Silks in Driffield Menu

Silks in Driffield has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Milkshakes or Bottle (1.5ltr) from Falcons Kebabs. Viet Memories Restaurant offers many options including Sparkling Water and Spring Water. Pride Of Hull includes a wide range like Rubicon or Mineral Water (500ml). 7 Pigs in Blankets and Southern Fried Chicken Goujons from . Greggs Plc offers Thai House and 68. Tom Yum Salted Fries (Mild) (VG).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Chicken Caesar Salad ~baby back ribs, BBQ sauce, corn cob £9.95
  • Surf 'n' Turf, atlantic prawns in our cocktail sauce (Regular/Double Stacked) £8.95/£10.95
  • Colonel Peppers ~chicken breast, black pepper sauce, corn cob & salad garnish £12.95
  • Calypso Coffee ~tia maria £4.00
  • French Coffee ~brandy £4.00
  • The Big Bunch, grilled tomato, bacon, cheese & a fried egg (Regular/Double Stacked) £8.95/£10.95
  • Ice Cream Stack ~3 scoops with the choice of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or choc mint £4.25
  • 10oz Rump £12.95
  • Hawaiian £8.95
    • Ham, pineapple and grated cheese.
  • Scampi £6.95
    • Deep fried breaded tails scampi with tartare sauce and salad.
  • Gammon Steak £9.95
    • Served with fried egg, pineapple, chips, peas and salad.
  • 8oz Sirloin Steak £15.95
    • Served with mushroom, tomato and chips.
  • Prawn Cocktail £6.25
    • Homemade Marie rose sauce & warm granary bread.
  • Penne Funghi £8.45
    • Penne pasta, served with mushrooms in a creamy garlic white wine sauce.
  • Eggs Royal £7.45
    • Smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs served on a toasted muffin in hollandaise sauce.
  • Apple Crumble £4.95
  • Hennessy Paradis £13.95
  • Johnny Walker Black Label £2.50
  • TANDOORI MIX A combination of chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab. £5.50
  • KULCHA Nan stuffed with a choice of fillings: keema, cheese, garlic, green chilli or spiced potatoes. £2.75
  • MURGH TIKKA MASALA Grilled chicken simmered in a rich butter and tomato sauce. £7.95
  • MURGH or GOSHT TIKKA SHASHLIK Succulent pieces of chicken or lamb tikka marinated with yoghurt and special spices barbecued with onion, capsicum and tomatoes £9.50
  • Cointreau £2.25
  • ALOO JEERA HARA DHANIYA Diced potato tossed in cumin, lemon juice, onion seeds and coriander. £4.50 / £7.50
  • Sloppy Giuseppe £12.65
    • Hot spiced beef, green pepper, red onion, mozzarella and tomato.
  • NEW Chocolate Fondant (V) £6.70
    • A rich, warm chocolate cake with a soft melting centre
  • Vegan Margherita (V) (Ve) (VG) £8.95
    • Vegan mozzarella alternative and tomato
  • NEW Leggera Vegan Veneziana (Ve) (VG) £12.40
    • Under 600 calories. Pine kernels, red onion, baby capers, black olives, sultanas, vegan mozzarella alternative and tomato
  • NEW Leggera Veneziana (V) (N) £12.40
    • Under 600 calories. Pine kernels, red onion, baby capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato. The price of this pizza includes a discretionary 25p donation to the Veneziana Fund. Vegan option available
  • Chianti Riserva D.O.C.G £23.65
    • 75 cl. Tuscany, Italy (ABV 12.5%) Smooth ripe fruit flavours with a hint of spice
  • Fiorentina (V) £11.40
    • Spinach, free-range egg, mozzarella, tomato, garlic oil and black olives, finished with Gran Milano cheese.
  • Calzone 'Nduja £15.50
    • "Our hottest yet! Soft and spicy ’nduja sausage, pepperoni, Roquito peppers, red chilli, hot green peppers, tomato and mozzarella, topped with pancetta and Gran Milano cheese. Served with salad and our light house dressing"
  • Pepsi Max (1.5 Ltr) £2.29
  • Deal For One £12.99
    • Any individual pizza + any side (including Stuffed Crust) + 1 drink
  • Vegan BBQ Jack'N'Ch**se (VG) £20.99
    • Tomato sauce, Vegan Ch**se, BBQ jackfruit, peppers, red onions, sweetcorn & BBQ drizzle
  • Cheesy Bite Bites (V) £5.39
  • Vegan Hot'N'Spicy Veg (VG) 🌶 £13.19
    • Tomato sauce, Vegan Ch**se, roasted peppers & onions, hut house seasoning, peppers, jalapenos & red onions
  • Vegan All About Mushrooms (VG) £21.79
    • Tomato sauce, Vegan Ch**se, Garlic Mushrooms, closed cup mushrooms
  • Deal For Two £23.99
    • Sharing pan or thin pizza + any 2 sides + 1 Bottled Drink
  • Epic Veggie (V) £12.49
    • Tomato sauce, triple cheese blend, flame roasted peppers & onions, garlic mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & spinach




Ground Floor 42 Market Place, Driffield, North Humberside, YO256AN ,





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$0 - $10



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Counter Service



Takeaway Food



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Ground Floor 42 Market Place, Driffield, North Humberside, YO256AN ,
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