Mill Lane Fish Bar in St Helens Menu

Mill Lane Fish Bar in St Helens has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Strawberry Milkshake or Chocolate Milkshake from High On Spice. Greggs offers many options including 7 Pigs in Blankets and Southern Fried Chicken Goujons. Five Guys Burgers & Fries includes a wide range like Corona or Brooklyn Lager. Hitachino Yuzu Ginger Non-Ale 0.3% and Cloudy Lemonade (Large) from . Wagamama offers Bernadette Keogh and Red Bull.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Pinot Grigio, Italy £17.95
    • Dry and crisp with flavours of fresh apple. Light and vibrant.
  • Bangers & Mash £11.50
    • Trio of local speciality pork sausages including cumberland wheel, real mash, garden peas & onion gravy.
  • Cheesy Chips £4.95
  • Real Sweet Potato Fries £4.50
  • 3 Egg Omelette £7.50
    • A plain omelette, served with fries, garnish & homemade coleslaw. A choice of fillings are available.
  • The Ultimate Boulevard Burger £13.95
    • 12oz prime beef steak burger, crispy bacon, gruyere cheese, fried egg, hash browns, black pudding, chips or wedges.
  • Boulevard French Breakfast £8.95
    • 2 rashers of smoked back bacon on brioche with 2 softly poached eggs, topped with melted brie.
  • Chicken Ceaser £11.95
    • Crunchy lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber & tender pieces of chicken breast in a tasty ceasar dressing, topped with parmesan shavings, croutons & anchovies.
  • Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar V
    • Extra dark chocolate bar filled with hazelnut cream and nibbed hazelnuts. A bespoke recipe for Caffè Nero made in the North Eastern region of Italy.
  • Stem Ginger Biscuits V
    • Golden brown biscuits made with pieces of stem ginger, and also ground ginger.
  • Shortbread V
    • Crisp and crunchy all butter shortbread biscuits.
  • Chargrilled Chicken Salad Sandwich
    • British chargrilled chicken with fresh salad leaves, vine ripened tomatoes, cucumber and free range mayonnaise
  • Smoked Ham & Mature Cheddar Tostati
    • Smoked British ham with mature Cheddar on sliced ciabatta bread
  • Fruit & Nut Mix V
    • A mix of almonds, dried sweetened cranberries, pistachio nuts and golden raisins.
  • Cranberry, Seeds & Oat Muffin V
    • A delicately spiced muffin, made with linseeds, chia seeds and cranberries, topped with pumpkin seeds and oat flakes.
  • Italian Five Cheese Tostati Melt V
    • Mozzarella, Cheddar, Regato and Provolone with mascarpone on cheese topped sourdough bread
  • Deep Fried Tofu in Sweet and Sour Sauce (V) £6.30
  • Ho Fun £5.80
  • Spring Onion and Ginger £6.30
  • Curry £2.00
  • Black Pepper £2.00
  • Crispy Aromatic Duck Half (1/2) £15.00
  • Singapore Vermicelli/Noodles (Dry) £7.80
    • Chicken, vegetable, crabstick and char siu.
  • Crispy Duck Spring Rolls (4) £3.20
  • Chardonnay £16.95
    • Fruity with a tasty, biscuit character.
  • Tiramisu £3.95
  • Rigatoni Alla Napoletane £9.50
    • Meatballs in tomato sauce.
  • Chips £2.95
  • Sauteed Mushrooms £2.95
  • Salmone All Griglia £13.95
  • Penne Pollo Pesto £9.50
    • Chicken in fresh pesto.
  • Pizza Pizza £10.95
    • Meat feast.
  • Truffled Fries £4.00
  • Bread Board with Slow Cooked Garlic, Balsamic & Oils £4.50
  • House Salad with Lettuce, Baby Tomatoes, Red Onions & House Dressing £5.95
  • Cheese Board with Crackers & Spiced Tomato Chutney £8.50
  • Lemon Cheesecake & Raspberry Puree £4.95
  • Stuffed Roast Belly Pork £12.95
  • Chilli & Garlic Marinated Olives £2.95
  • House Slaw £2.50
Mill Lane Fish Bar

Mill Lane Fish Bar



235 Mill Lane, St Helens, Merseyside, WA94EY ,





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$0 - $10



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Counter Service



Fish & Chips , Seafood



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235 Mill Lane, St Helens, Merseyside, WA94EY ,