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Miller & Carter Steakhouse in Essex has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Appletiser or Strathmore Water from TGI Fridays. Byron Chelmsford offers many options including Snapple Peach Iced Tea and Dalston Fizzy Elderflower (330ml). Grill Bros Colchester includes a wide range like Oasis Summer Fruits or Oasis Orange. Lassi and Water (1.5Ltr Bottles) from . Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant offers Alford Arms and British cheese plate with ‘Alford’ oatcakes, toasted seed crackers and spiced ‘Ashridge’ pink apple jam (n) (Berkshire Barkham Blue, Wobbly Bottom Farm cheddar, Surrey saval).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Egg Fried Rice -
  • Peking Style Spare Ribs -
  • Stir Fried Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce -
  • Ice Cream -
  • Congee with Pork -
  • Chicken Curry -
  • *Thai Style Chicken Fried Rice -
  • Onion -
  • Hot Buffalo Burger £8.95
    • Buttermilk fried chicken burger shaken in buffalo sauce, in a toasted brioche bun with crunchy lettuce, pickles, American cheese and blue cheese sauce.
  • Sprite Glass £2.25
    • 330ml glass.
  • Pact Cold Coffee £3.95
    • Milk option available.
  • Lemon & Herb Chicken £0.00
    • Grilled chicken basted in our mild zesty lemon and herb sauce.
  • Sweet Chilli £1.00
  • Zero Sugar Root Beer Virgil's £2.95
    • 355ml Can. Virgil's all natural zero sugar. 0 calories, 0 anything artificial, 0 aspartame sucralose, 0 guilt, great taste.
  • Buttermilk Fried Boneless Wings £5.00
    • Our signature strips of boneless chicken breast, marinated in buttermilk & spices and then breaded and deep fried to golden brown. Served as original with ranch sauce or sauced & tossed in a flavour of your choice.
  • Onion Rings £3.50
    • Whole onion rings coated in bread crumbs.
  • Jacket Potato A large jacket spud filed with a choice from below and served with a side salad. -
  • Ham, Egg & Chips Home cooked ham served with egg as you like it and chips £4.95
  • Cheesy Chips £1.50
  • Homemade Cottage Pie Minced beef, onions and veg topped with fluffy mashed potato, served with mixed vegetables and onion gravy £5.75
  • Liver & Bacon Casserole Tasty liver & bacon casserole served with mashed potato, peas & carrots £5.95
  • Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese Italian style bolognese sauce made with minced beef, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bacon and cheese, served on a bed of spaghetti with garlic bread £5.95
  • Fresh Haddock cooked in a crispy homemade beer batter served with chips and mushy peas & optional bread & butter £5.50
  • OAP Price £4.70
  • chapati thin rolled bread made from wholemeal flour, baked on a dry skillet and then further cooked on a naked flame £0.85
  • - KING PRAWN £6.45
  • chicken tikka chasni popular dish from calcutta. garnished with almonds , yoghurt & mango chutney to give a very mild taste £5.75
  • tarka daal lentils tempered with onions, spices and fried garlic £2.20
  • spinach balti balti dish with spinach. CHICKEN / PRAWN / MEAT £5.30
  • jeera lamb karahi cooked with onions, capsicums & tomatoes with shahi jeera in a thick sauce £5.75
  • bhuna medium with onions, garlic & tomatoes -
  • egg fried rice stir fried with eggs and light spices £1.95
  • Tandoori King Prawn Shaslik £14.95
    • King prawn with peppers and onion roasted.
  • Veg Momo £5.45
  • Tarka Dal £5.95
  • Saag Bhaji £5.95
    • Spinach.
  • Jalfrezi (Medium Hot) £7.45
    • Cooked with tomatoes, capsicum, onions and finished in sauce with added green chillies.
  • Bread Basket (G) (N) £6.95
    • Plain naan, tandoori roti and peshwari naan.
  • Saag Paneer £5.95
    • Spinach and Indian cottage cheese.
  • Chicken Pakora £5.95
    • Deep fried pieces of chicken breast coated in gram flour and spices.
