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Red Sea Restaurant in Leeds has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Rubicon Passion or Rubicon Mango from Roma and Bombay Cuisine. Napa Bar and Kitchen offers many options including AMARULA LATTE A cream liqueur made with the wild Marula fruit. and ESPRESSO MARTINI Made using Tia Maria and real espresso, this cocktail is the perfect pick-me-up.. Sakura Cantonese Take Away includes a wide range like Rubicon 330ml or 7up 330ml. Mineral Water, 0.5L and 7-up, 0.33L from . Kamran Tandoori offers Frankie & Benny's The Light and Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Diavolo £12.25
    • Hot spiced beef, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, green pepper, red onion and Tabasco, with your choice of hot green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers.
  • £9.80
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water £2.95
    • 500ml glass bottle (requires bottle opener)
  • Pinot Grigio £20.45
    • 75 cl. Veneto, Italy (ABV 12%) A subtle wine: light and lemony with a fruity bouquet and refreshing acidity
  • Pollo £7.95
    • Chicken, goat’s cheese, red Roquito pearls, fresh tomatoes, black olives and croutons, with seasonal mixed leaves and house dressing.
  • Bolognese (GF) £11.75
    • Penne pasta baked in a rich, beef Bolognese sauce with garlic and fennel seeds, finished with fresh parsley and shaved Gran Milano cheese
  • £11.60
  • Nero d'Avola Shiraz £15.95
    • 75 cl. Sicily, Italy (ABV 13.5%) Soft and medium-bodied with ripe, jammy fruits and juniper berries, soft and smooth
  • Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup £2.50
  • Vegetable Tung Tong Golden Basket £3.20
    • 5 Vegetable Tung Tong Golden Baskets. Crispy purses filled with water chestnuts, corn, chicken and corriander
  • Thai Red Curry Box £4.90
    • Thai red curry with rice, your choice of meat and/or Asian Veggies
  • Coconut Box £4.90
    • Special rice tossed with prawn and our smooth, creamy coconut milk
  • Thai Red Curry Box £4.90
    • Thai red curry with noodles, your choice of meat and/or Asian Veggies
  • Thai Spring Roll £3.20
    • 5 Thai Spring Rolls. Chicken, mushrooms, noodles, onions, bamboo, garlic and red chilli
  • Diet Coke 500ml Bottle £1.50
  • Coca Cola 500ml Bottle £1.50
  • Fried Chicken with Broccoli £7.20
  • Char Siu Bun £3.80
  • Salt & Pepper Chips £2.80
  • Chilli Oil £1.90
  • Steamed Beef Dumplings £3.80
  • Fried Lamb with Cumin £8.60
  • House Special Curry £8.60
    • King prawn, chicken and pork.
  • Fried King Prawn with Mushroom £8.60
  • Chips £2.50
  • Chicken Asparagus (Kuskonmazli) £12.95
    • Panfried bread of chicken, marinated in herbs, served in a creamy mushroom & asparagus sauce.
  • Houmous (Hummus) (V) £3.95
    • Pureed chickpeas with sesame seed paste, olive oil, mixed with plain yoghurt & hint of garlic mayo.
  • Stuffed Vine Leaves (Yaprak Sarma) (V) £11.95
    • Vine leaves stuffed with rice, pine kernels, onion juice, olive oil, chopped dill & parsley served with homemade herb & yoghurt sauce.
  • Kids Homemade Chicken Goujons & Chips £5.00
  • Istanbul Seafood (Guvec) £14.95
    • Chef's own choice of seafood cooked in the oven.
  • Chicken Casserole (Tavuk Sote) £11.95
    • Cubes of chicken breast slowly casseroled with vegetables in tomato sauce.
  • Lamb Casserole (Et Sote) £12.95
    • Lean cubes of lamb slowly casseroled with vegetable in a rich tomato & herb sauce.
  • King Prawn £7.50
  • Bombay Aloo (V) £4.60
    • Spiced potatoes.
  • King Prawn £7.50
  • Chicken £5.50
  • Mutton £7.00
  • Vegetable (V) £4.80
  • Vegetable (V) £5.00
  • Onion Rings (10) £2.00
  • Horn of Plenty £6.50
    • Caramelised puff pastry horn filled with berry compote and whipped cream. Served with raspberry sauce, fresh strawberries and passion fruit sorbet.
  • Sweet Potato Fries £2.75
  • George’s Own Cumberland Banger and Mash £10.95
    • George’s Cumberland sausage with buttery spring onion mash, pickled red cabbage, sweet caramelised onions and homemade onion gravy.
  • Chocolate and Orange Tart £5.95
    • A rich chocolate and orange truffle in a shortcrust pastry, served with a good scoop of vegan chocolate ice cream and raspberry sauce. Allergen: VE.
  • Fillet Of Sea Bass £15.25
    • Fillet of sea bass. Sustainably farmed.
  • Bread and Butter £1.40
  • Chicken Fillet Burger £11.75
    • Fresh chicken fillet coated in breadcrumbs, topped with Red Leicester and served in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, campfire slaw and spicy mayo.
  • British 28 Day Aged Sirloin £22.95
    • 28 day aged British 8oz sirloin, served with lamb’s 28 day aged British 8oz sirloin, served with lamb’s battered onion rings and proper chips.

Red Sea Restaurant


23 Eastgate, Leeds LS2 7LY, England





Opened hours

Monday 12:30 - 22:00 Tuesday 12:30 - 22:00 Wednesday 12:30 - 22:00 Thursday 12:30 - 22:00 Friday 12:30 - 22:00








Halal , Middle Eastern



23 Eastgate, Leeds LS2 7LY, England

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