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Gullivers Fish Shop in Middlesbrough has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Homemade Soup of the Day with Warm Bread or Smooth Potted Duck Parfait with Spiced Apple Chutney & Toasted Bread from Three Horseshoes. Greggs Plc offers many options including Pain au Chocolat and Almond Croissant. The Kings Arms includes a wide range like Selection of Dorset Cheese- served with biscuits, chutney & fruit or Selection of Purbeck Ice Cream or Sorbet- please ask for todays choices. Pain au Chocolat and Almond Croissant from . Greggs Plc offers Greggs Plc and Pain au Chocolat.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • - -
  • - Quality disposable plates & cutlery and serviettes -
  • - Rump steak (175g/6oz) £3.75
  • - Fillet of slamon with lemon & chive mayonnaise -
  • - Relishes, sauces and bread & roll selection to compliment your meal -
  • - Gourmet pork sausages (pork & apple, pork & leek, lincolnshire) £0.80
  • Fish -
  • Chicken: Breaded chicken fillets, Southern seasoned chicken fillets, roast drumsticks (plain or Southern), sate, cocktail chicken kebabs, and premium chicken nuggets, mini chicken salsa wraps. -
  • Rosemary & Chutney Bread V, VG
    • Our dough baked with vegan mozzarella alternative, red onion chutney, garlic oil, rosemary and parsley
  • Diavolo GF
    • Hot spiced beef, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, green pepper, red onion and Tabasco, with your choice of hot green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers on a Classic base (pictured). Also available on a gluten-free base
  • Marinated Green Olives V, VG, GF
    • Pink peppercorns and garlic
  • Cannelloni V
    • Spinach and ricotta filled pasta with passata, béchamel, mozzarella, garlic oil and Gran Milano cheese
  • Napoletana V, GF
    • Creamy tomato and béchamel sauce with fresh basil
  • Vegan Zucca V, VG
    • Butternut squash purée with a hint of chilli, sage, garlic and rosemary roast potatoes, sweet Peppadew peppers, spinach, garlic oil, balsamic, rosemary and pine kernels, topped with rocket and chilli oil on a Romana base
  • Pollo ad Astra GF
    • Chicken, sweet Peppadew peppers, red onion, mozzarella, tomato, Cajun spices and garlic oil on a Classic base (pictured). Also available on a gluten-free base
  • Vegan Giardiniera V, VG
    • Artichoke, mushrooms, red onion and black olives, with tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative, garlic oil and parsley on a Romana base
  • Penne Arabbiate - Pasta tubes cooked in spicy tomato, garlic and pepperoni sausage sauce £7.40
  • Rigatoni alla Siciliana - Rigatoni cooked in a tomato, garlic, aubergine and basil sauce £7.60
  • Spaghetti Marinara - Spaghetti and mixed seafood in a delicious tomato and garlic sauce £7.90
  • Pizza Prosciutto - Tomato, mozzarella cheese and ham £7.20
  • Scampi A la Crema - Served with white wine, cream and mushroom sauce, served on a bed of rice £13.90
  • Antipasto Misto - Selection of Italian salami £6.30
  • Filetto Mamma Mia - Fillet steak with Gorgonzola cheese, tomato, cream and mushroom sauce £18.80
  • Risotto alla Pavarotti - Vegetarian rice and seasonal vegetable dish £7.40
  • Tandoori Chicken Baguette
    • This crunchy white baguette is layered with slices of roast chicken breast in our tasty tandoori style mayonnaise, on a bed of fresh salad leaves. Rich and aromatic, it’s a great way to liven up your lunch.
  • Novelty Ring Bun
    • A vanilla flavour fairy buns dipped in yellow fondant icing, edged with multi coloured sugar sprinkles and decorated with a novelty ring.
  • Belgian Bun
    • Finished with fondant icing and topped with a crowd-pleasing glacé cherry.
  • Cheese and Onion Salad Roll
    • Grated cheese and fat free soft cheese, packed together with sliced onions and julienne carrots in mayonnaise and salad cream. We've even put some mature cheddar cheese slices in there for good measure.
  • Classic Sandwich Platter
    • comes with: Chicken Salad, Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber, Egg Mayonnaise, Cheese and Onion and Ham Salad.
  • Chicken and Bacon Pasta
    • A delicious cooked pasta, packed with tasty sweetcorn in a chive mayonnaise style dressing. Topped with barbecue flavour chicken and smoked bacon pieces.
  • Southern Fried Chicken Goujons
    • Tender chicken breast goujons coated in lightly spiced southern fried style breadcrumbs.
  • Christmas Lunch Soup
    • A festive soup made with smoked bacon, chicken, turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pork sausage, vegetables, herbs and spices.
  • Homemade Soup of the Day with Warm Bread £4.50
  • Beef Burger & Chips with a Homemade Tomato Relish £5.50
  • Chicken Nuggets & Chips with a Homemade BBQ Dipping Sauce £5.50
  • Locally Smoked Ham Ploughman’s with Pickles & Warm Bread * £6.50
  • Onion Rings £2.20
  • Chicken Nuggets served with Chips or Vegetables £4.50
  • Mature Cheddar Ploughman’s with Pickles & Warm Bread * £5.95
  • Roasted Vegetable Tagliatelle with a Parmesan Crumb £4.95
  • Tropicana Orange Juice 250 ml N/A
  • Salad Dressing N/A
  • Mega Mix Chicken Burger N/A
  • Classic Recipe Chicken N/A
  • Drinks - Carbonated N/A
  • Grilled Tikka Burger N/A
  • 1 pc plus 3 Sizzler Wings or 2 Chicken Strips & small fries N/A
  • Chicken Fillet / Sizzler Burger N/A

Gullivers Fish Shop


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66 Newton Road, Great Ayton, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS96EA ,

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