Beijing Terrace Cantonese Takeaway in Shrewsbury Menu

Beijing Terrace Cantonese Takeaway in Shrewsbury has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Cappuccino or Espresso from Albright Hussey Hotel and Restaurant. The York Roast Co offers many options including Orange Juice Carton 200ml and Apple Juice Carton 200ml. Nandos Chickenland includes a wide range like Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll or Beanie V. J20 and Lemonade from . Curry House Tandoori Restaurant offers Bucks Head Hotel and Prawn Salad.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Cheesy Chips £1.50
  • Child All 3 Courses £7.00
  • Broccoli and Cream Cheese Bake Broccoli and diced onions in a white sauce & cream cheese topped with sliced potato and parmesan served with gaarlic bread & salad £6.75
  • Garlic Bread £1.00
  • Half Roast Chicken served with chips & peas and optional gravy £5.65
  • Jacket Potato A large jacket spud filed with a choice from below and served with a side salad. -
  • - Homemade Chilli £4.95
  • Liver & Bacon Casserole Tasty liver & bacon casserole served with mashed potato, peas & carrots £5.95
  • Roast Potatoes £2.55
  • Pork YorkyPud™ with Roasted Veg £6.05
    • Served apple sauce.
  • Ice Valley Water Sparkling 500ml £1.70
  • Roast Potatoes with Gravy £2.80
  • Sugar Free Tango Can £1.15
  • Ham (No Bread) £6.25
    • Ham with vegetables, roast potatoes & a dash of gravy.
  • Ham YorkyPud™ with Roasted Veg £6.05
    • Served with English mustard.
  • Ham (Beastly) £5.45
    • Stuffing & English mustard.
  • Add. Cheese, Mushroom, Egg or Pineapple 50p each
  • Sausage & Onion £5.95
  • Cajun Chicken Salad £8.95
  • Brie & Cranberry £5.75
  • Onion rings £2.45
  • Soup of the day £4.75
  • Bacon & Cheddar £5.95
  • Chicken £4.65
  • Mushroom Delight (G) £3.95
    • Fresh whole mushroom stuffed with minced meat, coated with breadcrumbs then fried.
  • Bhindi Bhaji £2.95
    • Okra.
  • Hot Chilli Lamb (D) (Very Hot) £9.95
    • Delicious scallops of tender marinated lamb cooked in a thick sauce of tomatoes, green pepper, onion, coriander and green chilli.
  • Sata Sizzler (D) £9.95
    • Chicken tikka and lamb tikka stir fried with mushroom.
  • Coconut Rice £2.50
  • J2o £2.60
  • Keema Nan (G) £2.95
    • Mince meat.
  • Cider (568ml) £3.95
  • Chicken & Bacon Caesar Pasta Salad
    • Truccioli pasta with Caesar mayonnaise, cucumber, chicken, bacon, pomace olive oil and parsley.
  • Strawberry Conserve V, Gf
    • An individual jar of strawberry conserve. Ideal for scones or for stirring into porridge.
  • Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar V
    • Extra dark chocolate bar filled with hazelnut cream and nibbed hazelnuts. A bespoke recipe for Caffè Nero made in the North Eastern region of Italy.
  • Pain Au Raisin V
    • French all butter Pain au Raisin, with 'crème pâtissière and raisin swirl.
  • Milk Chocolate Stracciatella Bar V
    • Milk chocolate bar filled with a sweet milk cream and chocolate shavings. A bespoke recipe for Caffè Nero, made in the North Eastern region of Italy.
  • Mozzarella & Tomato Panini V
    • Italian mozzarella & vine ripened tomato with basil pesto
  • Chargrilled Chicken & Pesto Panini
    • British chicken with basil pesto, Regato cheese & vine-ripened tomatoes
  • Maple Pecan Pastry V
    • A glazed Danish pastry with a sweet maple syrup filling topped with pecan nuts.
  • Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro Pasta (VG) £9.50
    • Plum tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil in a rich tomato sauce.
  • Salsiccia £14.50
    • Fiery Calabrian N'duja sausage meat, red pepper pearls, balsamic red onions and fontal cheese. We'll add chillies if you like it hotter.
  • Lasagne £12.50
    • Green egg pasta sheets with beef and pork ragu, topped with a creamy bechamel sauce.
  • Fettuccine Bolognese £12.00
    • Our hearty beef and pork ragu is served with flat ribbon fettuccine, the way they eat it in Rome.
  • Calzone Carne Piccante £14.20
    • Pepperoni, fresh chillies, ham, beef and pork ragu, sautéed mushrooms, tomato sauce and mozzarella.
  • Purple Basil Pesto Genovese with Chicken £15.95
    • Green pesto and cream sauce, with fine green beans, pine nuts and chicken. Topped with purple basil pesto- winner of a Great Taste 2018 award.
  • Prima Light Pollo Piccante Con Pancetta £13.20
    • Seasoned chicken breast, pancetta, roasted red peppers, red chillies, mushrooms, spinach and rosemary and mozzarella, served smaller with a rainbow salad.
  • Tiramisu (V) £6.75
    • Vanilla sponge cake soaked in espresso coffee, layered with mascarpone cream.

Beijing Terrace Cantonese Takeaway


The Morris Radbrook Centre, Bank Farm Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY36DU ,




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The Morris Radbrook Centre, Bank Farm Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY36DU ,

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