Spice Room in Alcester Menu

  • The Spice Room Classic- A cocktail of spiced rum & coffee with a subtle flavour of star aniseed & cinnamon £6.25
  • Tiramisu Martini- The sensational flavour of the famous Italian dessert recreated in this amazing cocktail £6.25
  • Espresso Martini- A different way to taste your coffee £5.25
  • Ice-Cream- 2 Scoops either vanilla or chocolate £2.95
  • Toffee Lumpy Bumpy Cheesecake- Layers of toffee flavoured sponge, toffee flavoured mousse and ‘lumpy bumpy’ cheesecake, topped with chocolate chunks, caramel and chocolate fudge £3.95
  • The Spice Room Choc-o-Cake- A must for all chocolate lovers! Moist chocolate cake with rich chocolate and nut filling, served warm with ice cream £3.75
  • Kulfi- Classic Indian Ice Cream—Assorted flavours £3.25
  • Gulab Jamun- Deep fried dumplings soaked in sugar syrup and served hot £3.25
  • Gajjar ka Halwa- Hot Indian Carrot dessert garnished with pistachio nuts £3.25
 Side Dishes-Sundries
  • Chutney £0.50
  • Popodom & Chutney £1.00
  • Plain Yoghurt £1.50
  • Sliced Onions, Chillies & Lemon £1.50
  • Mixed Raita £2.95
  • Mixed Salad £3.75
 Side Dishes-Bread
  • Tandoori Roti- Whole-wheat unleavened bread £2.25
  • Methi Paratha- Layered bread with fenugreek £2.95
  • Lachedar Paratha- Mouth watering layered bread £2.95
  • Cheese Naan- Naan stuffed with cheese £3.15
  • Chilli Naan- Naan with chopped green chillies £2.95
  • Aloo Kulcha- Naan stuffed with potatoes and spices £3.15
  • Keema Naan- Naan stuffed with tasty lamb mince £3.45
  • Peshawari Naan- Sweet Naan filled with coconut & raisin £3.15
  • Lasuni Naan- Garlic flavoured Naan £2.95
  • Traditional Naan- With or without butter £2.45
 Side Dishes-Rice
  • Biryani- Basmati rice flavoured with saffron cardamom, mace & mint. Served with mint raita. (Vegetable/Chicken/Lamb) £8.95/£9.95/£9.95
  • Egg Fried Rice- Rice tossed with garlic, fried egg and soya sauce, finished with coriander £4.75
  • Peanut Rice- South Indian style stir fried rice £4.25
  • Mushroom Rice- Basmati Rice tossed with dices of mushroom, with a touch of garlic £4.25
  • Jeera Rice- Basmati rice flavoured with cumin seeds £3.50
  • Pilau Rice- Basmati rice flavoured with saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves & bay leaves £3.50
  • Steamed Basmati- Rice Finest Basmati rice £2.95
 Side Dishes-Vegetarian
  • Tarka Daal- Yellow & red lentils exotically flavoured with garlic, onions & tomato £5.95
  • Daal Makhni- Traditional Punjabi style black lentils, with a rich creamy flavour £6.50
  • Bombay Aloo- Fried potatoes cooked with tomatoes, seasoned with garam masala £6.50
  • Saag Aloo- Potatoes cooked with spinach, finished with garlic, tomatoes & onions £6.50
  • Ghobi Aloo Mutter- Cauliflower, potato & peas cooked traditionally in a special sauce £6.50
  • Peshawari Chole- Chickpeas cooked in a special peshawari masala of tomatoes & onion £6.50
  • Bhindi-do-piazza- Okra enriched with ajwain & cooked with cubes of onions £6.95
  • Mixed Vegetable Curry- Seasonal vegetables cooked in a creamy sauce finished with fresh coriander £6.95
  • Mushroom Tak-a-Tak- Mushrooms tossed with tomatoes, onions & peppers with garlic & coriander £6.95
  • Khumb – Makai – Palak- Mushroom, corn & spinach sautéed with garlic and spices £6.95
  • Baingan Bharta- Tandoor smoked aubergines cooked with fresh garlic, onion & green coriander £6.95
  • Katri Kai- Baby Aubergines cooked with mustard & curry leaves, with a touch of lemon £6.95
  • Paneer Makhni- Dices of Paneer cooked in a smooth, rich tomato sauce with a touch of cream £7.45
  • Karahi Paneer Dices of Paneer- cooked in a traditional Indian wok with peppers, onion & tomato £7.45
  • The Spice Room Masala- Vegetarian mince and green peas cooked with a difference £7.45
  • King Prawn in Hot Garlic Sauce- King Prawns marinated and served in chilli garlic sauce £12.95
  • King Prawn Karahi- King prawns cooked in a traditional Indian wok with peppers, onion & tomato £12.95
  • Prawn Malai Makhni- Prawns tossed in a creamy sauce of tomato, garlic & coconut £8.95