  • Spicy Carne Calzone £12.95
    • Chicken, meatballs and mushrooms with Bolognese and red wine sauce
  • Large Garlic Pizza Bread (V) £6.70
    • Topped with balsamic onions and mozzarella. Vegetarian. Gluten free option available
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 500 ml £2.80
  • Chicken Caesar Salad £11.55
    • Served with garlic bread. Gluten free option available
  • Spaghetti Carbonara £10.50
    • With pancetta and crispy prosciutto. Gluten free option available
  • Tre Gusti Pizza £11.80
    • Pepperoni, chicken and pancetta. Gluten free option available
  • NEW Garlic Bread with Balsamic Onions & Mozzarella (V) £4.90
    • Pizza bread topped with garlic, sweet balsamic onions and mozzarella. Vegetarian. Gluten free option available
  • Sparkling Rose - Italy 750ml £27.00
    • Pink bubbles with summer berry notes.
  • Chicken Eater Pizza £7.99
    • Chicken, mushroom & sweetcorn.
  • Supreme Meat Pizza £10.99
    • Beef, lamb donner, pepperoni.
  • Supreme Chicken Pizza £7.99
    • Chicken, tandoori chicken, Chinese chicken, chicken donner.
  • Supreme Chicken Pizza £10.99
    • Chicken, tandoori chicken, Chinese chicken, chicken donner.
  • Chicken Nuggets £5.49
  • BBQ Originals Pizza £10.99
    • Chicken, green peppers & special BBQ sauce.
  • Burger Meal 2 £5.99
    • Fish or veggie burger, regular fries & a can of soft drink.
  • Coleslaw £1.99
    • Choice of regular or large.
  • Tiger Prawns £23.00
    • Marinated in wine & garlic butter sauce.
  • Lamb Shish £17.00
    • Bread and special sauce, lamb shish with yoghurt & butter.
  • Asparagus £7.00
    • Sauteed in butter and served with garlic yoghurt.
  • Feta Cheese Salad £6.50
    • Tomato, cucumber, red onions, parsley, olive oil, feta cheese & olives.
  • Kisir £5.00
    • A blend of crushed wheat, celery, parsley, peppers, mint & herbs in a dry tomato sauce.
  • Guvec £16.00
    • Succulent chicken or lamb, green peppers, tomatoes, aubergines & onion cooked in clay pot with tomato sauce.
  • Pan Fried Prawns £8.50
    • Prawns, green & red peppers, garlic in homamade tomato sauce.
  • Diet Coke (330ml) £2.00
  • Liver & Bacon Casserole Tasty liver & bacon casserole served with mashed potato, peas & carrots £5.95
  • Broccoli and Cream Cheese Bake Broccoli and diced onions in a white sauce & cream cheese topped with sliced potato and parmesan served with gaarlic bread & salad £6.75
  • Deep Filled Pies A choice of either chicken, ham & leek or steak, ale & stilton deep filled pie served with chips or mash, peas and gravy. £6.45
  • Child All 3 Courses £7.00
  • - Cheese or Beans £3.50 / or both £3.75
  • Chicken Tikka Massala A medium spiced chicken curry served with either rice or chips and onion bahji £5.95
  • Childs Main Course £3.00
  • Cheesy Chips £1.50
  • Spicy Bean Burger N/A
  • Heinz dips - Tomato or BBQ N/A
  • Grilled Chicken Salad (mild/hot) with dressing N/A
  • Classic Recipe Chicken N/A
  • Chicken Fillet / Sizzler Burger N/A
  • Chocolate ring doughnut N/A
  • Cobette N/A
  • Mini Fillet Burger N/A
  • Vegan Sausage Roll
    • Our new vegan friendly sausage roll has been designed to mirror some of the sausage roll’s classic features including 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry but instead we wrap it around our own bespoke Quorn filling.
  • Mexican Chicken Wrap
    • We've got a tasty new wrap for you with a kick! Mexican style chicken breast with chipotle chilli sauce, sliced mixed peppers, fresh salad leaves and chipotle chilli flavoured mayonnaise in a tortilla wrap.
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    • Egg mayonnaise and slices of free range egg with just a pinch of black pepper. Sandwiched in our own soft malted brown bread, it’s a delicious blast from the past.
  • Christmas Tree Biscuit
    • Ginger biscuit covered with chocolate coating and decorated with sugar sprinkles and a sugar paste star
  • Honey Roast Ham and Egg Salad Sub Roll
    • Honey Roast Ham, crisp Iceberg Lettuce, fresh Tomato, hard-boiled Free Range egg, juicy Cucumber and Mayonnaise work together perfectly in this lunchtime treat. Served in our own pillow-soft, white bread, this lunchtime classic is as filling as it is delicious.
