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Greyhound Inn in Wigton has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Triple Chocolate Muffin or Jammy Heart Biscuit from Greggs Plc. Pizzaexpress offers many options including Pip Organic Rainbow Ice Lolly V, VG, GF and Pip Organic Fruity Ice Lolly V, VG, GF. Pizza Time includes a wide range like Vegetable Burger - Cheese & Mayonnaise or Plain Burger. Gluten Free Rich Fruit Cake in a... - Hand made in our certified Gluten Free kitchen. Based on our multi-award winning rich fruit cake recipe. Gold 'Great Taste Award' winner 2010. 12 month Shelf Life and Oat Crunchies - Very popular biscuits, they are made from oats, brown sugar and wholemeal flour with a light crispy texture. Come in a tray of 6. 6 Weeks Shelf Life from . Country Fare offers Greggs Plc and 7 Pigs in Blankets.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Beef Chilli Basket (fairly hot) - sautéed minced beef, garlic, onions, chillies, jalapeno peppers, mixed beans, a spicy tomato sauce, served in a tortilla basket on a bed of rice £10.95
  • the above served with 25ml of real Canadian Maple Syrup add £1.30
  • Chicken Caesar Salad - sliced chicken breast with anchovy fillets, bacon, baby gem lettuce , croutons and fresh parmesan cheese shavings in a light caesar dressing topped with softly poached egg £9.95
  • Enchiladas - tortillas with your chosen filling topped with enchilada sauce and melted cheese, all served with plain or mexican spiced rice, sour cream and salsa dips: vegetable and bean chilli single: £7.95, double: £9.95
  • Penne Custom House - penne pasta, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, onions and spinach in a chilli, garlic, white wine cream sauce with a hint of pesto £8.95
  • Penne Custom House n (vegetarian option available) - penne pasta, bacon, peppers, onions and spinach in a chilli, garlic, white wine cream sauce with a hint of pesto £5.95
  • Custom House Sticky Toffee Pudding - with butterscotch sauce and cream or ice cream £4.75
  • Spicy Wedges - with beef chilli £5.95
  • Fanta Orange (500ml) £1.85
  • Chicken Steak £2.20
  • Homemade Mince and Onion Pie £3.95
  • Haddock £5.75
  • Sausage £3.25
    • Served in a box with a toy and drink included.
  • Cheese and Onion £2.30
  • Pineapple Fritter £0.80
  • Smokie £2.45
  • 12o orange passion fruit / Apple Mango £1.75
  • Lamb ensopado - braised in chipotle sauce and coconut milk served with coriander rice £7.50
  • Dark chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce £2.50
  • Tacos - Crunchy corn shells with sour cream crispy shredded lettuce, cheese, dice tomatoes - Beef chili £4.75
  • Chicken £6.50
  • Extra dips - Fresh tomato salsa / salsa Verde / Chipotle salsa £1.00
  • Pepsi / Diet Pepsi 330ml £0.80
  • Add cheese/avocado/chipotle salsa/bean chili £0.30 ea
  • HOT TO GO Creamy Porridge
    • Creamy porridge made with jumbo oats, double cream and cinnamon
  • Glazed Ring Doughnut
    • A ring doughnut topped with fondant icing
  • Roast Chicken Mayonnaise Baguette
    • We like to keep things simple. Just like our Roast Chicken Mayo Baguette. Handmade with chunks of Roast Chicken Breast, Mayonnaise and Fresh Salad Leaves, we let these tasty ingredients speak for themselves.
  • All Butter Croissant
    • Start your day the classy way, with a light and buttery croissant. Perfect for snacking on the go, or serving up with a continental breakfast, this French classic makes a tasty change from your usual boring toast (No offence, toast).
  • Spikey Mikey
    • Caramel flavour star shaped biscuit with a coating made with Belgian milk chocolate and topped with sugar sprinkles.
  • Tomato Soup GF
  • Mexican Chicken Wrap
    • We've got a tasty new wrap for you with a kick! Mexican style chicken breast with chipotle chilli sauce, sliced mixed peppers, fresh salad leaves and chipotle chilli flavoured mayonnaise in a tortilla wrap.
  • Tuna and Sweetcorn Baguette
    • Another classic combination for you to enjoy here! Tuna chunks and sweetcorn, mixed in mayonnaise with fresh salad leaves all in one of our freshly baked baguettes - it tastes as good as it sounds!
  • Corona 330ml Bottle £1.90
  • Pizza Inferno £6.20
    • Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami, onions, olives and fresh chillies.
  • BBQ Sauce £0.60
  • Tuna Delight £5.60
    • Pizza sauce, garlic, mozzarella cheese, tuna and sweetcorn.
  • Gravy £1.00
  • Chicken Nuggets And Chips £4.50
    • Served with can of drink.
  • Spicy Beef Pizza £12.80
    • Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, spiced beef, onions and mushrooms.
  • Orange Lucozade £1.70
Greyhound Inn

Greyhound Inn



Bothel, Wigton, Cumbria, CA72HS ,





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$10 - $20




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Table Service



Pub Food



Dine in ,  Takeaway ,  Cash ,  EFTPOS ,  Visa ,  Mastercard ,  Bankcard

Bothel, Wigton, Cumbria, CA72HS ,
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