpick your favourites. As our doughnuts are made fresh daily, please note that they are subject to availability.
  • Original Glazed Double Dozen £23.95
    • 2 Original Glazed Dozen, double up on the original.
  • Sharer Dozen Bundle (5 sharer dozen) £69.80
    • Buy 4x Sharer Dozen bundle and get 1 extra dozen for FREE!
  • Doughnut Bites x4 £19.95
    • 4 boxes of our doughnut bites
  • Original Glazed Dozen £14.95
    • 12 Original Glazed doughnuts, the Original and arguably the best.
  • Choose Your Own Dozen & 4 Boxes of Doughnut Bites £34.95
    • Choose your own dozen plus 4 boxes of our doughnut bites. As our doughnuts are made fresh daily, please note that they are subject to availability.
White Hart Islay Restaurant

White Hart Islay Restaurant



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1 Charlotte St, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay PA42 7DF, UK
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