  • Southern Fried Chicken Goujons
    • Tender chicken breast goujons coated in lightly spiced southern fried style breadcrumbs.
  • Iced Ring Doughnut
    • A delicious ring doughnut topped with white fondant and chocolate flavour spin.
  • Cheese and Onion Salad Roll
    • Grated cheese and fat free soft cheese, packed together with sliced onions and julienne carrots in mayonnaise and salad cream. We've even put some mature cheddar cheese slices in there for good measure.
  • Christmas Lunch Sandwich
    • Succulent slices of turkey breast, sweetcure bacon, pork, onion and sage stuffing and cranberry & port sauce is layered with mixed salad leaves and mayonnaise in our malted brown bread.
  • Omelette Breakfast Roll
    • Enjoy tasty omelette in our pillowy soft breakfast roll, with HP or Ketchup (Heinz of course).
  • Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich
    • Our Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich skips the frills and gets straight on with the flavour.
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese Salad Baguette
    • Sliced mature Cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber and mixed salad leaves in a white baguette.
  • Sausage Breakfast Baguette
    • Made with freshly cooked sausages in a crusty baguette – all it needs is a little dash of brown or red sauce. We’ll let you choose.
  • Wrap Platter
    • Our 12-piece wrap platter comes with a selection* of: Mexican Chicken, Mexican Bean, Chargrill Chicken and Tandoori Chicken.
  • Raspberry and Almond Bakes
    • raspberry and almond bakes are made up of a shortbread base and sponge sandwiched with a raspberry flavoured filling, topped with almond flakes.
  • Sweet Mince Pie
    • Deliciously crumbly shortcrust pastry is filled with a sweet mincemeat, made with vine fruits, Bramley apple and candied orange and lemon peel
  • Avocado & Mushroom, Hummus, Rocket Salad, Tahini (Vg) £5.50
  • Beef Kofta, Hummus, Rocket Salad, Tahini (H) £6.00
  • Falafels, Hummus, Rocket Salad, Tahini (Vg) £5.50
  • Roast Chicken Shawarma, Hummus, Rocket Salad, Tahini (H) £6.00
  • Fentimas Elderflower £2.50
  • Halloumi & Mushroom (V) £7.50
    • With hummus, rocket salad, couscous, feta cheese, sumac, tahini and flatbread.
  • Double Chocolate (VG) (GF) £2.50
  • Fentimas Lemonade £2.50
  • Ginger Beer £2.95
  • Khwae River Curry with Pork & Roti (G) 🌶 £11.50
    • A blend of red and green curry with pork - and roti to mop it up. Made for me by an old friend on the Khwae River in Kanchanaburi. We toned down the heat so it doesn't set your teeth on fire!
  • Shiraz Cabernet, One Chain Vineyards, South Australia £22.95
  • Sticky Chicken (G) £12.75
    • A favourite amongst our regulars. It’s all in the balance – crispy but not dry, sticky without being soggy. Our chefs do love a challenge…
  • Hawker-Style Moo Ping £6.50
    • Garlic and coriander marinated pork skewers seared over charcoal for a juicy, chargrilled texture. Enjoy with spicy tamarind sauce.
  • Prawn Pad Thai (N) £10.95
  • Tropical Jungle Curry (Keang Pa) 🌶🌶 (VE) £12.90
    • Refreshing and spicy, this curry doesn’t use coconut milk like your usual Thai curries. Packed full of incredibly fragrant Thai herbs – just like being in a jungle!
  • Salt and Pepper Squid (GS Favourite) (G) £8.25
    • A bestseller! A hint of sweetness from the fresh squid and a touch of salt and pepper in the light, crispy coating.
  • Margherita (V) - buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato and basil £8.95
  • Bread and Butter £1.50
  • Lamb Burger - with mint mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion and fries £10.75
  • Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake (gluten free) £4.95
  • English Tea £1.50
  • Spiced Chickpeas with Spinach (V) - £3.95
  • Baby Calamari - with garlic aioli £4.45
  • New York Beef Burger - with pastrami, monterey jack cheese, sweetcorn relish, lettuce, tomato, red onion and fries £10.95
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High Road, Langdon Hills, Basildon SS16 6HJ, England
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