Pete's Plaice Edlington in South Yorkshire Menu

Pete's Plaice Edlington in South Yorkshire has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Phish Food (500 ml) from Cafe Rouge. The Hammer and Pincers offers many options including British Cheese Board - British Brie, Shropshire Blue, Double Gloucester, mature Cheddar. Served with chutney, bread and biscuits and Cookies & Ice Cream - Two chocolate chip cookies and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The Mount includes a wide range like Jagermeister or Sambuca. Fish Fingers & Chips and Chicken Tikka & Chips from . Jinnah offers Eat and Smoked Salmon & Free Range Egg Croissant (Selected Stores Only).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • CH= +Chicken breast
  • S=On its own
  • Getting a combination meal? Swap your Regular Side for a Fino Side. each +0.85
  • Sweet Potato Mash
  • Sweet Potato & Butternut V S 6.45/ S1 8.45/ S2 9.95
    • With red pepper, onion, edamame beans and a hint of smoked paprika.
  • S1= 1 reg sides
  • House Salad V S 6.00 / Ch 9.30
    • Cos lettuce tossed with crunchy cucumber and mixed tomatoes, topped with a spicy olive mix and chargrilled peppers.
  • 5 Chicken Wings S 5.95 / 2S 9.45
  • Raavi - Sea bass fillet marinated with herbs, spices including nutmeg, mace, carom seeds, green chillies, lime, pepper and then grilled. Served in a platter of salad topped with Kashmiri sauce. £4.25
  • Prawn Biryani £8.95
  • Balti Vegetable Chilli - Mixed vegetables cooked with green chilli, tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger, and a selection of the finest spices. £6.95
  • Chicken Tikka - Cubes of chicken breast marinated in ginger, garlic, coriander, cumin, turmeric, lime juice and cooked over charcoal, served with salad. £3.50
  • Machli Masala - Cod marinated in selected herbs and spices, deep fried and served with green salad. £3.95
  • Garlic Nan - Nan with garlic. £2.95
  • Khumb Jhinga Tarka (Kashmiri Delicacy) - Wild mushrooms cooked with prawns, tomatoes, onions, garlic, yoghurt, saffron & cinnamon. Garnished with fresh coriander and ginger. £9.90
  • Grilled Lamb Chops - Marinated lamb chops cooked on charcoal grill. Served with green salad, chips or choice of rice. £9.50
  • Prosecco £26.00
  • Old Mout Strawberry & Pomegranate Cider (500ml) £5.50
  • Fralapenos £6.00
  • Brisket Plate £16.00
    • Brisket, burnt ends & brisket hash spiced & rubbed then smoked for up to 18hrs.
  • Gold County Cabernet Sauvignon £21.00
  • Smoked Pit Beans £3.25
  • Pork Belly Plate £16.00
    • Rubbed in house spices, smoked, then pit finished with a cola BBQ glaze.
  • Corn on the Cob £4.25
  • Matcha Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • When life’s feeling evergreen, match it with our Matcha milk tea.
  • Milk Coffee - Large £3.89
    • More tapioca will really give this drink an extra somethin’ somethin’!
  • Oreo - Large £4.29
    • Spoil yourself in cookies and dreams. Delivered without whipped cream.
  • Jasmine Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Dive deep into the aroma of our Jasmine milk tea.
  • Chocolate Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Stay dark and chocolatey with our cocoa milk tea.
  • Honeydew Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Enjoy our sweet & refreshing Honeydew milk tea.
  • Cloud Nine Coffee - Regular £4.79
    • Milk coffee with malibu.
  • Coconut Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Taste a pinch of heaven with our Coconut milk tea.
  • Creamy Garlic Mushrooms £2.50
  • Greek (feta) Salad £2.20
  • Pepperoni - Cheese, Pepperoni & Peppers Med: £5.20, Lrg: £7.40, X-Lrg: £9.00
  • 0.5 Ltr Bottle £1.00
  • Salami - Cheese & Salami Med: £4.70, Lrg: £6.80, X-Lrg: £8.50
  • Relish Burger 1/4lb: £3.00, 1/2lb: £3.50
  • Surprise - Cheese, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Onions, Peppers & Spicy Beef Med: £5.20, Lrg: £7.40, X-Lrg: £9.00
  • Plain Burger 1/4lb: £2.70, 1/2lb: £3.00
  • Three Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
    • Our new focaccia style Three Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza has a rich layer of our unique recipe pizza sauce,
  • Sausage Breakfast Roll
    • A bit like our tasty Sausage Breakfast Roll, for instance. Made with freshly cooked sausages in a pillow-soft, white breakfast roll, all it needs is a little dash of HP or Ketchup (Heinz of course). Job done.
  • Iced Ring Doughnut
    • A delicious ring doughnut topped with white fondant and chocolate flavour spin.
  • Sugar Strand Doughnut
    • A ring doughnut, hand decorated with white fondant and coloured sugar strands.
  • Mexican Chicken Baguette
    • Packed with delicious Mexican style chicken breast, mild cheddar cheese and a hint of chilli, this baguette is packed with crunchy sliced red onion, fiery green jalapeños, sweet chilli sauce, and fajita flavour mayonnaise. It’s the liveliest lunch this side of Guadalajara.
  • Caramel Custard Doughnut
    • A soft doughnut with custard filling, hand dipped in caramel sauce
  • Christmas Lunch Soup
    • A festive soup made with smoked bacon, chicken, turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pork sausage, vegetables, herbs and spices.
  • Tuna and Sweetcorn Baguette
    • Another classic combination for you to enjoy here! Tuna chunks and sweetcorn, mixed in mayonnaise with fresh salad leaves all in one of our freshly baked baguettes - it tastes as good as it sounds!

Pete's Plaice Edlington


50 Kings Crescent, New Edlington, Doncaster DN12 1BD, England





Opened hours

Monday: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 3:30 – 8:30 PM, Tuesday: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 3:30 – 8:30 PM, Wednesday: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 3:30 – 8:30 PM, Thursday: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 3:30 – 8:30 PM, Friday: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 3:30 – 8:30 PM, Saturday: 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM, Sunday: Closed










50 Kings Crescent, New Edlington, Doncaster DN12 1BD, England
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