Anatolian in Shropshire Menu

Anatolian in Shropshire has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Broccoli With Butter and Garlic (V) or Tomato and Onion Salad With Olive Oil (V) from Pasta Di Piazza. TGI Friday's offers many options including Appletiser and Strathmore Water. Red Mango Group includes a wide range like BAILEY COFFEE or GAELIC COFFEE. Tango Orange and Tango Apple from . Simla Indian Takeaway offers Pizza Hut - Star City and Pepsi Max (500ml).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Vegetarian Hot Pizza £11.00
    • Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, onion, mushroom, sweetcorn, fresh tomato, jalapeno, green pepper.
  • Vimto £0.90
    • 0.33L.
  • Onion Rings (12 Pieces) £3.30
  • Double Pepperoni Pizza £12.50
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, double cheese, double pepperoni.
  • Pizza Meal 1 £21.90
    • 2x10" pizza, 10" garlic bread, onion rings, spicy potato wedges and bottle of Pepsi.
  • Chicken Nuggets & Chips £3.20
  • Chicken Popcorn £3.90
  • Tandoori Chicken Special Pizza £9.20
    • Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, tandoori chicken, sweetcorn onion, mushroom.
  • Kashmir (Pineapple) £6.25
    • A creamy, mild dish with pineapple. Mild. Dish contains nuts.
  • Chana Puri (V) £3.25
    • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Chicken Tikka £7.95
    • Medium.
  • Meat Samosa £2.75
  • Rogan Josh (Hot) £6.25
    • Rich in tomatoes, with a topping of fried onions and extra spices. Spicy.
  • J2O Orange & Passionfruit £1.95
  • Chicken Chilli Masala (Extra Hot) £8.50
    • Pieces of chicken tikka with exotic herbs, spices and fresh green chillies, in a rich masala sauce with extra garlic. Not for faint hearted.
  • Kids Chicken Nuggets & Chips £5.95
  • Ben & Jerry's: Phish Food £6.00
  • Corona (330ml bottle) £3.00
  • 4X Corona (330ml bottle) £10.00
  • Churros £4.95
    • Cinnamon-sugared churros with chocolate or caramel dip.
  • Beef Salad Bowl £8.95
    • Pulled chipotle beef, salad, beans, rice, avocado, cheese & pico de gallo.
  • Fries (V) £2.95
    • Choose from straight or curly
  • Chicken Burrito £8.95
    • Tortilla stuffed with chunks of chipotle chicken, refried beans, slaw & cheese.
  • Chicken Salad Bowl £8.95
    • Chipotle chicken, salad, beans, rice, avocado, cheese, & pico de gallo.
  • Popcorn Chicken £2.99
    • 20 bite-sized balls of chicken breaded popcorn.
  • Chicken Donner Kebab in Naan £5.49
    • Big John's Chicken kebab is freshly grilled to order and served with fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onions on a freshly baked naan.
  • Seekh Kebab Wrap £3.69
    • Two spicy seekh kebabs, served with cucumber, tomato, onion & mixed leaf salad in a griddled tortilla wrap.
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake Slice £2.49
    • A firm favourite with chocoholics the world over! A rich, dark, moist chocolate cake with a layer of rich fudge in the middle then completely covered with more fudge.
  • BBQ Dip £0.50
    • 4oz tub.
  • Big Texan Wrap £3.69
    • Southern fried chicken fillet wrapped with a slice of cheese, served with smokey BBQ sauce & mixed leaf salad in a griddled tortilla wrap.
  • Heinz Squeeze Me Ketchup £0.30
    • 4oz tub.
  • Chilli Pepper Cheese Nuggets £2.79
    • Jalapeno peppers stuffed with a cream cheese mixture, battered and deep fried to perfection. 8 per portion.
  • Bengal Mixed Grill £11.95
    • Marinated mixture of tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka & seekh kebab. Served with a naan & salad.
  • Mushroom Pilau Rice £3.30
    • Mushroom stir fried with pilau rice or boiled rice.
  • Chicken Balti £7.20
  • Mixed Biryani £11.95
  • Bengal Jalpuri £10.95
    • Mixture of marinated chicken & lamb strips cooked in a slightly hot sweet & sour sauce with garlic, mushrooms, lime juice, fresh herbs, bullet chillies & chefs special spices.
  • Sylheti Kofta Mirchi Masala £10.95
    • Spiced minced lamb, shaped as balls, fried in vegetable oil, then cooked in sylheti style bhuna with fresh chillies.
  • Bengal Spice Naan £3.85
    • Freshly baked bread with garlic, coriander, cheese & fresh green chilli.
  • Stuffed Paratha £3.95
    • Light bread shallow fried, filled with vegetable & ghee.
  • Plain Naan (G) (D) £2.50
  • Vegetable Kofta Curry (N) (V) (GF) (D) £9.95
    • Golden fried vegetable balls cooked in our chefs special cashewnut gravy.
  • Tarka Dal (V) (D) £4.45
  • Fish Fingers and Chips (G) £4.95
  • Classic Chicken Tikka (GF) (D) £9.95
    • Succulent pieces of tender chicken breast marinate with yoghurt, fenugreek leaves, cumin and garam masala.
  • Tikka Masala (N) (GF) (D) £7.95
  • Vegetable Pilau Rice £3.25
  • Old Delhi Style Lamb Chops (GF) (D) £5.95
    • Lamb chops marinated in a spicy blend of herbs, fresh green chilies then cooked to perfection.



Heath Road, Prees Heath, Whitchurch SY13 2AE, England





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Sunday 00:00 - 12:00 Monday 00:00 - 12:00 Tuesday 00:00 - 12:00 Wednesday 00:00 - 12:00 Thursday 00:00 - 12:00 Friday 00:00 - 12:00 Saturday 00:00 - 12:00









Heath Road, Prees Heath, Whitchurch SY13 2AE, England
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