  • Kerala Fish Curry- Tilapia specially cooked with mustard & curry leaves. £8.95
  • Keema Aloo Mutter- Succulent minced lamb sautéed with potatoes & green peas £8.25
  • Lamb Madras (spicy)- Lamb in a hot spicy masala, with mustard & curry leaves £8.25
  • Lamb in Hot Garlic Sauce- Chinese style lamb, shredded & tossed in a spicy garlic sauce £8.25
  • Gosht Palakwala- Tender Lamb cooked with spinach, roasted garlic & fenugreek £8.25
  • Karahi Lamb- Lamb cooked in a traditional Indian wok with peppers, onion & tomato £8.25
  • Lamb Korma (mild)- Lamb pieces simmered in a creamy, delicately flavoured yoghurt sauce £8.25
  • Lamb Rogan Gosh- Tender lamb pieces in a special rich sauce £8.25
  • Lamb Pasanda (mild)- Lamb braised in tomato, yoghurt and cashewnut sauce with mace & nutmeg £8.25
  • Chicken Vindaloo (spicy)- Chicken with pieces of potato, in a special tomato & tamarind sauce £8.15
  • Lasooni Chicken- Chicken cooked in a tomato sauce with a punch of fresh garlic £8.15
  • Murgh Adraki- Chicken, simmered in a tomato and onion sauce with a punch of ginger £8.15
  • Karahi Chicken- Chicken cooked in a traditional Indian wok with peppers, onion & tomato £8.15
  • Chicken Tikka Masala (mild)- Pieces of chicken tikka in a rich tomato & onion sauce with a touch of cream £8.25
  • Chicken Jalfrazi- Juliennes of chicken tossed & stir fried with onion, capsicum & green chilli £8.15
  • Chicken Makhani (mild)- Chicken pieces in a rich tomato sauce, with fenugreek & a touch of butter £8.25
  • Methi Chicken- A semi dry chicken dish with onions & garlic, flavoured with fenugreek £8.15
  • Chicken Haryali- Chicken cooked in a fresh coriander & chillies sauce £8.25
  • Chicken Korma (mild)-Chicken pieces simmered in a creamy, delicately flavoured yoghurt sauce £8.25
  • Jalapeño Peppers- Batter fried hot jalapeño peppers stuffed with cream cheese £5.45
  • Punjabi Vegetable Samosas- Vegetable samosas served with channa, yogurt & saunth chutney £4.95
  • Salt & Pepper Vegetables- Stir fried vegetables tossed with salt, pepper & chillies £5.95
  • Aloo Tikki- Pan-fried patties of spiced mashed potato filled with green peas £4.95
  • Mogo Plain Fried- Cassava delicately cut fried and served with tomato chutney £4.55
  • Aloo Papri Chaat- Crispy pastry bites with chickpeas, potatoes, yoghurt & tamarind chutney £4.55
  • Onion Bhaji- Crispy fritters of onions with tamarind chutney £4.95
  • Crispy Mushroom Fritters- Sliced mushrooms, coated in a spicy batter & fried £5.95
  • Paneer Shashlick- Paneer marinated in special tandoori masala, with onion, pepper, tomato £6.95
  • Chilli Paneer with Cashewnuts- Pieces of Paneer stir fried with garlic, peppers & soy sauce £6.95
  • Chilli Mogo (A Spice Room Speciality)- Cassava stir fried in a special sauce of chillies, garlic & soy sauce £5.95
  • Edamame Beans- Edamame Beans with either Salt or Chilli Salt £3.50
  • Zafrani Jhinga- Marinated King Prawns, delicately flavoured with saffron, cooked in tandoor £10.95
  • Crispy Prawn Bites- Crispy battered prawns, delicately spiced £8.95
  • Chilli Fish- Dices of Tilapia tossed with peppers & onions in special chilli sauce £7.50
  • Fish Amritsari- Crispy Tilapia fritters, with mint chutney £7.50
  • Chilli Lamb- Shredded Lamb tossed with peppers & onions in special chilli sauce £7.45
  • Tandoori Lamb Chops- A Spice Room Speciality – Tender chops marinated in spices £7.95
  • Lamb Samosas- Pastry filled with spicy minced lamb £4.95
  • Pudina Seekh Kebab (2pc)- Skewers of minced lamb, flavoured with spices and fresh mint £3.95
  • Tandoori Chicken- Wings Tender chicken wings marinated in special tandoori masala, cooked in tandoor £5.95
  • Wings of Heaven- Crispy chicken wings served with chilli sauce £5.95
  • Jeera Chicken- Chicken tossed with cumin seeds flavoured with spices £6.95
  • Chicken Tikka- Chicken marinated in special tandoori masala, cooked in tandoor £6.95
  • Chilli Chicken- Chicken tossed with assorted peppers, soy sauce & seasoning £6.95

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