Yum Yum Thai Cafe and Restaurant in Bath Menu

  • Pud Pak Ruam Mit - Stir Fry Mix Veg. £5.50
  • Tom Kah Kai - Sweet and sour soup with chicken, galanga and coconut milk. £5.50
  • Tom Yum Kung - Spicy soup with prawns, herbs and lemon grass. £5.50
  • Tod Mun Kung - Deep fried prawn cakes with a chilli dip. £5.20
  • Khanom Jeep - Steamed pork and prawn dumplings, water chestnut and soy sauce. £5.20
  • Kung Sarong - King Prawns wrapped in rice paper with a sweet chilli and plum dip. £5.20
  • Poa Pia - Spring rolls with plum sauce. £4.20
  • Hoar Mok Hoi - Steamed mussels in a red curry sauce. £5.90
  • Salad Pak - Vegetable salad with tofu in a peanut and plum sauce. £4.20
  • Yum Wun Sent - Mixed seafood salad with jelly noodles & fresh chilli. £6.90
  • Khanum Pang Na Gung Marinated minced prawns on toast with a sweet chilli dip. £4.90
  • Pak Chup Pang Tod - Vegetables in batter with a sweet chilli and plum sauce. £4.90
  • Tod Mun Kao Pord - Deep fried organic corn cake with a sweet chilli dip. £4.90
  • Kra Dook Moo Yang - Spicy barbecued pork spare ribs with a soy dip. £4.90
  • Saté - Marinated barbecued chicken with peanut sauce. £4.90
  • Pla Rad Prik - (priced accordingly) Whole sea bream topped with special Thai style hot and sour sauce. £10.50
  • Yum Nua - Topside of beef tossed in a spicy salad with sweet basil. £10.50
  • Kang Ped Bet Yang - Red curry with crispy duck, pineapple and cherry tomatoes. £10.50
  • Hoar Mok Talay - Steamed mixed seafood with spring onion, sweet basil and curry paste. £10.50
  • Bet Ob Nam Peung - Crispy duck in a homemade organic honey, ginger and tamarind sauce. £10.50
  • Pla Nung Manow - (priced accordingly) Whole steamed wild sea bass (seasonal) with chilli, coriander and lemon juice. £10.50
  • Pat Kra Praw Talay - Stir fried mixed seafood with dry chilli, peppers and Thai basil. £10.50
  • Mussamun - Sweet lamb curry with onion, potato, carrot and cashew nut. £10.50
  • Panang Nua - Dried curry with beef and lime leaves. £8.50
  • Kang Daeng Kai - Red curry with chicken bamboo shoots, pepper and lime leaves. £8.50
  • Kang Kieo Warn Kai - Green curry with chicken, aubergine, pepper and sweet basil. £8.50
 In the Wok
  • Ba Me Pud - Egg noodles with egg, peppers, mange tout,spring onion and bamboo shoots. £8.50
  • Pat See Euwee Kai - Stir fried rice noodles with chicken and green leaf. £8.50
  • Pat Thai Kung - Rice noodles with prawns, beansprouts,dried turnip, spring onions, and peanut. £8.50
  • Kai Pat Prik King - Stir fried chicken and red curry paste with bamboo shoots, french beans and lime leaves £8.50
  • Pat Kra Praw Kai - Stir fried chicken,fresh chilli,french beans,Thai basil. £8.50
  • Kai Pat Prik Kao Pod - Stir fried chicken and vegetables with baby corn and fresh chilli. £8.50
  • Moo Pat King - Black fungi,ginger, mushroom and pork in yellow bean sauce. £8.50
  • Kai Pat Mamuang - Himmaparn Stir fried chicken with dried chilli, mushrooms and cashew nuts in soy sauce. £8.50
  • Nua Pat Nam Mun Hoi - Stir fried beef,mushroom, peppers, mange tout in oyster sauce. £8.50
  • Moo Pat Prik - Stir fried pork in a chilli and red curry paste with mushroom, french beans, onion, stem ginger and sweet basil leaves £8.50
  • Kai Pat Takrai - Stir fried chicken in chilli oil with mushroom, peppers and lemon grass. £8.50
  • Pat Priew Warn Kung - Sweet and sour prawn with peppers,tomato and pineapple. £8.50

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Yum Yum Thai Cafe and Restaurant


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17 Kingsmead Square, Bath, Avon, BA12AE ,
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