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Aroy in Wimbledon has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Tignanello Antinori 2014, 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc, Toscana or Amarone Della Valpolicella Fidora Tenuta Monte Tabor, Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Veneto from Macellaio Rc Union Street. Gantep Restaurant offers many options including Salgam and Ayran. Spice Cottage includes a wide range like Lal or Angora. Bun and Steamed Jasmine Rice from . Chinese Cricket Club offers Bollywood Brasserie and Breyers Salted Caramel.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Jallab بّ جلا £3.00
    • Dates, sugar, caramel.
  • Moussakaa باذنجان مسقعة £7.50
    • Fried aubergines cooked with tomatoes, onion, chickpeas and sweet peppers. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Soujok سجق £6.50
    • Fried Lebanese spicy sausages.
  • Hoummos Kawarma £8.50
    • Hoummos topped with diced lamb and pine nuts.
  • Cappuccino كبوتشينو £2.50
  • Kaftah Khash-Khash خشخاش كفته £17.50
    • Three skewers of minced lamb mixed with parsley, garlic, chilli, grilled on charcoal, served with grilled tomato.
  • Falafel (Deep Fried) فلافل £7.00
    • Ground of chickpeas, broad beans mixed with onions, garlic and spices served with sesame sauce. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Cafe Latte حليب مع قهوة £2.50
  • Chicken Chat £3.95
    • Tossed in a deliciously tangy and spicy chat masala sauce made from a mix of herbs with a touch of tamarind.
  • Naga (Fairly Hot) £8.95
    • A very hot and spicy dish prepared with fresh hot chilli from Bangladesh called naga, reputed as one of the hottest chillies in the world - a very fragrant dish.
  • Korma (Mild & Cream) £7.95
    • This dish is cooked in a thick creamy sauce with ground coconut & almonds, topped with a touch of cream - perfect for the mild palate.
  • Paneer Naga (Fairly Hot) V £8.95
    • A very hot and spicy dish prepared with fresh hot chilli from Bangladesh called naga, reputed as one of the hottest chillies in the world - a very fragrant dish.
  • Quorn Naga (Fairly Hot) V £8.95
    • A very hot and spicy dish prepared with fresh hot chilli from Bangladesh called naga, reputed as one of the hottest chillies in the world - a very fragrant dish.
  • South Indian Chattinatte (Fairly Hot) £10.95
    • (Duck or fish or lamb or chicken or quorn or mix vegetable) (fairly hot & coconut cream, fenugreek leaves and mustard seed, curry leaves and chef special spices.
  • Vegetable Dansak (Fairly Hot) V £6.95
    • Cooked in a medium to hot strength with lentils with the use of chillies, sugar and lemon juice to deliver a hot, sweet & sour flavour.
  • Fish Madras (Fairly Hot) £7.95
    • A fairly hot dish with lots of tasty gravy: this dish is cooked with a blend of herbs and spices and finished with a touch of lemon juice for a hot and sour flavour.
  • Sorbets: Lemon . Mango . Oven baked apple . Orange . Strawberry Scoop - one: £1.90, two: £3.70, three: £5.10
  • Vin Santo con Cantuccini - Almond biscuits with glass of Vin Santo £5.80
  • Corvina con cavolfiore in umido, olive nere, capperi e acciughe - Chargrilled stone bass served with braised cauliflower, black olives, capers and anchovies £16.60
  • Terrina di pasticcio di fegato di pollo con pinoli e bruschetta - Chiken liver terrine with pine nuts served with a grilled slice of bread £7.60
  • Gamberoni fritti serviti con crema di cannellini e vaniglia - Deep fried prawns served with mashed cannellini beans vanilla flavoured £16.80
  • Mousse di cioccolato piccante - Spicy dark chocolate mousse £4.60
  • Tagliatelle con vongole e bottarga - Thin long pasta with clams and grey mullet egg roe Starter: £9.10, Main: £11.80
  • Trota affumicata con insalata di barbabietola, arancia e rafano - Smoked trout with beetroots, orange and horseradish salad £8.20
  • Cheese Naan £4.00
    • Indian bread with cheese
  • Chana Masala (V) (GF) £12.00
    • Medium spicy curry with chickpeas in a rich and spiced tomato sauce
  • Goan Chicken £12.00
    • Chicken cooked with grounded coriander, green chillies and fresh mint leaves
  • Chola Puri (V) £8.00
    • Chickpeas served with fried flat bread.
  • Cucumber Raita £3.50
    • Medium spicy yogurt sauce with cucumber
  • Masala Fries £4.00
    • Chips with spices, peppers and onions. Medium spicy flavour
  • Papad Plate £3.50
    • Thin, crisp, disc-shaped food served with mango and mint chutneys
  • Plain Naan £3.00
    • Plain indian bread
  • Zereshk Polow £9.99
    • Rice mixed with barberries and pistachios and braised chicken.
  • Ghafghazi £12.50
    • Grilled skewer of cubed lamb fillet, chicken fillet cube and peppers served with rice, grilled tomato and salad.
  • Faloodeh £4.50
    • Persian sorbet threaded with rice noodles and flavoured with lemon juice.
  • Persian Ice Cream £4.50
    • Saffron and rosewater flavoured ice cream with pistachio.
  • Special Shishlik £13.99
    • Marinated tender lamb chops and one skewer minced lamb kebab, rice, grilled tomato and salad.
  • Mix of Faloodeh and Ice Cream £6.00
    • A traditional combination of Persian ice cream and sorbet.
  • Gheymeh Bademjan £9.50
    • Lamb stew with split yellow peas & dried limes cooked in a tomato sauce and topped with sautéed aubergine, served with steamed rice.
  • Sea Bass £13.50
    • Grilled whole sea bass served with saffron rice and salad.
  • Calamari Rings £14.75
    • Fried.
  • Valdivieso Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile £23.50
    • Full and rich wine with lots of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant flavours along with some oaky spice.
  • Jellied Eels £8.70
    • Served in jeel.
  • 1/2 Chicken £18.05
    • Served with chips. Roast.
  • Fentimans Lemonade/Ginger Beer/Orange £3.70
  • Gherkin (Wally) £1.30
  • Westons Wyld Wood Organic Cider (50cl) £5.95
  • Tokomaru Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, New Zealand £24.50
    • A fresh white wine with aromas and flavours of fresh cut grass, ripe peaches and gooseberries.



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186 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW191RY ,
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