The Watchhouse Cafe in London Menu

The Watchhouse Cafe in London has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Fanta or Coke Zero (330ml) from Vibes Cafe. Ekachai - Liverpool Street offers many options including Appletiser 275ml and Sparkling Mineral Water 330ml. BBQ Xpress includes a wide range like Ice Creams or Efes Special. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio from . Chicken Shop offers Rose and Crown and Prosecco Extra Dry, Amata - Sparkling Wine.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Guvec ~A traditional slow cooked casserole containing a mixture of vegetables N/A
  • Ciger ~Freshly prepared & fried lamb or chicken liver with garnish N/A
  • Patlican Soslu ~Grilled, skinned and chopped aubergine with green & red peppers prepared in a special tomato sauce N/A
  • Muska Boregi ~Pastry filled with fetta cheese & parsley N/A
  • Islim Kebap ~Diced lamb wrapped in sliced aubergine with peppers & tomatoes baked in a halep sauce N/A
  • Kuzu Beyti ~Spicy ground lamb seasoned with garlic & parsley N/A
  • Tarama ~Freshly prepared whipped cod roe (fish roe pate) N/A
  • Tavuk Sis ~Diced breast of chicken seasoned & charcoal grilled on skewers N/A
  • Brown or White Toast £3.99
  • Trade up to KING SIZE £1.50 extra
  • Garlic Baguette - A crisp baked baguette coated with garlic and herb spread. £1.50
  • Potato Rosti £3.99
  • Fruit & Lemon Sponge Pudding- A delicious lemon flavoured sponge topped with apple and cherries. £7.99
  • Honey & Mustard Glazed Gammon £5.99
  • Pork Sausages £3.99
  • Broccoli & Brie Parcel - A rich cheese sauce bound with sliced melted Brie and fully encased in puff pastry. £5.99
  • Chutney Tray £1.95
  • Steamed Rice £2.25
    • Pearl white basmati rice.
  • Keema Naan £2.50
    • Naan stuffed with spiced minced meat. Contains gluten.
  • £4.95
    • Lightly spiced prawn. Served on a crispy puri bread.
  • Wholegrain Brown Rice £2.50
    • The traditional healthy choice.
  • Murgh Xacuti £7.50
    • A creamy and hot chicken curry cooked in a fusion of rich spices and coconut cream. Hot.
  • Saag Bhaji £3.95
    • Spinach, garlic and onion.
  • £3.25
  • Chicken Tikka Biryani £9.95
  • Saag Paneer (V) £4.25
    • Spinach & cheese.
  • Mushroom Bhaji (V) £4.25
  • Malaya (N) £5.95
    • Mild creamy dish cooked with pineapple.
  • Tandoori Lamb Chop Starter £5.95
  • Prawn Cocktail £4.95
  • Salmon Fish Masala (N) £10.95
  • Salmon Fish Korai £10.95
  • Kopparberg Passion Fruit 4%, 0.5L £5.50
  • Eleve Malbec, Pays d’Oc £17.50
    • Full-bodied, juicy dark fruits, spice, velvety.
  • Furstenberg Premium Lager 5.3%, 0.5L £5.80
  • Leberkase £13.00
    • Thick slice of bavaria beef goulash, served with mashed potato, spatzle or chips.
  • Schneider Weisse Tap 3 Non-alcoholic 0.5%, 0.5L £3.50
  • Jever 4.9%, 0.5L £5.80
  • Da Luca Pinot Grigio £17.50
    • Dry, apple, melon, crisp acidity.
  • Veganburger £11.00
    • Beetroot and quinoa patty, tomato, lettuce, and gherkins. V.
  • Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt (V) £0.99
  • Jambon Beurre £2.60
    • The classic French recipe made using Wiltshire-cured ham, sliced cornichons and just a dab of butter.
  • Pure Still Water 500ml £0.99
  • Lemon Cheesecake (V) £2.35
    • Lemon curd topped with an unbelievably creamy cheesecake mix. Wait, there’s more. A crunchy ginger biscuit crumble is sprinkled on top followed by more cheesecake mix. A layer of sour cream is added and finally a swirl of lemon curd. Pure indulgence!
  • Superfruit Salad (V) (Vg) £2.79
    • Blueberries, kiwi, mango and pomegranate seeds
  • Falafel & Halloumi Hot Wrap (V) £4.25
    • Simple yet delicious this hot wrap is packed full of our herby falafel and paired with our flavoursome red pepper tapenade and halloumi cheese.
  • Macaroni Cheese Kale & Cauli (V) £4.99
    • Tubetti rigati pasta and a mature Cheddar béchamel sauce with freshly prepared British kale and cauliflower florets. Finished with Italian matured cheese.
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie (V) £1.45
    • Large chunks of Belgian chocolate, crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle.

The Watchhouse Cafe


70 St. Marychurch Street, London SE16 4HZ, England





Opened hours

Monday: 07:00-04:00, Tuesday: 07:00-04:00, Wednesday: 07:00-04:00, Thursday: 07:00-04:00, Friday: 07:00-04:00, Saturday: 08:00-04:00, Sunday: 08:00-04:00








Cafe Food


Wheelchair accessible ,  Seating ,  Child-friendly ,  Takeout

70 St. Marychurch Street, London SE16 4HZ, England
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