The Restaurant - The Keepers House in London Menu

The Restaurant - The Keepers House in London has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Blushmore Zinfandel Italy (Bottle) or Bois Violettes Dry France (Bottle) from That's Amore. Olly's Bar and Bistro offers many options including Vegetaria Lasagna (V) and Classic Lasagna. Antepliler Doner includes a wide range like Perrier Sparkling Water or Salgam. Oasis (500ml) and Bottle Cola (500ml) from . Battersea Fish Bar offers Anatolya Kebab Shop and Sparkling Water (Bottle).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Croqueta Unidad £1.50
    • Extra croquette per unit.
  • Pulpo ala Brasa £16.50
    • Grilled octopus.
  • Rodaballo ala Plancha £19.95
    • Grilled turbot.
  • Berenjena Gratinada £5.75
    • Baked aubergine with cheese au gratin.
  • Rape ala Bilbaina £19.95
    • Monkfish Bilbaina style with garlic, vinegar and a hint of chilli served in olive oil.
  • Paella de Arroz Negro £229.00
    • Paella de arroz negro con pescado, gambas y calamares (black ink paella with fish, prawns and squids).
  • Chuletillas de Cordero £15.50
    • Grilled lamb chops with chips.
  • Julianas de Pollo £6.00
    • Chicken breast strips in breadcrumps.
  • Baked Cheesecake £4.30
    • A light vanilla cream cheese baked on a crumbly biscuit base.
  • Nata Tart £2.15
    • A light, crisp pastry case filled with a sweet egg custard filling.
  • Raspberry Eclairs £4.95
    • Choux pastry éclair filled with raspberry crème patisserie, covered with a vibrant pink ganache glaze, finished with hand piped white chocolate, freeze-dried raspberries, and white chocolate coated biscuit bites.
  • Pain Aux Chocolat £2.85
    • This pain au chocolat combines the intense flavours of pure cocoa with the subtlety of a pure-butter puff pastry. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside.
  • Cawston Press - Ginger beer £2.50
  • Three Egg Omelette £8.75
    • Free-range eggs, with two fillings of your choice; swiss cheese, mushrooms, tomato or ham. Served with a side salad.
  • Farmhouse Breakfast £9.75
    • Two free range eggs, bacon, Cumberland sausage, vine tomatoes, a flat mushroom, baked beans and bloomer toast.
  • Double Choc Gateau £4.40
    • Chocolate sponge layers with dark luxury chocolate cream, finished with a chocolate ganache and a white and dark choc swirl.
  • Peri Peri Full Chicken + Spicy Chips with Drink £13.99
  • Football Delight £6.99
    • Mince meat, onion, mushroom, tomato.
  • Chick Chick Tandoori £6.99
    • Tandoori chicken, mix pepper, sweetcorn, onion.
  • Seekh Kebab Special £11.99
    • Seekh kebab, onion, mix pepper, tomato.
  • Chicken Fillet Burger £3.99
  • Tower Burger £4.49
  • Deal 5 £4.99
    • 1 chicken wrap + reg fries with drink. Mayo, lettuce.
  • Deal 17 £4.99
    • Kebab roll + reg fries with drink. Onion, tomato, mayo, chilli sauce, beef kebab.
  • Mexican Chicken Pizza £9.45
    • Mexican chicken, onion, green peppers & jalapeno.
  • Mozzarella Sticks (8 Pieces) £3.20
  • Amalfi Pizza (V) £7.45
    • Mushrooms, peppers, pineapple & sweetcorn.
  • Meat Calzone £9.99
    • Spicy beef, chicken, ham & pepperoni.
  • Milano Pizza £9.99
    • Bacon, pepperoni, mushroom & ham.
  • Donner Calzone £9.99
    • Donner meat & onions.
  • Onion Rings (8 Pieces) £1.99
  • Garlic Bread Ciabatta with Cheese (4 Pieces) £3.00
  • Mughlai Lamb Shank (gf) (d) (Medium hot) £13.95
    • Succulent baby lamb shank cultured overnight in spices and pan cooked in a medium spiced curry.
  • Saag Aloo (v) (vg) (gf) £4.75
    • Spinach and potatoes...Need we say more!
  • Mirchi Murgh Tikka (gf) (d) (Hot) £7.95
    • Tender chicken tikka marinated in tamarind & chilli then grilled in the tandoor. A must for spicy food lovers!
  • Still Mineral Water (750ml) £3.95
  • Gulab Jamun (v) (d) £3.95
    • Traditional homemade Indian dumplings served in syrup.
  • Chapati (v) (vg) £2.25
    • Wholemeal flour pancake.
  • Lamb Samosa (Medium Hot) £4.25
    • Crispy triangle pastry parcels filled with spiced minced lamb.
  • Tandoori King Prawns (gf) (pe) (Medium Hot) £11.95
    • Succulent fresh water king prawns marinated in lemon juice with mild herbs and spices. Grilled in the clay oven.
  • Vegetarian Pizza (V) £3.99
    • Tomato, red onions, sweet peppers, and mushrooms topping.
  • Meal Deal 9 £5.99
    • Chicken grilled wrap, chips and drink.
  • BBQ Pepperoni Pizza £3.99
    • Freshly made dough topped with BBQ base, pepperoni, and pineapple.
  • Grilled Spicy Wings (Spicy) £1.99
    • Baked in oven and flame grilled. Flavour could be added of your choice.
  • Veggie Hot Pizza (Spicy) £3.99
    • Green chillies, peppers, red onions, and mushrooms topping. Pizza made of thin crust and deep pan pizza with fresh dough.
  • Special Offer 5 £19.99
    • Any 15" extra large pizza 2 portions of chicken strips, potato wedges, and coleslaw.
  • 1.5 L Bottle of Drink £2.95
  • Meal Deal 12 £18.45
    • 8 pieces of chicken, 12 wings, 2 large chips, and bottle of drink.

The Restaurant - The Keepers House


The Keeper's House, Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Mayfair, London W1J 0BD





Opened hours

12 Noon to 11:30 PM (Mon-Sat), Sun Closed










Luxury Dining

The Keeper's House, Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Mayfair, London W1J 0BD
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