Bubbleology in London Menu

  • Popping Boba Jar £4.95
    • Contains roughly 10 portions of boba for home use.
  • Milk Coffee - Large £3.89
    • More tapioca will really give this drink an extra somethin’ somethin’!
 Nojito – Large >> Refreshing 100% pure and natural coconut water, muddled Mint and garnished with fresh mint leaves
  • Pink Pitaya – Large £4.29
    • Fiercely pink! Deliciously refreshing pink dragon fruit tea. Served with lychee boba and tapioca.
  • Strawberries & Cream - Large £4.29
    • Comes with strawberry popping boba, strawbelicious! Delivered without whipped cream.
  • £4.29
 Bubbleology Special Teas
  • Bobatella – Large £4.29
    • Made with the nations favourite spread, Nutella. Delivered without whipped cream.
  • Banoffee Pie - Large £4.29
    • A little banana, a little toffee. Make it a Banoffee Pie kinda day! Delivered without whipped cream.
  • Peach Berry - Large £4.29
    • Be oh so berry peachy with the Peach Berry bubble tea!
 Milk Teas
  • Vanilla Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Beautiful with a blend of Passion Fruit popping boba or coffee jelly.
  • Taro Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Give yourself a Taro-fic treat with our loveable Taro milk tea.
  • Matcha Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • When life’s feeling evergreen, match it with our Matcha milk tea.
  • Honeydew Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Enjoy our sweet & refreshing Honeydew milk tea.
  • Coconut Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Taste a pinch of heaven with our Coconut milk tea.
  • Chocolate Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Stay dark and chocolatey with our cocoa milk tea.
  • Assam Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Take a breath of fresh air from the valleys of Assam’s tea garden with every sip.
  • Jasmine Milk Tea - Large £3.89
    • Dive deep into the aroma of our Jasmine milk tea.
 Fruit Teas
  • White Peach - Large £3.89
    • Have a peach-tastic time with our White Peach fruit tea.
  • Strawberry - Large £3.89
    • So, can you feel the love? Strawberry fruit tea is the chosen one.
  • Raspberry - Large £3.89
    • Have that ‘very-berry’ time with our Raspberry fruit tea.
  • Passion Fruit - Large £3.89
    • Add passion to your life with our delicious Passion Fruit tea.
  • Mango - Large £3.89
    • Take a sip (trip) to the rainforest with our Mango fruit tea.
  • Lychee - Large £3.89
    • Sweet and exotic, add some love with our Lychee fruit tea.
  • Apple - Large £3.89
    • Considered the king of all the fruits. Enjoy our appetising Apple fruit tea.

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, Topshop, Oxford Circus, London W1W 8LG, England





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, Topshop, Oxford Circus, London W1W 8LG, England
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