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Dobbies Garden Centre Restaurant in Dunfermline has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 7 Pigs in Blankets or Southern Fried Chicken Goujons from Greggs Plc. Anstruther Fish Bar offers many options including Restaurant Meal price includes 1 drink. and Mini Side Salad. BlackHorn includes a wide range like Lemon Meringue Pie or Fudge Doughnut. 7 Pigs in Blankets and Southern Fried Chicken Goujons from . Greggs Plc offers Greggs Plc and 7 Pigs in Blankets.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Aikman’s Pie ** Topped with puff pastry, the filling will vary regularly. Fisherman’s, Beef and Ale, Venison & Red wine, Chicken & Leek or Lamb & rosemary. Ask for today’s choice. £6.95
  • Haddock Fillet (battered or breaded) ** Always a favourite!!! £5.45
  • Pepper & Courgette Lasagne Verdi ** Layered vegetable bolognaise, cheese sauce & lasagne Verdi £5.45
  • Chocolate Fudge Gâteau £2.05
  • Aikman’s Mixed Platter Choose 3 from the following different styles of dishes from around the world: £8.35
  • Loin of Lamb ** Pan-fried loin with a bramble and butter sauce £6.75
  • Standard 7inch £3.45 / Deep Pan 9inch £5.75 / Deep Pan 12inch £7.95 -
  • Apple and Raspberry Crumble baked to order & served with custard or ice-cream £2.65
  • Homemade Classic Vanilla Shake £3.75
  • GreenThing (v) £4.50
    • Aubergine, Rocket, Diced Tomato, Dried Cranberry, Goats Cheese and a Lime Yoghurt Dressing
  • Green Burger (v) £4.50
    • Sliced Aubergine, Goats Cheese, Sunblushed Tomato & Relish
  • Irn Bru £1.50
  • Classy Chick £5.25
    • Cranberry Jelly, Brie, Avocado, Turkey, Lettuce
  • Toffee Popcorn Specialty Shakes £4.25
  • Columbo £5.50
    • Chilli Jam, Harissa, Goats Cheese, Turkey, Peppers
  • Cheese Burger £4.00
    • Beef Burger topped with melted Monterey Jack Cheese
  • House Fries £2.45
  • Cheesecake of the Day £5.95
    • Call us for today's flavour.
  • Fried Onion £7.15
  • Haggis & Cheddar £7.95
    • 6oz minced steak burger topped with grants haggis, melted scottish cheddar & all the above.
  • Chilli Fries (Beef Chilli) £2.95
  • Vegetable Burger (V) £6.95
    • Mashed potato, peas, carrots & onion rolled in breadcrumbs & grilled with all the above.
  • Hickory Burger £7.45
    • 6oz minced steak burger our own BBQ sauce & all the above.
  • Gourmet Burger £12.95
    • 12oz minced steak burger topped with grilled back bacon, melted regular cheese, hickory sauce, house fries & all the above.
  • Spicy Rice
  • Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Chunks
  • Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll S 7.10/ S1 9.10/ S2 10.60
  • Sweet Potato & Butternut V
  • S2= 2 reg sides
  • Caesar Salad S 7.00 / Ch 10.30
    • A classic
  • Veggie Cataplana V 6.45
    • Chargrilled veg, beans and chickpeas in a rich, spicy tomato and coconut sauce, served on spicy rice and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings.
  • Long Stem Broccoli
  • Vegan Sausage Roll
    • Our new vegan friendly sausage roll has been designed to mirror some of the sausage roll’s classic features including 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry but instead we wrap it around our own bespoke Quorn filling.
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese Salad Baguette
    • Sliced mature Cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber and mixed salad leaves in a white baguette.
  • Original Porridge
  • Tandoori Chicken Roll
    • Flavourful, smokey and savoury with just the right amount of heat, and of course, succulent chicken breast roasted to perfection. Tandoori Chicken is the perfect lunchtime snack, for the taste of India, right from the comfort of your own desk.
  • Triple Chocolate Muffin
    • Packed with chunks of Belgian chocolate, this decadent chocolate muffin has a rich centre of smooth chocolate flavoured sauce.
  • Mexican Bean and Sweet Potato Wrap
    • Mixed beans in spicy tomato & jalapeño sauce, sweet potato falafel , mixed peppers, chipotle chilli sauce and fresh salad leaves, all packed in to a soft tortilla wrap.
  • Sausage Breakfast Roll
    • A bit like our tasty Sausage Breakfast Roll, for instance. Made with freshly cooked sausages in a pillow-soft, white breakfast roll, all it needs is a little dash of HP or Ketchup (Heinz of course). Job done.
  • Mexican Chicken Baguette
    • Packed with delicious Mexican style chicken breast, mild cheddar cheese and a hint of chilli, this baguette is packed with crunchy sliced red onion, fiery green jalapeños, sweet chilli sauce, and fajita flavour mayonnaise. It’s the liveliest lunch this side of Guadalajara.
Dobbies Garden Centre Restaurant

Dobbies Garden Centre Restaurant



Dalgety Bay Garden Centre, Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline, Fife, KY119XP ,





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$0 - $10



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Counter Service



Takeaway Food



Dine in ,  Takeaway ,  Cash

Dalgety Bay Garden Centre, Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline, Fife, KY119XP ,
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