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Deen's Bakery in Hartlepool has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as - Baked banana soaked in rum or - Fresh pineapple grilled over the coals and served with chocolate dip from Ann's Pantry. Pizzaexpress offers many options including Pip Organic Rainbow Ice Lolly V, VG, GF and Pip Organic Fruity Ice Lolly V, VG, GF. Papadum includes a wide range like Diet Coke Bottle (1L) or Coke Bottle (1L). Black Beans & Rice and Potato Salad from . Riverside Cafe offers Fellini's Restaurant and Champagne.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Linguine Carbonara Pasta strips sautéed with bacon, onion and cream, finished with a touch of parmesan cheese. £7.50
  • Tagliatelle Mediterraneo Fresh pasta ribbons with a selection of roasted Mediterranean vegetables served in a rich tomato and garlic sauce. £7.50
  • Prosciutto e Funghi Tomato, fresh mozzarella topped with ham and mushrooms. £7.50
  • Pollo Dolcelatte Chargrilled chicken breast with white wine, in a creamy blue cheese sauce, topped with asparagus tips. £12.95
  • Zuppa Fresh homemade soup of the day. £4.25
  • Penne Sorrentina Pasta tubes in a tomato and basil sauce with melted mozzarella cheese. £7.50
  • Al Forno Pollo Speciale Chargrilled chicken breast with king prawns in a white wine, garlic, tomato and cream sauce. £14.95
  • Calamari Fritti Deep fried squid rings served with garlic mayonnaise. £6.50
  • Bacon Breakfast Roll
    • No frills. No fuss. Just three rashers of deliciously oven baked bacon, in a pillow-soft, white breakfast roll. All it needs is a little dash of HP or Ketchup (Heinz of course). We’ll let you choose.
  • Mixed Grapes £2.15
    • We fill our fruit pot with bunches of juicy seedless red and green grapes. You can now get this as part of our Breakfast deal from with a hot drink, 250ml Orange Juice or 500ml Water.
  • Jammy Heart Biscuit
    • Combination of delicious crumbly shortbread biscuit and a jam centre.
  • Tuna Crunch Pasta
    • Made up of cooked pasta, dressed with a delicious red pepper and mixed vegetable mayonnaise. Topped with tuna, pickled vegetables and chopped chives.
  • Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich
    • Our Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich skips the frills and gets straight on with the flavour.
  • Almond Croissant
    • We're spoiling you at breakfast time with this delicious addition to our range. You lucky thing! An all butter croissant with an almond paste filling, topped with delightful flaked almonds.
  • Chicken and Bacon Sandwich
    • Our Chicken and Bacon Sandwich is made up of seasoned sliced roast chicken breast in mayonnaise with strips of cooked smoke flavour sweet cure bacon on malted brown bread.
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese Ploughmans Oval Bite
    • Sliced Mature Cheddar Cheese with Sandwich Pickle, Fresh Salad Leaves, slices of Tomato, slices of Cucumber and sliced Red Onion on a white seeded roll.
  • Crostoni al Funghi e Prosciutto £5.95
    • Mixed field & wild mushrooms, gently sauteed in olive oil with garlic & white wine, bacon & onions flavoured with an infusion of wild herbs, finished with a touch of cream & served on a crouton.
  • Rigatone Arrabbiata (V) £8.95
    • Pasta tubes in a spice chilli, garlic, onions & tomato sauce.
  • Lasagna £9.95
    • Layered lasagna noodles with bolognese, bechemel sauce & Parmesan cheese.
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise £9.95
    • Spaghetti with minced beef ragu, tomatoes herbs & red wine.
  • Rigatone Tonno Piselli (V) £9.95
    • Pasta tubes in a garlic, tomato sauce with tuna & peas.
  • Pizza Margherita (V) £8.25
    • Mozzarella, tomato & herbs.
  • Bruschetta £4.95
  • Pizza Diavola £9.50
    • Mozzarella, tomato, black olives, pepperoni, red peppers & chilli.
  • Tia maria £2.25
  • Apple banana and chocolate spring roll, with choc olate sauce and vanilla Ice cream. £2.95
  • MURGH TARIWALA A North Indian household favourite, chicken pieces with onion, ground paprika and coriander leaves. £7.95
  • ASSAM KA GOSHT A traditional spicy hot beef curry flavoured with wild citrus lime. £8.50
  • TAWALI MACHLI Pan fried spiced red mullet, chic pea and spinach gateaux, cumin and coriander scented beurre blanc. £13.95
  • MACHER JHOL Traditional Bengal fish curry £9.95
  • POPADOMS £0.60
  • Pino Grigio £17.95
  • Montepulciano D'Abruzzo £17.95
  • Buffalo Salad Carpese £9.75
    • With olives, tomatoes and focaccia.
  • Gnocchi With Chorizo and Chicken £11.00
  • Quattro Misti Formaggi £9.75
    • Tomato base and four cheeses
  • Tuna Steak £13.65
    • Served with aubergines, potatoes and fennel.
  • Verde £9.75
    • San Marzano tomatoes, fresh spinach, tomatoes, eggs, mozzarella, pancetta & parmesan.
  • Roasted Peppers with Capers £4.50
Deen's Bakery

Deen's Bakery



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51 Wynyard Road, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS253LB ,
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